Literally the blushing bride

I have a problem in that I go red easily - im so nervous that all my pictures of walking down the aisle and saying my vows il be bright red. I also get a sweaty back and forehead when im nervous too. Iv had a reduction so I want to a wear a strapless dress but just too worried about my sweaty back - solutions please! Anyone else like this or is it just me?!!


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    Regarding the blushing, I have the same problem and I hate it - in all the pictures of me out and about at parties etc I'm bright red. Grrr. In the latest issue of Y&YW they recommend using a moisturiser with a green base to neutralise the redness. My friend uses a green concealer on red spots and it does work. The magazine recommends Clinique - Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base or No7 Colour Calming Primer.
  • You can get green foundation stuff to counteract the redness from blushing

    Don't know about sweating though, sorry, maybe speak to the doctor?
  • people can get injections to stop excessive sweating, ask your doctor. yeah green based make-up should help with redness.

    good luck xxxx
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    i tend to go red when im nervous!! im going to take rescue remedy lol hopefully it will relax me and hopefully this will help me from looking red! x
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    With the sweaty back I'd say a long veil should cover any obvious sweating. Plus you can wipe before you walk into ceremony and once your done take a moment to refresh.
  • Hi girls - i too am always the red one in photos - so i now use all of cliniques redness solutions stuff - it is pricey, but i really think its worth it - go in and speak to one of the ladies and they can give youa trial. I use their cleanser every day, and then the moisturiser and then their even tone foundation. They also have a few other bits and bobs - if your also going out of the country - its always cheaper in duty free!!!

    work so well for me - i had my first experience of a photo on a night out and i even thought "wow i look pale!!" even though i looked normal - in comparison to what i used to be it was incredible!!!! made all the money spent worth it.

    Let me know if you want to know anything else. hope this helps! xx
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    I'm just the same - I have a pretty much constantly red face!! (As do my Mum and Grandma... darn genes!). I got Harvey Nicks vouchers for my birthday, so I'm going to go along at the weekend and see what they can offer! I have a few months to go yet, so thought I'd give it a go and see what the results are (bit scared of looking like a green monster on the pics!).

    Nice to know I'm not the only one - feels liks it sometimes! xx
  • Hey!

    I have the same problem too, re the redness! Along with the green coloured cream have you thought about getting a different foundation? I would really recommend a mineral powder one as they cover redness really well and don't slide off if you get a bit hot! I use bareMinerals by Bare Escentuals which you can get in either House of Fraser or Debenhams I think and Selfridges do it too. It's all natural ingredients and the powder has light reflecting bits in which will give you a lovely glow on your big day and cover up any red. You can get a starter pack with everything in including really good brushes for about £40. Loads of other make up ranges now do mineral powders too. Hope this helps a bit!Good luck! image
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