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ACNE - really depressed


Im really depressed with my acne. Its so bad and i feels so depressed that I dont want to leave the house.

I have been to the doctors and have been on antiobiotics, have actually tried 3 diff types and my face still wont clear up.

Has anybody had/have this problem?

Im dreading my wedding because of it. I eat healthily and exercise, so can think what else I can do.


  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    You could try having laser treatment and microdermabrasions. I had a bit of acne and found that the stuff the docs gave me didn't work, but laser treatment did... even got rid of a sebaceous cyst that I had on my cheek. 3 treatments usually works. The place where I got it charges £150 to do your whole face, but in my case, I just had my cheeks done which cost £50.

    Hope this helps and try not to stress, that will just make it worse!

  • ChardonnayChardonnay Posts: 1,761
    Do you take the contraceptive pill? I suffered terribly with acne and then went onto Dianette, which completely resolved my acne. Worth a chat with your GP?
  • misscheapmisscheap Posts: 361

    I had this problem too and said to my doctor. He changed my contraceptive pill to Femodette. I only get the odd spot now but my face is still really oily.

  • I feel your pain... and mine is linked to the pill. Last July I was forced to change onto a Mini Pill - my doctor told me the combined versions were giving me side affects that could cause a stroke so I was asked to change. Within about a month I started to suffer spots on my shoulders and along the top of my back... they got worse and worse. I would cry at bedtime, and eventually thought I can't deal with this before a wedding. So I went to the docs in November, she didn't even ask to see my back, just wrote out a prescription for antibiotocs and told me to take them - wasnt happy with this and went back again, but she told me they would take up to 12 weeks to work. I decided that taking pills for the rest of my life was not the way I wanted to go... you don't know what side affects the pills wwill give you!!

    So I went to 'Sk:n' google them...I booked a 3 session treatment - I went once a month on payday! I saw results quite quickly.... then in March I made a huge mistake, was staying in a hotel in Manchester seeing friends and went into the sauna/steam room.... it was like being back to square one!! Nightmare... so back the treatments I went. I'm also using the lotions and potions they recommend and I'm happy with the improvement. I have some red spots at the mo and get married in 18 days so I have two treatments booked in, one this Friday and one just before I fly out for my wedding abroad...

    Give it a try.... and fingers crossed it works for you.... I'll still need make up applied to my back to cover it, but its way better than it was!!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I would go to a really good beauty therapist, a series of facials could really help you out and products, I recently bought Boots No 7 BeautiFully Balanced products and they have helped my skin no end and not so expensive as to break the bank.
  • louiblouib Posts: 13
    Hi there,

    I've always had lovely clear skin, until the past 2 years following years of stress.

    I'm 34 and get married in 4 months. Last December i was so depressed with the horrendous red sore lumps all over my face, i finally managed to get an appointment to see a dermatologist at my local hospital, where i was immediatly diagnosed with chronic acne.

    After being warned of the side affects, i was put on a 4 month course of roaccutane.

    I cant stress to you how amazing my skin looks now image if you can manage to get this drug do it, as the results far outweigh any side affects you may have.

    Good luckimage
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    I would also recommend the NHS route rather than private route such as SK:N, and I have used both. SK:N is good, you feel good because it's almost like going to the beautician and it's a very phsyical process, rather than internal like tablets...however it costs a fortune and you have to keep going, it's not a long term solution.

    I have been taking roaccutane following an appointment with a dermatologist and it's been great, rally great. However, they do like you to have tried anti-biotics and contrceptive pills's a last resort so to speak.

    Definately go to a different doctor and see what they can do, ask to see a dermatologist.

    Good Luck!
  • Kaninchen1Kaninchen1 Posts: 741
    I would recommend sk:n too. Yes it can work out expensive, but the money I have spent on my skin I really don't begrudge- if you can afford it, go for it I say.

    I have had acne through my 20s and into my 30s. I had tried every potion, pill and antibiotic that doctor's suggested and as a result suffered some horrible side effects (nausea, headaches lasting days and days and I also had a blood clot in my arm). It came to a point where I thought the medicines were not worth it.

    Then a friend suggested sk:n and it is the best thing I have ever done for my face. I have had microderm and different types of peels. For my wedding my skin was acne free. I recently stopped and I could notice the change in my skin. I am now going to start again with a monthly session of microderm.

    Good luck. Adult acne is horrible and I really hope you find something that works for you x
  • mrsbradburymrsbradbury Posts: 187
    I went to the doctor (no help at all) so I aid private to see a dermatologist. He even suggested this - Clinque soap!

    I have been using this anti blemish soap now and it has never come back! I still have occasional breakouts before my period but not acne! I also use avons mineral foundation which doesnt clog up my pores.
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
    I have had similar problems for years now, i had no acne as a teenager and when i was 24 i started getting bad acne and cysts and boils, mine turned out to be through high cholesterol but it took years and alot of my own research to determine.

    Try a few different things and if you still have bad skin 2 weeks before the wedding then go to the doctors and ask for fucidin acid cream, this will take any redness down and could help as a temp answer but they could be so many reasons why this is happening, hormaons, alergic reaction, lymph or blood problems, you just have to go through a process of elimination

    Also try doctors stuarts skin remedy tea, this has some really good herbs that will naturally help your skin

  • I have adult acne, it was controlled by the pill (dianette) but I stopped taking it after 3 years as my H2B said it made me stroppy and generally horrible!

    Anyway I went to the doctors and was put on antibiotics, they didn't work and have tried loads in the past. A friend at work recommended zineryt, it's a topical lotion you put on your skin in the morning and at night. It totally changed my skin within a few weeks.

    Word of warning - it tastes disgusting so be careful about licking your lips and also don't get it in your eye - ouch!

    Can't recommend it enough though, my skin is sooooo much better now - give it a go.

  • pieeaterukpieeateruk Posts: 129
    Hi MrsPaul1903

    I had terrible acne a few years ago and was prescribed Dianette by the GP. It worked a treat for the huge boils and grease in only a few weeks. When is your wedding? I don't think anyone should be on this pill for more than 6-12 months though, I was on it for years and it screwed my body up. I'm still "congested" but have bought a facial sauna and will get some tea tree products. It's nothing a good concealer won't hide. Good luck
  • mrshappy123mrshappy123 Posts: 508
    I am a pharmacist so know a fair bit about acne treatments, particularly since I was a sufferer.

    My advice? Do what I did- ask your GP to refer you to a dermatologist and get Roaccutane. You may have heard of it, it is an anti-acne drug and it WORKS. It has awful side effects, but in my opinion, it is worth it. It has changed my life.

    Nothing else worked for me. Since the age of 13 I was on the pill for my skin, then antibiotics, creams, you name it, been on them all.

    The problem was, my acne was never considered 'bad enough' to need roaccutance. It was though, the spots I got were very painful lumps, It was horrible!

    So I asked my gp to refer me privately when i was 26 years old, and it was the best thing I ever did.

    Good luck, I remeber only too well how this horrible skin condition used to knock my confidence and get me down.

  • pickletonpickleton Posts: 143
    aw hun, its a horrid thing to suffer from. I get it cos I have PCOS so my hormones make me break out all over my face, neck, chest and back.

    I've tried different pills and also antibiotics which didn't really help much.

    For me I found that cutting out as much sugar from my diet and following the GI diet has help no end..I don't know if that would be something that would help your condition? Fizzy drinks, processed food cause almost instant breakouts when I eat them.

    I still get a bit of acne but no where near as bad.

    I hope you can get it under control. x

  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571

    Someone mentioned Roaccutane but i'd be very careful about this. A lot of folk i know, including my H2b were prescribed this. I wasn't with my h2b at the time but he cannot convey enough how awful it was. It sent him loopy, dried up his nasal cavities and made his lips crack so bad he still has a scar down the middle where the cracked so deep it bled for ages.

    I don't suffer from acne as such, but i do suffer from frequent breakouts of sore red pus spots especially on my chin. Someone recommended that i try a cream called Quinoderm. It has saved my life!!! It is an acne treatment that comes in 2 strengths, 5% and 10%. I tried the 5%, started using it 3 weeks ago and my face has been so clear its unreal. I'm in a very public facing job and i would get really upset when my skin was at its worse but this stuff has totally cleared it up and i'm back to my normal happy self. It basically peels layers of skin away (you can't actually see it happening) and it has an antiseptic working as it goes. Best thing is, it cost me £3.50!!! You get it over the counter from Boots. I must have spent a small fortune on clinque products over the months but they only clean the surface, this stuff works below the surface where the spots start. I'd defo give it a bash, it's miracle stuff!!!

  • howards21howards21 Posts: 286
    I am on my second month of roaccutane. It seems to be slowly clearing up my skin in time for the wedding June 26th.

    I agree the side effects can be tiresome after a while, I am lucky it hasnt made me depressed but my nasal cavities are scabbed and my lips got so dry I had permanent coldsores (until I started using Elizabeth Arden 8 hr cream, it is my lifeline, havent had a cold sore since!), also my skin peels alot and my eyes are sore/dry! but i am sure it will be worth it x
  • Have you tried Duac? I'm 52 and have suffered from cystic acne since the age of 14 image which has left me with awful scarring.

    But last November I decided to really try to get to grips with both the scarring and the (now infrequent) breakouts:


    Duac (benzoyl peroxide 5% + small amount of antibiotic - be careful as it bleaches towels, pillow cases, etc.)

    Clinique LIQUID FACIAL soap (not solid one)

    Clinique #3 toner + 10% salicylic acid on cotton wool pad

    Clinique GEL moisturiser (not cream)

    Clinique 40+ sun block (acts as a great primer)

    then oil free makeup from the Clinique range


    3 x collagen induction therapy (Dermaroller) - really, really worth it for the scarring and general appearance of skin

    1 x NuLite (not worth it)

    Weekly 10%/20% salicylic acid peels (I do this myself gradually building up from 1m to 6m over 6 weeks, then 2 weeks' break, then start again)

    Back in November there was an immediate improvement but this was only the result of micro swelling and I really wondered whether I'd just wasted a whole load of money. But I then had 2 more CIT sessions at 8 week intervals and kept up with the regime with religious fervour, and now the results are truly amazing. I've had so many, many comments - usually people say I look as if I've just come back from holiday or that I'm glowing with excitement about the wedding! Or that they can't say exactly what looks different but they wish they were on whatever's making me look so much better.

    Yesterday someone thought I'd had a facelift image

    Also gave up smoking the day I had the first CIT session image

    Thanks for staying with this! So I would really advise trying Duac, plus clean pillow case every night, plus never ever rub your face with a towel (light patting is sufficient), clean towel every day, and the rest as above.

    I tried Dianette when I was in my mid-20s - my acne cleared a bit but I suffered from loss of libido and general grumpiness which was a bit of a bummer!

    Good luck - I really feel for you.

  • vanessahusbandvanessahusband Posts: 1,077
    What do you do for your skin at the moment? I have always suffered from acne and I'm now 27, so I'm starting to lose patience with it! I went on the Pill at 14 to try and clear it up, which did help a bit - it was Dianette, which is helpful for acne but some people do suffer side effects. Then I went onto Cilest about 7 years ago which has been helpful, but still doesn't stop breakouts. I've been worried that my skin will flare up later this year, cos I'm planning on coming off the Pill in October before we start trying for a baby, so I'm very concerned I'll look like a spotty wotsit on my wedding day!

    I spoke to my MOH about it, cos she is a former beauty therapist. She said at the moment, she thinks I'm maintaining my skin rather than treating it. So in addition to cleansing, toning and moisturising, I have to use an exfoliant once a week (a biological skin peeling), and a face mask once a week to draw out impurities. The exfoliant is by Sothys, called Gommage, which according to my MOH is the best because it's very gentle on your skin but does the job perfectly. I've been doing this for about a month now and my skin is looking brighter and healthier, and the spot situation seems to be calming down (fingers crossed!). So I would have a think about changing your skin routine. Good luck! Xx
  • I started to get adult acne a year or so ago, and a few things helped, but mainly it was the pill. Otherwise I'd say maybe try Perfectil to sort out the general health of your skin, and I visited this woman in Harley Street who runs a clinic called Sher. It's very natural face stuff and seemed to calm it down a lot.
  • hi

    I was on 4 different types of antibiotics for since age 15 for 3 years and made no difference. Then given dianette and a topical antibiotic liquid that i had to dab on twice a day. This took a while but really worked, eventually changed off dianette as GP didnt want me on it too long.Now it's much better, still get occassional red hard spot which is horribe but it's nothing like it was!
  • Hi sorry I cannot hwlp with the OP but wanted to ask if you can develop acne at any age? I have been on the pill since I was 15, now 31. I am curently on Overnatte, but lately I have had heat bump like spots down both sides of my face and under my jaw line. They get really itchy and sometimes I wake in the morning and feel like I have got sunburn.

    Got antibiotcs from the doc but they didnt work, he did ask about my pill but I dont want to mess it up really as I am planning on coming off it in December ready for baby making after my wedding in My next year!

    Currently I am taking Doxycline, which he said was for acne, see how i get on for 2 weeks then go back. I have no clue about acne but do these spots sounds like it? They do not have heads on them just like a heat rash, but more lumpy, and why have they suddenly appeared??

  • I can't remember who it was that mentioned going for facials... I would be very wary... I went for one in november and didnt want to leave the house for about a fortnight after, I had a complete breakout, my face, neck, top of my chest... awful! Confidence was definately dented!!!

    As I said I'm using all of Skin's products and I've seen a difference with that alone - I thought about a few sunbed sessions before the going away, but then I read about how it can often worsen acne - depending on the type of spots you have and its not worth it - I have 15 days to go!!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    It was me and I think it depends on the person doing the facial and the treatment, I had microderm abrasion and it helped me no end
  • katy_ckaty_c Posts: 432
    Don't be put off by the bad press about Roaccutane. I was when I was 18 and was offered it by my dermatologist until now, i'm 25 and i am on my 3rd month and i just wish I had done it all those years ago. For me it's been extremely easy - only a dry nose and dry lips but it's nothing that can't be prevented by regular moisturisation.

    As for the link to depression the odds are so, so unlikely and i don't believe the link is proven. The link between depression and acne is far more likely to be positively correlated. Clearly, if you don't feel well stop taking the tablets! I actually found myself looking out for symptoms that weren't even there...the internet can be a bad thing sometimes!

    It really is the best thing i have done for my skin and hopefully after just 4months, it'll be for good. But if needs be i would not hesitate to take a second course.
  • lozzzy86lozzzy86 Posts: 113
    Hi hun,

    I'm with *Mrs B*. Don't be put off by the horror stories you hear about ROACUTTANE. I'm work for a private dermatology health clinic, and although i am not a dermatologist or pharmacist (or any other doctor by that matter!) it doesn't matter how many Microdermabrasions, peels or light therapy treatments you have, you'll still get the occasional hormonal outbreak which you CANNOT stop.

    There is bad press on Roacuttane about depression etc, the way i see it, most severe acne suffers already have an element of depression due to how the acne makes them feel. The majority of the people who come to our clinic have no problems on the psychiatric side of things. Yes they have the awful dryness/soreness that's associated with it, but the majority are willing to cope with that because it sorts out the acne.

    You really need to research it yourself. Only you (and your dermatologist) can decide if it's the right option for you.

  • I've been reading all your posts with great interest. I'm 41 and have had various levels of adult acne since having my daughter ten years ago. Dianete worked like a miracle but because of the risk of blood clots i was taken off it and changed to Yasmin. This has worked relatively well for a couple of years. I came off it for four months recently to see if the oiliness of my skin had improved but unfortunately it was worse than ever. It got to the point i couldn't wear makeup as it would melt and my eyes would sting with sebum entering them. I'm now back on it, but because of my age, i have to pratically beg my doctor for it and i'm really fed up. Strangely it's my face that suffers the most with oiliness and enlarged pores. I also have outbreaks on my back. I'm positive my acne is due to a hormonal imbalance but apart from the pill which i'm getting too old for, i don't know what else to do. The only up side is a look about ten years younger than my actual age but i would love to look radiant on my wedding day rather than shiny with melted makeup. Keep all your suggestions coming ladies. Think i will try some of the products mentioned.
  • Hi girls,

    Thanks so much for all your advice. I went to see my doctor and he has prescribed minocycline, I am also using benzoyl peroxide lotion at night.

    I have always had oily and spotty skin during the time of my period but I could ususally control it by staying away from chocolate etc. I dont know what happened, but a couple of weeks ago my skin got so oily that I would was my face and within an hour it would be really greasy. Im praying that these tablets work and Im also taking selenium and Vitamin A supplements to help.

    Will let you know how I get on...

  • Glittery_emGlittery_em Posts: 175
    One word....Roaccutane!

    As a beauty therapist i see people with acne all the time. Its a problem that will stay with you for the rest of your life (im sorry to say.) Sometimes it gets better but can come back later in life due to pregnancy, menopause etc.

    Its caused by the hormone testosterone, and your body is producing too much of it.

    testosterone is a mainly a male hormone, but stimulates production of oil in your oil gland. If you have too much of it, its too stimulating causing excess oil, more bacteria and worse...acne!

    My best friend and chief bridesmaid also suffers from terrible acne and has for 10 years.

    She has been on contraceptive pills, anti-biotics, lotions/ointments to put on her skin, used good skin care products. NOTHING has helped.

    After 10 years she started taking Roaccutane and its amazing!

    Yes, you get side effects (which actually are just as bad as any other medication... they have to list them all by law, even if 1 person in the whole world suffered from it whilst taking the medication) and you cant drink when taking it...but so what, for someone suffering with acne for 10 years, 6 months of strong medication is worth a lifetime of healthy clear skin.

    Plus, when on it, you are looked after all the time and given regular blood tests.

    best of luck with all your treatments image xxx
  • Glittery_emGlittery_em Posts: 175
    oh and p.s chocolate is a myth that it gives you bad skin...infact your diet doesnt effect your skin at all. Your skin will be what it will be.

    And my friend use to washe her fringe twice daily because of excess oil, and now she doesnt even take her face powder to work!!
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