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My Dress is too BIG!

Hi all,

I had a horrid experience buying my dress and was basically bullied by the shop assistant to buy a dress that was 2 sizes too big!! now my wedding is in 3 months time and it is hanging off me....... do you think someone would be able to take it in a few dress sizes without it spoiling the dress? I stood wearing it yesterday and felt so upset and it looks like a bin bag at the moment image

Mrs W to be xxx


  • emmamctigheemmamctighe Posts: 341
    I am sure someone can take it in, have you spoken to the shop that ordered it?
  • Hey Winter, I did speak to them, I asked if they could get me a smaller size and they refused..... I was devasted as there excuse was, was that during the time that I had ordered the dress and from when I went to pay for it the shop had changed hands and really they were doing me a favour by honouring my order at all!! the whole expereince for me had been hideous........ even now I think about buying another dress.... and just getting rid of the dress I already have...... but would 3 months be too short notice??? oh dear... I just wished I hadnt been backed into a corner by the shop so easily... image
  • i have a friend who worked in a bridal shop she said you can take a dress in from 16 to 6 and out 6 to 16a seamstriss would do it and your dress would b perfect for you shape and size it would prop cost around £80 but its cheaper than a new dress i have to take mine in loads coz i orderd siz 14 and imgonna go down to size 10 im at 12 at the moment its better to be too big than too small.
  • emmamctigheemmamctighe Posts: 341
    The sooner you sort something out the better. try and get to a seamstress asap and ask their advice. if not try different bridal shops they can sometimes do a rush order.

    I hope you sort something out, this is my biggest fear with my dress. they wanted me to order an 18 I persuaded them a 16 was better, even then I am a 12/14!

    let us know what you decide

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