Feel like I'm going to explode!

I'm not sure what I'm expecting in response to this but I come on here quite a bit so thought I'd 'reach out there'. The thing is I am sick of being stressed all the time. I worry about everything. I've had OCD since I was 11 but managed to control it when I was 20 but now it's come back in real force - I'm doing things I had stopped doing years ago. I'm also a teacher and due to my last job sucking all the confidence out of me I am constantly doubting myself. So if I'm not worrying about school I'm worrying about my wedding (this summer). And then if I'm not worrying about those things I'm being all OCD or worrying about not having anything to worry about. I've been to GP about help but there aren't any services in the area who can help me. I just feel really pathetic. Do you ever feel like you want to be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand so it all just blows over you?

I just want to be normal.


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    I can't offer any words of wisdom over OCD, however, I can relate to a job sucking the confidence out of you.

    When you have a hard time at work it really saps your energy and the effects can last for a very long time - even after you get a new job.

    And please remember that planning a wedding is also a massive stress fess, so it's not really surprising that your OCD has chosen now to make a return.

    You need to stop, take a breather and RELAX! It's time for some me time and time with friends, and with H2B and doing everything and anything that you enjoy/are good at. Build up that confidence again!

    Go back to your doctor and find out exactly what he can offer you to help with your OCD. Don't take no for an answer and take someone with you if you fear you won't push it.

    But the most important thing I can suggest is to stop giving yourself such a hard time about not coping with the pressure. You can't be perfect all the time, you can't control everything and you shouldn't feel like you have to.


  • I am both a teacher and an OCD sufferer and now exactly how you feel. My job is so demanding and I had worked my ass off the last year to find out they're having to cut my hours just down to the type of contract I'm on. So I've had many and OCD momment recently as I have been worrying about my job and OCD affects my view on my finances so I worry if I don't have financial security and I've been worrying about the wedding as I've very OCD over it and it has to be perfect. It's normal for someone in your position to feel the way you do.

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