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Letting off steam! Sorry!

GRRRRRRRRRRRR! oooh Im so cross with my dad and stepmum right now! Back when we first got engaged in November they offered to pay for my 'outfit' not quite sure how far encompassing that was supposed to be but knew it included at least the dress (£600)! Well, went along in early December to order the dress with stepmum so she could pay the deposit. Shop said we had 2 options, either pay 25% then and pay a bit off each month till final payment was needed or pay 50% then and balance before first fitting. Stepmum said she couldnt be bothered with the 'budget' option but only had enough money to pay the 25% there and then. So what did muggins here do? Offered to pay the other 25% on my 0% credit card! On the proviso they gave me the dosh before 0% ran out at end of March. And Im sure you know whats coming next......? Yep, 3 months on and with 15 days to go until I have to start paying interest on my credit card Im still waiting for the money. Im so bloody angry with them. Its the ONLY thing they are paying for yet they cant come up with £150 in 3 and a half months. Yet they go to the pub every weekend and have been out to dinner a couple of times since the New Year started. Ive said a little bit at a time would be fine but no. Nothing. Im not even going to ask again, I shall transfer it over to my new 0% card and not mention it again. Shant bother with talking to them about the rest of the outfit either as that will just be a waste of time too. I shall just go and buy the rest under my own steam. GOD IM SO ANGRY! Im just glad theyre not involved with anything else or we would still have nothing booked due to lack of deposit money! Sorry for the rant! Just ignore me!


  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Ooooooooooo - Julia. Hope its made you feel better to get that out of your system! Isn't this why they say weddings are so stressful. Money, families........... hope it all works out for you.
  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    Just so you know I did actually stop to draw breath once or twice while I typed that, and I didnt quite break the keyboard as I violently tried to poke it to death typing! heh heh but yes it does feel better!
  • Oh god, feel so sorry for you! I really hope that at some point they realise how unsupportive they have been. Don't let this spoil your happy day! PeaceLilly
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    This is a good place for a rant especially one as justified as yours! I would be so peed off! Don't let it get you down. You've got your beautiful perfect dress and in the long run that's what matters. They are being very thoughtless and will realise in the end surely. Good luck with the rest of your planning Julia xx
  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    Dad has redeemed himself at the last minute and gave me a wedge (well 7!) £20 notes today! with the other tenner to follow this evening when I see him! I love him to bits really (see post on tears or no tears) but he does wind me up at times with his 'manyana manyana' attitude to life! Still, I guess it means he will never suffer with stress or keel over from high blood pressure! Parents eh? Who'd have em!?
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