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my mum has recomended callenetics for weight loss here is how it works

a series of extreme stretches non aerobic 1 hour a day for 10 days and you will drop 1 dress size

great for back problems. because it is non aerobic people with asthma won't have a hard time.

the upsides to callenetics

effective fast lasting effects only 5-10 mins a day and you will keep reaping the benefits

TRUST ME IT WORKS my mum is still in great shape at 45

the lady who created callenetics suffered from severe back problems one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

check it out.



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  • cmcgowanukcmcgowanuk Posts: 262
    Yeah callenetics are great!! I remember my mum having these videos when I was a little girl!!

  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    yeh i tried it when i was a kid. could'nt move for an hour. definately want to do it now though. i see the benefits through my mum and it is great.

  • clairemoneyclairemoney Posts: 2,255
    ive just brought a book from amazon for 1p!
  • CurlyB2BCurlyB2B Posts: 1,016
    God i remember this being a big thing back in the 80's...must be making a come back! x
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    hahaha good on ya. it really will work for you my mum seriously looks amazing at 45 (nearly 45) image if you can try and get a video or dvd if you can. be careful though it will hurt like hell the day after but you know it's working.


  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    well it's not really making a come back but i think it's ab fab.



  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    Does this really work?????
  • Yep callanetics really does work, and yes you can lose the inches with it, BUT you will not lose weight as its not aerobic and therefore burning fat.

    I find it great as a mix and match aerobics twice a week for weight loss and callanetics once a week for intense toning.

    Word of warning though...REALLY make sure you pay attention and do it properly or you will hurt yourself...and be prepared to seriously hurt like hell the next day after you do it for the first time - way more than any normal exercise makes you hurt!!

    Ebay and Amazon have all the videos and books. Totally recommend it for toning up! xxx
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    they don't do dvd's though!
  • papillionukpapillionuk Posts: 1,411
    have you got a video player? maybe you could gat 1 from a charity shop or something?


  • clairemoneyclairemoney Posts: 2,255
    why will it really hurt?! what will i have to do!! I want to go home now - mine should be here in the post today but i have to go to the cinema after work!! argh!!
  • how do you do it is there a sit to show you ?
  • redrosieukredrosieuk Posts: 138
    My video and book arived today

    Am trying to pluck up the courage to give it a go lol

  • Alanguk1Alanguk1 Posts: 211
    what does it involve?
  • ChaddeeukChaddeeuk Posts: 137
    I looked on Amazon for DVDs and there don't appear to be any. I saw some on Ebay but I wondered if they were genuine, or if they were for American DVD players or something - particularly as one seller had abotu 20 of them in different lots. I am very interested...can someone describe an exercise so I can see the general idea behind it?
  • In theory its very simple to involves getting your body in a certain position and then doing a series of very small movements in repetitions of 100 i.e. getting into a sit-up type position and very slightly rocking back and forth by about half an inch each way.

    The videos, although soooo 80's and laughable, are very very very good at explaining how to do them. Please dont be put off by the woman explaining it (Callan Pinkney) as she looks a bit like Skeletor in drag!!

    I would suggest taking it very slowly at first, and only doing as many reps as you can. It might help to watch through the explanation bits before each exercise first before attempting it.

    And the reason that it hurts like hell afterwards is that its all about deep muscle contractions. You actually dont exert yourself at the time, or so it feels, but by God above you feel it the next day!!

    It can be quite hard to do to begin with as the positions are a bit odd, and your body might not move they way its supposed to, but it does get easier the more you do it...and it really does work! Also, once youre used to it, its so slow moving its very relaxing after a hard day. Also, its very good for people with bad backs or bad knees, and all the exercises that can affect these are explained how to do them a different way so you dont hurt yourself.

    However like I said before, it will lose inches, but not weight - so good for mixing with some cardio stuff as well. xx
  • i have read all your responses and i have decided to give it a go!

    iv googled it and it sounds really good! my aim is to tone up bum and get rid of love handles, so hopefully this will help!

    i have just bought a video from amazon which cost me £6 including delivery!

    i will keep you posted on the results!image
  • melowdiemelowdie Posts: 219
    Can I how is this good for people with bad backs?

    I have a disease that is in my back and has just started to spread through my body and if this is good for that then I'd love to give this a go!
  • Its not so much good for bad backs as in it'll heal it, but its exercise you can do without putting additional strain on your back. All the exercises are shown in two for "normal" people, and one for people with bad backs. The woman who invented it and does the videos used to suffer from scoliosis (I think!) and developed it as an intense mix between pilates and yoga but for people with bad backs.

    I would give it a try anyway, just be very careful and listen to your own body i.e. if it tells you to stop, then stop! It really is very slow moving and relaxing so its fairly difficult to do yourself damage if you follow the videos correctly. If in doubt ask your GP or physio - they should've heard of callanetics and can tell you whether its suitable or not - good luck! xx
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