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How to entertain the wedding guests....

Hi everyone..... Frances and I are having about 100 guests at our wedding and they are from very different backgrounds and they don't really know each other...... Does anyone have any ideas on how to get everyone talking to each other and relaxed... F and I have been to so many weddings where we end up 'making conversation' and we don' want our guests to go through that....

We are prepared to spend a reasonable amount but nothing over the top!!!!

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  • MrsTeetobeMrsTeetobe Posts: 188
    Hello!! I'm havin these thoughts too, our families are very different, h2b's family is very reserved and shy while mine is raucous, to say the least!!

    Is the wedding day the first time they'll all get together properly? We have our venue for the night before aswell, so all the family and wedding party, and most of the people at the 'day doo' will be there that night, we're putting on a buffet and hiring a couple of casino tables just as something to get everyone talking to each other, like you say. Then hopefully the actual wedding day will be easier as they'll have got to know each other the night before.

    Could you do something the night before?

    Another idea for the day I saw at another wedding were table quizzes, one person on each table at the reception acts as quizmaster and asks questions to the others on the table, which worked really well there but I'm not sure how it would go down with our families and friends!! It all depends on the people.

    Good luck though, I'll be watching this thread for more inspiration xx

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