Wedding Poems for lost loved ones - i need your help!!!

my beautiful mum died 6 years ago of breast cancer and im getting married in January. Its killing me that she wont be there to see me get married, she never met my H2B, and everytime i try my wedding dress on i feel devastated that i will never get to see her face when she sees me in it - i miss her more and more every day.

A couple of months ago whilst reading some old posts on this website i stumbled across this truly beautiful poem about missing loved ones at your wedding. it was such a beautiful poem i cried for ages and decided to copy it down on my laptop and i was going to laminate the poem and carry it with me on my wedding day, along with a picture of my mum. last week my laptop crashed and the hard drive went corrupt and it wiped everything i had saved on there, including the poem. i have spent the last few days trying to find the poem on here but i havent been able to find it and im getting more and more upset about it!!

i really need your help please, i was wondering whether any of you have seen a poem about missing loved ones at your wedding, or know of any poems? i would really really appreciate any help you could give me.

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  • hi i dont know the poem but just wanted to say im really sorry for your loss and think its lovely that u want to honour your mum in such a way at your wedding. this must be so hard for you and i hope u find the poem u are looking for! x
  • I would love also to find this poem, My h2b's mum dies 7 years ago from cancer and i never got to meet her. I'me having a rose flower theme for all, i.e bouquet's, buttons holes and possibly on the cake, however i would love this and i'm sure my h2b would to. Do you know what the thread title could be??
  • I'm having this on the back of my order of service:

    -My wedding day brings so much pleasure,

    I add today to memories I treasure.

    But one person who I wish was here

    Would be my mum, whom I hold so dear.

    She may not be here with me,

    But as an angel, I know that she can see,

    Just how joyous a day this is

    And an occasion she'd be sad to miss.

    So even if we can't be together

    I know she will remember this day forever.'

  • Little Bee.....that's beautiful! image
  • omg that is a beauiful poem, i almost cried when i read it and i'm at work LOL!

    thanks for your support, and any more poems will be greatly appreciated im getting quite excited now, only 85 days to go!

    i wish my mum was here though, it is so hard organising this without her and i hope she likes whatever poem i like!

    love mrsBarber2be

    x x x

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  • I'm sure she will image She'll be watchoing over you on the day i'm sure x
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    The poem above is lovely!

    I will be missing my Dad on my wedding day, and h2b's best man, who was a really good friend to both of us, died just after we got engaged.

    I read in one of the many wedding magazines I've bought, that a nice idea to remember lost loved ones would be to have a photo charm with their picture tied into your bouquet. I think it sounds like a lovely, but now I just have to try and find a charm like the one I have in my head. Any ideas?

    Good luck trying to find the poem you're after, maybe have a look in poetry books at one of the big shops.

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    I don't know any poems, but another nice way to remember her on the day is to reserve a seat for her in the front. x
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    Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;

    he should have the perfect view.

    His little girl's a Bride today,

    and I am counting on you.

    Let me feel his presence;

    as I journey down the aisle.

    But let me notice his abscence;

    if only for a while.

    Let me stop to think of him;

    As I am given away.

    And know that if he could;

    he would be here with me today.

    Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;

    he should have the perfect view.

    And if he should get sad today;

    Dear Lord I count on you.

    Found this, you could change 'him for her'

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  • Thanks for the lovely comments about my poem.

    I wanted my mum to be included in my wedding in some way (she died of ovarian cancer 20 years ago when I was 6) and thought this was the best way.

    I am also having a single white rose in amongst red roses for my bouquet, in memory of her.

    In all the years she has been gone, this is one of the most difficult times I have experienced.......I'm just grateful I have an amazing dad, sister and brother who will be with me on the day, along with my husband to be!!!

    Good luck to you all - a week today for me!

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    Those poems are lovely. Hope they will help you make your tribute to your mother.

    Bambagirl x
  • If roses grow in heaven lord pick a bunch for me place them in my mothers arms tell her there from me tell her I love and miss her ,and when she turns and smiles place a kiss upon her cheek an hold her for a while, because remembering her is easy I do it every day but there's an ache in my heart because I'm missing her today ??????

  • I am getting married abroad just me n h2b and one of my reasons for it being just the two of us is because my Dad passed away 7 years ago and my Granda passed away just last year 6 days before my son was born and strange but true my son was born 4 weeks premature and arrived on what would have been my Dads 50th birthday so in a way I feel that they are always with me and I am having a party when I return but would love to pay tribute to my Dad and Granda these poems are beautiful and brought a tear to my eye! My h2b also lost his Dad whilst I was pregnant so would like something that we could dedicate to all x

  • Just found this....


    Let this candle be a loving reminder
    that someone is missing today,
    Someone our hearts still hold on to,
    As we travel along life’s way.
    Someone who made life so special,
    for all those who gather here,
    Someone who won’t be forgotten,
    But cherished from year to year.
    And now as we pause to remember,
    Let us all fondly recall,
    how dearly each of us loved him,
    and oh… how he loved us all!

  • Don't Cry For Me

    My little Girl, Don't cry for me
    I'll be right by your side.
    I'd never miss out on this day
    that you become a bride.

    I'm here with you to hold your hand
    and give your heart away
    To a man God chose to take care of you
    forever from this day.

    Today, I place your hand in his 
    with blessings and with pride.
    My little Girl, Don't cry for me
    I'll be right by your side.

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