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im so scared

girls please please try and calm me im 8 weeks pregnant and just finished one of my classes. I got sudden cramp i went to the toilet and there was brownish red dischard on my pants. i phoned the hosp and they said just to wait til wed morning(they booked me in for early scan). I had a miscariage last year and dont want a repeat im so scared. They said it could just be implantation bleeding but im stil uptight. Ive got cover for all my classes up til wed. They said it will not be classes that has caused it. Thank god as h2b was shouting at me saying i was putting my body under too much strain talk about blame game. I feel so crap and guilty now. Please please do you think it will be fineimageimageimageimageimage


  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721
    Aw fitnessqueen, big hugs. I nothing of pregnancy but I couldn't read and not post. I'm sure everything is fine, but you are bound to worry. Hope all is OK and take it easy until Wednesday!

    Take care TP xxx
  • Sarah99ukSarah99uk Posts: 52
    Hi, I know this is easier said then done, but try not to worry too much. I too had a miscarraige with my first pregnancy at 12 weeks. When I became pregnant again I too had bleeding in the early weeks of pregnancy and thought the worse was happening again, but it was all fine and went through the pregnancy OK- my daughter is now 4. But, it is quite normal for this to happen and doesn't necessarily mean that you are miscarrying I hope this is the case for you and that the scan goes well tomorrow. Whatever you do though, do not feel gulity, theres nothing you can do about it - plenty of people exercise through pregnancy. I think that men like to find a reason for it happening - I know mine did. Anyway I'll keep everything crossed for you and let us know how you get on. Sarah x
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    Good luck for tomorrow

    Big hugs

  • Hi fingers crossed for tommorrow.

    Just wanted to let you know i had bleeding in early stages of pregnancy and all was ok. Nothing you have or haven't done will cause any of this so don't be hard on yourself. I know it is easier said than done but try to stay calm and do things you enjoy to keep relaxed.

    Big Hug x
  • xaj1xaj1 Posts: 257
    hi fitnessqueen,

    best of luck tomorrow and any professional will tell you that if you have been doing something all along before getting pregnant it is fime to continue doing it, its just taking up someting new that you need to be careful of, so relax and dont feel quilty about that.

  • hi thanks for all your lovely comments. went for scan yesterday and baby should be 9 weeks but they said it only looks 6 weeks and they cant detect heart beat. im so confused i keep thinking the dates could be wrong or something. i have to go back next week if its not grown then they will have to remove it. cant believe i have to wait so long i feel so lost and empty. cant believe it.image
  • magsieukmagsieuk Posts: 1,434
    Sweetheart, there is a high chance you've just got your dates wrong and the reason they cant find a heartbeat at the moment is because it would be very difficult to detect a heartbeat on a 6 week fetus through an abdominal ultrasound. I'm 20 weeks pregnant today and was convinced I was 2 weeks further on when they did my dating scan but they put me back nonetheless because they have to go by the baby's measurements, even though that would have made me not pregnant when I got my positive test result (I'm a midwife too so even we get our dates wrong).

    I really hope everything goes ok for you, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and if you need any more advice or help then dont hesitate to contact me, my email is [email protected]

  • i took another test yesterday and it came up positive would it not come up neative if baby had died? or am i just lookin gfor reason of hope.
  • suzanne84uksuzanne84uk Posts: 320
    i think it could still come up postive if that awful thing had happened as you will still have the pregnancy hormone in your body hopefully everything will be fine for you and try not to worry in my opinion stress wont help i have just recently had my third child on the 6th jan and she wasnt due until 10th march and i do believe it was from stress as i was feeling really fed up and shocked about this pregnancy as i found out just 2 months after my other daughter was born !also had to cancel wedding and change the place it will be but im glad now that shes here, soz to babble on and good luck with your pregnancy, fingers crossed for you im sure you will be fine just make sure you take it easy too/look after yourself you need to be ok for baby to be too image
  • LegacyUserLegacyUser Posts: 903
    Hi FitnessQueen. Sorry to hear your news and I know exactly what you are going through as I am currently going through it myself. I am afraid that whilst your body is still producing the hormones pregnancy tests will still be positive. About 2 weeks after my baby died I still had an hCG level of 10,000 (about right for 5-6 weeks) and it was still rising very slowly. I hope for your sake that the dates are wrong and they can't detect what should be there yet. Try and rest and take care of yourself. Big hugs and hope you get some real ones too.
  • hey hun sorry to hear your going through same. Have you got to go for another scan? I feel like ive got a big dark cloud over my head and cant shift it. Dont even want to think about wedding plans but things still need to be done its feels like such an effort to go and get them done. How far on were you?
  • meganmooukmeganmoouk Posts: 247
    i am sorry to hear you are having a bad time. the first time i was pregnant i lost my baby ay about 9 weeks after istarted bleeding. They scanned me and at first they could still see the "baby" but when they scanned me a few days later it had jind of folded in on its self and died. They did pregnancy tests on me every day and to start with they were still a good positive but over the week they got weaker and weaker as the hormones declined.

    the following year i got pregnant again and now have a healthy 5 year old son but right through that pregnancy i bled on and off. it was very frightening after what had previously happened but all they could tell me was that some women do bleed throughout their pregnancies but the babies are fine.

    are you still bleeding and is it fresh red or more of a browish?

    whatever happens i will be thinking of you

  • hi ive not had any blood apart from the slight browny discharge last monday. My breasts are agony to touch. But im trying to prepare myself for the worst tomorrow, its this being in limbo thats making me feel down all the time. I cant explain how i feel its a whole mix of emotions. just wish it was wed
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hi there, I cant offer any advice, but wanted to say that I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through and have everything crossed that everything is ok when you go tomorrow.

    Please let us know how you get on. I'm in early stage pregnancy too and its such a worrying time so am thinking of you and as I said, everything is crossed. Lots of luck, xxx
  • meganmooukmeganmoouk Posts: 247
    is it tomorrow you get your scan? just to wish you luck.

    If you haven't had any heavy bleeding and you still feel pregnant then i would say that sounds postive but I know its hard to feel that way. After i lost my first baby i spent my entire pregnancy terrified i was gonna lose my son, my fear didn't stop till he was born and i could see he was alright.
  • Hi Fitness Queen, justed wanted to say hope all goes ok for you tomorrow at your scan - try to stay positive and let us all know the outcome - big hugs xxxxx
  • kellyanne1981kellyanne1981 Posts: 3,441
    aw hun i am so sorry that you are in this situation - i know easier to type than do, but please try to keep calm! my mum bled all the way through one of her pregnancies and my brother is fine!

    i have my fingers crossed for you - take care

    kel xx
  • Thanks everyone for the support it really does help. Cant wait till tomorrow just to know what is going on. The longest week of my life. H2b took me out shopping today to cheer me up but was scared to buy too much incase i still am pregnant and the clothes wont fit soon. Il keep u upsdated
  • How did it go hun is all ok? xx
  • Not good, still no heartbeat and baby has not grown any. Now i have to wait til mon 31st march to get op to remove it. cant believe this is happening to me. Just want to curl up and hide away foreverimage
  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    I'm so so sorry to hear your news. Had all my fingers crossed for you.

    Not sure that anything I can say will help, but didn't want to not say anything.

    Tons of best wishes xx
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    Just read this post and so sorry that you have lost your baby I cant believe the hospital fobbed you off, I know there isnt anything they can do but at least you wouldnt have worried for days which wouldnt have helped. Bigs hugs to you and your family xxxx
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Oh no, I'm so so sorry to hear that. I hope you are ok. You will get through this somehow. It seems so hard that you have to wait all that time. Wish there was something more to say, thinking of you, xx
  • debz82debz82 Posts: 141
    I can't begin to imagine how you are feeling right now but just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and sending you a big hug x
  • meganmooukmeganmoouk Posts: 247
    just to let you know i'm thinking of you. I know it will be of absolutely no comfort right now but at least you know you can get pregnant and when and if you are ready to try again you can. sorry
  • sca438sca438 Posts: 355
    big hugs to you and your other half...words are so inadequate at times like this, but we are all thinking of you x

    There will be support groups you can join at your hospital or gps....when you feel strong enough they might be worth a shot as well. Try as well (sister site to this) they have an excellent support board

    C xx
  • Thankyou, il have a look on them as struggling to cope at the moment. Going to try and go back to work mon but not sure if its good idea. Starting to get browny red discharge so hope it will come away naturally instead of having to wait til mon 31st for op. Wish i could just feel strong again. Im normally ones of those who bashes on with things no matter what but this has just took all my strength from me.
  • Im so sorry hun! The same thing happened to me about a year ago. xxx
  • Hi Fitness Queen, i've just read your post i'm so sorry hun. You will feel very weak at this time, due to your hormones. Only go back to work if you feel it's the right thing to do for you, or take a couple of weeks to get your head round what has happened. Sending lots of hugs to you and your hubby xxxx
  • Hi Fitness Queen, i've just read your post i'm so sorry hun. You will feel very weak at this time, due to your hormones. Only go back to work if you feel it's the right thing to do for you, or take a couple of weeks to get your head round what has happened. Sending lots of hugs to you and your hubby xxxx
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