i am shocked and still shaking, what should I do??

hi ladies need to get this off my chest here, I was walking though the parc over having a little play in the new parc before the kids got out of school and started working to the shops with my 2 year and 9 month old, there was loads of mums bringing their kids back from school and there was this little girl about 6, crying her eyes out and he mum was walking in front of her, she stopped and walked up to her daughter, held the back off her head and smashed her head against the ground, poor little girl, I was so mad as I sure most of you would be, but no one cared and I walked past her and said y the hell you did that for and she said she was being naughty, I am not a person who would confront someone nor would I get into a fight.

she said she push who she likes n went to push my 2 year old boy who was scared shitless, of course I jumped infront and told her to try it but she walked anyway, I am real sick and scared for this little girl what should I do, should I try and get her address or name and report her to social???


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    I would contact the local school and call the police immediately

    They will know who this woman is and this little girl will obviously have a bruise on her head

    You did the right thing, far too many people stand by and watch and you did what i would have, to hell with the consiquences, where do people get off taking their own emotion out on a child! makes me sick.

    Do something! dont not do anything, for all we know this could be another Baby P
  • Thats a good idea of Shelley's. If you contact the school they might be able to help.I wonder if it would be contacting the police- I mean your local ststion not 999- and inform them as this sounds really serious xx
  • I'm not surprised you were shaking. That is just awful, the poor little girl.

    I would echo what the other posters have said. Go and report it at your local station, they may be able to track her from cctv or contacting schools etc.

    If you know the school, I would go in there as well as I really don't think you can be to careful about making a 'loud noise'. The school will prob have other info on the family and she may already be a child protection case. If so, the school will know her case leader etc.

    You did absolutely the right thing. So many people just let these things go. At least you care enough to have actually intervened. How frightning for you though x
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    This must be constantly on your mind and if it was me I couldn't rest till I had done something. Who knows what she's like at home if she can behave like that in public. It doesn't bare thinking about. Report it to the Police now x
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    Firstly, well done, that must have taken some guts, but it was definitely the right thing to do. I really hope you follow the advice here. That poor little girl.

    Let us know how you get on x
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    Well done for standing up for her!!! Yes defo do all you can to report it, not sure how you go about these things but as the other posters have said go to the school & the local police station atleast you will know you have done something and hopefully have stopped something awful.

    Seriously a massive well done to you if only there were more people like you out there xxx
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    Now I have my own little boy (21 months) I feel sad and angry that this sort of behaviour goes on. Well done you for standing up to her, this sort of behaviour really needs to be reported to someone. As already mentioned the school should be able to identify the mother and child, poor girl.
  • hi ladies, thank you for your help, I could stand by and do nothing, I hate seeing children in pain and it broke my heart, making me think of my childhood, this mum did this to over power her girl I think and this poor girl must have been so humiliated, xx
  • hi ladies, thank you for your help, I could stand by and do nothing, I hate seeing children in pain and it broke my heart, making me think of my childhood, this mum did this to over power her girl I think and this poor girl must have been so humiliated, xx
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    phone the police and speak to the school. Im sure social services already know about her anyway, but they may not know the extent of it.

    christ, if she does this in public, imagine what she does in private!
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    I feel soooo sick reading this. It's great to see someone take action, you and your kids must feel so traumatised after seeing that so just want to say big hugs and I hope this gets dealt with properly.
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    hey, just reading this feel sick, this type of behaviour is dusgusting! well done for intervening, and hope you went to the police to help this little girl xx
  • foxymrsg2bfoxymrsg2b Posts: 314 New bride
    Hi hun, how are you? Did you manage to get into the school today & report the incident? Really hope they know who you mean & can take some action. Well done again for standing up to the old bint xxx
  • i'm a child protection social worker and this just sounds typical of how our society is today, it's easier to walk past than do anything - you're doing the right thing by wanting to report it but i would advise ringing the NSPCC if you get no luck with the school. You will remain anonymous and they refer straight through to Social Services. Good luck xx
  • foxymrsg2bfoxymrsg2b Posts: 314 New bride
    Great advice funkiestginger. image

    It is such a sad society we live in today really hope that little girl is safe image
  • Well if that is what the mom does in public, i dare to think what she does at home when there is no one around... that's why someone needs to report this now so it can be properly looked at xx
  • hi ladies, I am still trying to fight my ground here, I saw the mum today in the parc and was sitting there texting, while her two kids were running around, sorry if you do this but when I take my kids to parc I like to play with them??

    anyway, the mums who saw what happened will NOT say anything as they like her wtf!!! I have contracted the police, told them where I think she lives, I said what uniform she was wearing but they have no idea who she is, contracting nspca tomorrow xxx
  • I've always regretted something that happened about 14 years ago. I was doing market research for a living and i interviewed a lady (i'm using that term loosely) in her house with her friend. I was asking her the questions but she was just taking the piss a bit really so i got through them as quick as i could. She and her friend were drinking and she had a small child in the house her son and he was eating a sandwich really quietly and she and her friend were also taking the piss out of him too. To this day i wish i'd reported them but they didn't hit him and he wasn't crying but it just gave me a very uneasy feeling, so what would i have said?? they lived on a pretty rough estate and i was glad when i could leave i was only 22 and a bit scared and shy.

    I have kids myself now and i just hate to think of that little boy - he was probably fine and my imagination just ran away with me but i've never forgotten and i'm so sorry i never just made a phone call.

    Good on the OP if that sort of thing ever happened in front of me i'd do something now. How dare people treat their children like this.
  • foxymrsg2bfoxymrsg2b Posts: 314 New bride
    How can people like that thing??? Sorry I can't even bring myself to call her a woman she is a monster!!! That poor child you are absolutley right wifetwobe I play with my son as much as I can (he is having his morning nap hence why I am on here now) He is 15 omnths old & would never dream of being on the phone while he was playing!! Oh god some people make me so angry I am shaknig so much I can hardly type!!!

    You are doing the right thing though hun yes defo speak to the NSPCC hopefully they can do something obviously if these other womaen like her & are not bothered by what she is doing does that mean they treat their kids the same way?

    Really well done though for keep perservering xxx
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    I also work in social services and would say ring them or the NSPCC as any referral needs looking into but make notes of as much as you can remember before talking to them. If the child is from that school then they should also have teacher in charge of child protection and you should speak to them

    Well done for challenging her though
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