Upset, happy, confused im all over the place!!

Hi everyone you know what they say things come in threes well pretty much doing that at the moment, im hoping all the crap will stop soon. First i have been really upset about the fact that i cant decorate the wedding reception myself with my bridesmaid day before the wedding due to there being another reception night before, i sent an email about a week ago to the pub owner saying about how about if i do photos to give to staff etc and wondering why she hasnt emailed back, just got a reply today saying the woman i was dealing with not working with the company anymore! image what does that mean? god im really worried that we have lost the reception and everything im freaking out. Then last week i was on hols with my fiance having a nice break went to cornwall when checked my facebook and my half brother had found me! image im soo happy about that been trying to find him and now he has found me the bad thing is that my mother has found me too which is not what i wanted, she has never been a mum to me and its my dad ive lived with since i was 7 when they divorced she wasnt a nice lady but now she has sent me a message and my fiance!! to contact her i dont think so shesnot nice and i dont want her at my wedding as im sure she will try oh im just freaking out about everything at the moment


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    Sorry to hear that hun, but congrats about your brother! You need to get on the phone to that pub, or go there yourself, don't let them keep you hanging.

    I know how you feel about the parent thing, my real dad has been in touch with me recently, and I don't want him in my life, happy the way I am. I've just decided that in my life I'm going to be selfish image He had his chance and he blew it, so I don't want anything to disrupt my life.

    Hope you get it sorted image
  • I dont know what your going through with your mum. My mum has always been there for me, so I feel for you hun. What I would so though is that perhaps your mum has changed and you should give her one more chance. Let her know that it is her very last chance and that she does anything wrong then she is out of your life for good. I just think how much you would miss out on i she has changed and you havent given her another chance. Also you get to say well I gave her another chance, you get to claim the moral high ground.

    Take care xxx
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