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Things havent been great between me & h2b recently. We are due to get married in September. He's cross with me all the time- just being me seems to wind him up- he said yeseterday I make him miserable and to go make someone else's life a misery image I honestly dont have to do anything to get this repsonse. He also said he's only with me because of the children and if it wasnt for them he would have walked a long time ago. I just dont know if he says these things to be spiteful or if thats actually how he really feels. He says the same shit everytime we argue- that he wants to go- and he never does which winds me up because if thats how he really feels then I want him gone.I'm starting to feel used too. We have a great sex life - and he's all I love you etc and once thats over its like he cant be bothered with me again. He has such an attitude problem, and such a temper. Last night infront of our children he told me to 'go fuck off and die somewhere'.

i'm not posting for opinions- i know how awful it looks on paper. i just need to offload as i'm so sad about it all.image


  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    Aww hun I really feel for you my ex was like this and its really really horrible, he will end up breaking you to bits if it carries on I had no self confidence or anything and in the end I knew I had to get out for the sake of my kids, its not fair on them growing up hearing and seeing everything because they will just end up thinking thats how everyone gets spoken to and thats not good.

    How do you feel about your relationship, are you happy?

    I reckon you need to sit down and ask him outright what he's playing at, you can't marry someone who is just with you because of the kids its not fair on YOU!!

    ((hugs)) xx
  • MrMunchMrMunch Posts: 216
    How in the name of sanity can you want to marry anyone like that? Can you imagine spending the rest of your life in this sort of relationship?
  • mummy22ukmummy22uk Posts: 694
    mrmunch thats exactly where i am at right now- why would i marry someone like that?the reason i am sad about it all is because this is not something that happens on a regular basis- just the past week or so- albeit when we have had arguements in the past he has come out with the same lines. willsbride2b my ex was physically and emotionally abusive so i am cross with myself for letting another man treat me with such disrespect. like i wrote above this isnt his usual behaviour- just of recent- which makes me think that maybe there is an underlying reason to his actions (maybe he really doesnt want to get married?) thats no excuse for his behaviour. i hope that it can be sorted- as i do love him and the rest of the time things are great- but if this is a snap shot of married life to come then i want out.image
  • soozie1978soozie1978 Posts: 620
    he sounds like a tool. DOnt marry him. If he loves his kids so much to stick around with you..why would he tell you to fuck off and front of them! how sick is that. Leave him, and marry someone who loves and respects you. xx
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    That's awful. Being married to him isn't going to change the way he treats you.

    Sit down with him and try to speak to him calmly and in a mature manner with no raised voices, and ask that if that is how he feels, then you should go your separate ways. If your children see and hear what he says to you, that is not a happy atmosphere for them.

    Put your children first and leave him if he can't treat you like a human being.

  • Out out out! No one deserves to be in a relationship like that. You do not need to be with someone who doesn't love you, and I would hazard a guess that your children'd be better off with separated parents than having to listen to that.

    Sorry if you think I'm being a bit harsh, but he really does sound like a plank xxx
  • MrsH-tobeMrsH-tobe Posts: 76
    I know this is just stating the obvious but I would think really carefully about whether this marriage is good for you and for your children.

    I grew up with parents who couldn't stand each other, didn't speak to one another for a good ten years apart from to argue. They stayed together for the sake of my brother and I but we all agree now that they shouldn't have as it wasn't a very happy home to grow up in.

    Not wanting to make huge judgements about your relationship from just this post but wanted to share my experience.

    Lots of love to you- it must be a really hard time xx
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