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Essex Anyone?


ive just joined looks a brilliant site, ive just got engaged after 4 year being with partner and now looking at the big day dont plan to wed until 2009 due to having to save - looking for around £20,000 budget. Have been looking at places in essex and like the Parklands venue has anyone been there before or planning to wed there in furture?

Anyone from ESSEX here, would love to know where you getting hiched?



  • I'm from Galleywood, CHelmsford and will be getting married at Galleywood CHurch on 1 September 2007. Melanie
  • Aagh!! I just replied to your post on another thread! Anyway, I'm originally from Romford and getting married in Childerditch, near Brentwood, a year tomorrow. We're getting married in the little church on the hill and then having the reception at Ye Olde Plough House in Bulphan, just round the corner.

  • I'm from Billericay and getting married nr Great Dunmow, next September. Starting to get a little stressed now! What suppiers have you booked? Have you bought your dress yet, and where from?
  • Hi, we live in Great Wakering and are getting married in the parish church in June next year. We're having the reception here at home in a marquee. My H2B is a farmer so we're really lucky to have lots of space and a nice setting.

    Wishing all you other Essex brides a fabulous wedding xx
  • vik987vik987 Posts: 175
    I'm from Billericay and getting married nr Great Dunmow, next September. Starting to get a little stressed now! What suppiers have you booked? Have you bought your dress yet, and where from?

    Have not booked yet as still deciding on exact date 2008 or 2009 depending on finances!

    But would love some reccommendations as looking at things now


  • We got information on all the places in Essex, and so many of them were astronomical prices. In the end we went to view the ones we knew we could afford and that had a good feeling. Leez Priory is gorgeous, but its a very grand venue, and although I liked the idea of that, when we visited I felt intimidated, which isnt the right vibe! Crondon Park is massive, costs a fortune, but is very pretty. Stock Brook Manor is nice, but as I kinda worked there for a little while I didnt fancy getting married there. Finally decided on Maidens Barn, High Easter, because it was basically a blank canvas and we could do what we wanted, but without the hassel of a marquee! You are limited to using their suppliers, only thing they ask is that the caterers have either worked there before or pay a £500 refundable deposit. I have done so much research trying to sort this, is theres anything you need help with or need some recommendations I'll be happy to help!!
  • We've booked church, venue, DJ, photographer and first night hotel (the Marygreen Manor in Brentwood - anyone been there? What's it like? We just booked because it was convenient & looked nice), and I got my dress last weekend, from a little shop in Hornchurch called Satin & Lace (very nice people in there, not at all pushy and make you feel very comfortable). Going to travel agents to look at honeymoons today! :\)
  • Marygreen Manor is nice enough, its basically opposite where I work and when we have important work people come they stay there. We've done loads, booked venue, photographer, honeymoon, dj, casino, ordered my dress, found a dress maker for bridesmaids, booked my make up person and we're pretty near finished with our invites and stuff. My plan is that the sooner I get all the stressy bits done, i can enjoy all the rest of it!
  • SARAHA you are right aroudn the corner we live in Shoeburyness near Ravendale Way!!!

    We are getting married in a small church there then going on to Garon's golf complex for the reception

  • Hi, I'm in Southend-on-sea, not booked ANYTHING yet! have been looking at Gosfield Hall ( and Down Hall ( they both look amazing but need to see them in person yet! Have tried on a few dresses (HAS to be done!!) looked at some some stationary, but till we've got the venue dont want to start booking things! We're on a bit of a budget so any money-saving tips would be great!

    Good Luck to everyone else!!

  • lexyrlexyr Posts: 45

    I'm in from Leigh and we have booked The Lawn in Rochford. We're having a Christmas wedding and loved the fire places and grounds!

    Friern Manor is lovely as well, if you are getting married in the spring/summer.. by x-mas tho, we were advised that it starts to get a bit tatty - been to 2 weddings there tho and both were beautiful!


  • Hallo fellow Essex girls!

    I'm in Hockley, near Southend! We looked at Stock Brook and pencilled in our names then decided against it cos of the too large price tag! Also looked at Manor Green, Plough House, Leez Priory, Maidens Barn, The Lawn, Hylands House and few other places that I can't remember the name of. We live about 10 mins away from The Lawn Lexy2, its nice there - are you staying in their rooms overnight? Very plush there!!

    After looking at all those venues, we've finally decided on the church in Rayleigh, the big one at the top of the high street if anyone knows it?! I work at a school nearby and always have to go there with the kids and the vicar is so nice and the church is beautiful that I just fell in love with the idea of getting married there!!

  • Quoted:
    SARAHA you are right aroudn the corner we live in Shoeburyness near Ravendale Way!!!

    We are getting married in a small church there then going on to Garon's golf complex for the reception


    Hi ClareinFrance

    Sorry I have only just seen your post! We really are just around the corner from each other. It's nice to hear about other local brides. When are you getting married? I went to a friend's 40th birthdsay party at Garon's last year and it was lovely xx
  • niccy_ctniccy_ct Posts: 319

    I split my time between my H2B in Southend and my Parents in Great Wakering... in fact I am there nowas I type!!

    Weird or what!!

    I am getting married at the registry office!!
  • Quoted:

    I split my time between my H2B in Southend and my Parents in Great Wakering... in fact I am there nowas I type!!

    Weird or what!!

    I am getting married at the registry office!!

    Hi Niccy

    How mad is that?! I didn't realise there were so many local brides on this website!

    I work right opposite the registry office in Southend and stare out my window at all the brides looking gorgeous having their pics taken! x

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  • KerrycukKerrycuk Posts: 195
    I live near Stansted Airport and am getting married in a local church but cannot find anything good around this area, anything from Venues, Cars, Bride shops.... anything.... oh the one good thing i have managed to find was a lovely cake shop in bishops Stortford and it was good prices...!

    PLEASE HELP if anyone knows of anything around this area....:\?
  • jetbabejetbabe Posts: 309
    hi Kerryc,

    I live in Stansted and althogh not origionally from the area have been here 8 years now. Most of my friends that have got married have used Down Hall

    for their reception and I have been to work parties there too and they are very good. Alternatively The Reid rooms

    seem very popular too......

    I am getting married abroad so have not had to source much locally and I ordered my dress from the net, however I heard there is a good shop in ware, or alternativley the train to London???????

    Good Luck with your planning

  • Hi,

    I'm from Bishops Stortford, and I'm getting married there and having the reception at Fanhams Hall in Ware, I know it's hertfordshire but it's not a million miles away. the venue is beautiful a Jacobean Mansion, but it was the gardens that sold it to us, the are amazing, perfect for stunning photos, it's not cheap but I would say its definately worth a look. I really liked Parklands too but went for Fanhams in the end. Good luck and I'll let you know how it goes after the day, which is 28th April 2007. so excited.
  • jetukjetuk Posts: 108
    Hi - I live in Cheshunt (just over the Essex border) - got my dress in Hoddesson which is just the other side of Harlow.

    As for venues - my friend just got married at the Manor of Groves near Harlow and that was beautiful. Also my cousin had her reception at the Punch Bow in High Easter - the food was amazing!!!!!!

    Good Luck Kerry X
  • KerrycukKerrycuk Posts: 195
    Thank you very much for all your comments


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  • KerrycukKerrycuk Posts: 195
    The only venue that is in our budget is Stansted Manor hotel, it offers really good deals but whould just like a bit of a chooice as well.... Thank you again

  • jetukjetuk Posts: 108
    Cowbag - I've been to 2 excellent wedding at Fanhams Hall - i'm sure you'll have a wonderfull day - its a great venue also!

    Haave you got your dress yet?
  • Long story... I am originally from London, then moved to Essex when I was younger - Hornchurch then to Rayleigh... now I live in Ireland..

    But parents still in Rayleigh!

    I ahve booked absolutely nothing yet.. I am totally stuck! There are some lovely manor houses, golf clubs etc in Essex.. but I can't afford the sort of prices they're asking and for the catering either.. so I welcome any suggestions from you guys!
  • rfbreenrfbreen Posts: 412
    I live in Romford. We are getting married in St Andrews Hornchurch and the Orsett Hall for the reception. We found loads of lovely venues in Essex but like you said, many of them were very pricey. We fell in love with Orsett Hall, the food is amazing and they were one of the more reasonably priced venues. I've been to a wedding at Friern Manor also and that was beautiful. Our second choice was Ye Olde Plough House in Bulphan which is just down the road from Orsett Hall. You'll definitely find somewhere that suits your style and budget. Good luck!!!
  • Hi there fellow essex girls.

    I'm originally from north london but moved to Wickford just over 2 years ago (its where H2B is from)

    We're getting married in our local catholic church in wickford and our reception is at Five Lakes in Maldon
  • Hello everybody image

    I have just moved to Hornchurch, and I am looking to get married at Christmas 2008, so excited!! I have an app to see Ye Olde Plough House this Sunday and I can't wait, it looks really nice. I also have been looking at Parklands and a few other's in Essex. I am new to the area so I am just shopping around image

  • florasukflorasuk Posts: 269
    Hi everyone!

    I live in Harlow and we're getting married at a church in Harlow then having the reception over the border at Ware Priory in Hertfordshire.

    I'm getting my dress from Douglas Brides in Sawbridgeworth, the lady there was lovely and they have a decent range of Maggie Sottero dresses and good prices.

    We've found a great, Essex based photographer who lives near Romford and will travel all over the county. He's called Steve Day and his website is

    Haven't booked a DJ yet - if anyone can recommend a good one in the area that would be great!!!

    Speak to you all soon,

    Cookiecat xx
  • Wow, didn't realise so many brides from Essex were on here.

    We're living in Romford and getting married at Stock Brook Manor in March. Have most things booked which just leaves the small bits and bobs to sort out.

    We went to a wedding last year at St Andrews Church and then onto Orsett Hall like MrsStone2b, it was fab. Been to a few do's at Orsett Hall and it's a lovely place. Friends who had their reception there were very pleased with the staff.

  • michnaukmichnauk Posts: 211
    I'm getting married at Parkland in Feb 08, its lovely there. Was recommended by a friend who had been to a wedding there - she said it was lovely and food was really nice.

    I've stayed at marygreen manor a few times - it is really really nice, i looked at getting married there but it was too small for what we wanted.

    I looked at The Fennes, also lovely, but quite small.

    I also looked at the reid rooms, but didnt think it would be as nice in winter (we looked on a summers day)

    There are so many places in Essex, we went around quite a few, but (for us anyway) Parklands had the wow factor as soon as we drove down the long drive, through the deer park to it.

    Good luck looking (have fun)

  • Hello Ladies,

    I am an Essex girl too! I lived in Harold Wood for most of my life but have recently moved to Leigh on Sea.

    I am getting married at which is in Burnham on Crouch. It is a beautiful old house with a marquee in the gardens, it's not advertised in many places so not many people had heard of it. I LOVE it though!!

    I haven't got my dress yet so very stressed about thing on my list as time is ticking by!!

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