Natural family planning and PCOS anyone?

I have come off the pill after many years due to the side effects getting gradually worse and worse.

I really find it difficult to trust other forms of contraception such as condoms and I am far too squeamish to get a coil fitted!

Getting pregnant now would be a nightmare financially so it is definitely something to avoid! However we are both young so we cannot do anything drastic such as sterilisation.

All I can think of that remains is natural family planning. I have been reading about devices such as persona but I am struck by how the machines seem to need a 'normal' cycle to work. I have PCOS and before I started on the pill I had such erratic and terribly painful periods. I could go from a couple of months with nothing to a couple of weeks between bleeds. I have only been off the pills for a short time so I don't know if this is a problem I have grown out of or not yet. (was on a POP which stopped all periods - heaven!)

Basically has anyone used NFP successfully while living with PCOS. I really want to be artificial hormone free for a while!


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    My friend tried natural family planning WITH normal periods and was pregant within three months.

    Would the injection not be a suitable option?


  • I also think it's the worst choice if a pregnancy now would be a nightmare. If you want to avoid the hormones, just use condoms. Not the safest solution but way safer than natural family planning in your case.

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    I know you said your squemish but i had a gynafix coil fitted 2 years ago and its the best decision i ever made. I also made the decision because we are also too young for children and its not financially viable, this way i have to make to conscious decision to go to my doctor to have he coil removed when we decide to have children.

    Also before i had it fitted my periods were very irregular, now they have been regular within a few days every month.

    It didnt hurt to get it fitted and i cant tell its there at all.

    Deffinity worth considering x
  • methods of contraception;

    IUD - copper coil - takes 5 mins to fit lasts 10 yrs

    COC - the combined pill - good for regulating periods IF appropriate for you to take about 40 diff types one will suit you

    Implanon - hormonal implant lasts 3 yrs goes in upper arm

    Depo injection one jab every 12 weeks no periods

    Avoid IUS -mirena can worsen ov cysts

    Avoid POP mini pill except cerazette also can worsen ov cysts

    other methods less reliable

    good luck - go see your friendly family planning nurse image
  • Persona should never be used with PCOS, I used to use it and I rememer reading that in the info..

    I had a lot of trouble with contraception being allergic to a lot of stuff, I found that cerazette was the best for me, another thing not mentioned is the diaphragm - thats was ok for me too ut a bit of faffing around compared to taking a pill.

    Hope this helps x
  • Two of my friends who were told they had PCOS managed to get pregnant after coming off the pill, both within one to two months, so I would caution against relying on 'natural' birth control. I have the depo injection, and other than making me fiercly hungry for the first week after I get it, I have no problems with it. It's progesti-wotsit only so might be an option, I was put on it after the POP started to disagree with me.
  • Hello there, Just wanted to quickly jot down this site for you. you will find all the info you need on there ref nfp and pcos and loads of other support and advice too.

    My h2b and I are speaking about trying for a family immeadiately after the wedding as have been lazily trying for about 2 years now....

    The best way i feel ig you dont want to ttc is to go is with condom's although to be honest it depends if you are anovulatory or not how strict you need to be. Add that to the stress and worry of a wedding and recessions as well as dealing with pcos and it's almost a sure fire way to make sure that you don't fall, lol!

    Hope that helps, ***baby dust for the future when you do want one x *** image
  • Can I ask what the symptoms are for pcos, as i said something the other day to my friend, in general, about my periods not being regular, and me and my h2b haven't caught on at all despite not being careful at all..and she said sounds like symptoms of pcos..but i just rejected the idea but been thinking over last few days....?

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  • Maeling, there are a variety of symptoms varying from person to person and some may suffer all of them, none or just a few. generally it means possibly periods all the time/some of the time/ never. Stomache cramps as above, facial hair, gaining weight easily, thin hair or hair loss, ovulating or not (not that you'd know that without a test).....errrmm there are so many and the symptoms seem to be worse the bigger you are what else is a symp? .... tiredness, elevated lh and fsh hormonal readings. Look at the site i recommended and if you have 3 or more of the signs then make an appt to see your doc's. You should make an appt just to be certain that you both are all ok and everything for when you do want to try as most gp's will tell you to come back after 2 years of unaided trying. best of luck to you and **baby dust if you want it too x***
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    Thank you for all the replies. It is so very very complicated! I don't trust condoms as when we were first together we had a few breakages which combined with such irregular periods was terrifying! I did have a feeling NFP would not be an option but it was worth asking!

    I cannot not use the combined pill as I was put on Dianette to help treat my PCOS but within a few hours of my first pill I was doubled up with a migrane and seeing bright lights very scary so doctor will not give me that again.

    I have been on the POP Cerazette for nearly 7 years. I came off it around 4 months ago due to no longer being able to live with the depression it was causing. I have been trying to find another POP but the depression is back so H2B confiscated my pills!

    I think I will have a chat about the coils but my doctor says my body is it's own contraception!

    Thanks for soul cysters website I have not come across that one.
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    I have PCOS too. and i have not long seen the specialist and had a lot of help and i wanted to try the machine thing too but like you said you need a normal cycle which means you cant use this.

    If you wanna chat or anything just email me. Dont wanna go into detail over a public forum xxxx
  • What's wrong with condoms? They're about as reliable as the pill to be honest.

    Anyway, I have pcos and well... i've been pregnant three times. Once while we were really trying to avoid lol.

    If your cycle is erratic, planning anything is a nightmare. I can't take any pill because it makes me feel icky and i'm now on Metformin to treat my pcos.

    REMEMBER, you can still ovulate without having a period for months and months. My two m/c were both random ovulatations. The first was after 80 days of nothing, I randomly ovulated when i'd been anovulatory for so long. A matter of months later, I yet again randomly ovulated after several months of having no period. So do be warned, just because you aren't getting periods, doesn't mean you might not randomly ovulate out of the blue.

    Condoms are likely your best bet i'm afraid. They are something like 98% effective when used right so there isn't that much of a risk.
  • hey there, just read this thread. I too have PCOS, was diagnosed 10 years ago and have gone through all different alternatives for contraception! I was put on Dianette to regulate and it worked ok for me for a couple of years but didn't like the hormones (or more to the point, what the hormones did to me!!)

    i came off it and just used condoms but kept looking for an alternative and now i have found it - the coil.

    i know you said you were too squeamish for one but please consider it, it'sa very quick 'procedure' and i have one that doesn't release an hormones so I am still artifical hormone free!

    it was the best thing i have ever done and would recommend to anyone, but especially those that try to regulate their hormones naturally

    Happy to give youmore detials about other factors of PCOS if you want - lots of doctors and specialists so might as well share it with someone!

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    Hi - I'm sorry to say but the solution of hormonal pill as treatment is a complete mistake, hormonal pills can even make it worse and also there is one very important issue here: hormonal pills and IUDs also act in anty-implementation way for a newly conceived embryo and do chemical abortion (abortifacient). 

    The woman can be healed completely naturally and in ethical way (Christian Doctors Association) by NaProTechnology with a great success rate: www naprotechnology com   My personal advise: stay away from hormonal contraception - me and my husband use Lady-Comp for a (NFP) natural birth control without the need for any contraceptives. I recommend it to everyone...      
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    Sorry if I offend anyone with this comment, but I don't consider natural methods to be an actual form of contraception.  You're surely just relying on luck...  And the fact that your doctor said that to you is quite concerning!

    If you do have more confidence in natural methods than condoms (although condoms are VERY reliable) why not use both in conjunction?

    Just a few other remarks...I know nothing about PCOS so that may be a factor that affects your ability to use other pills, but Dianette is like seriously super strong.  Super super strong.  So it's possible you might be ok with another combined pill.  Same goes for Cerazette - it's unusual in that it's the only POP strong enough to stop ovulation, so again you might tolerate a weaker pill better?

    Lots to talk about with your doctor or nurse I think image  But please don't use natural methods!

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