I joined here a while ago to get my story off my chest but haven't yet, today I'm having a really bad day and feel like I need to offload a bit.

Since my H2b proposed we have been through quite a lot, we have both lost our jobs in the last 18 months, I was lucky enough to get another job but he still hasn't found anything. It's difficult for him because he has a condition (I don't really want to go into it on here) which makes people quite judgemental of him and causes really low self esteem and also depression, coupled with the fact that he fairly recently lost his dad (and in my opinion has never dealt with it) it's been really rough. I Just wanted us to enjoy planning our dream day and look forward to being Mr & Mrs, but it seems luck just isn't on our side. The icing on the cake came just before xmas when the company planning our wedding in Italy went bust and we lost all the money we had paid so far and found out that none of our venues/suppliers had been confirmed. Now, we have stayed strong through most of this but I have to say I am now practically at breaking point. Because of H2b's depression he has found it extremely difficult to do anything constructive for months now so I have been working full time (plus all the overtime god sent to try and get extra cash), trying to organise our wedding plus all of our guests travel arrangements and doing all the cooking, cleaning, washing etc and trying to keep him positive, all whilst arguing on almost a daily basis because we're both so stressed out! I just feel like I need a break and even though it sounds selfish I need someone to think about me for a bit and to help me out because right now I just feel like crawling into a dark cave and staying there for a few years.

I know compared to some people's problems this isn't the end of the world but I'm just finding it all a bit of a struggle at the mo.

Thanks for listening.xx


  • hiya im so sorry your feeling like this im sending you ((((( big hugs)))i dont really know what to say to help you out but what about going to see your parents at the weekend away from your h2b? i done this when i was suffering from postnantal depression and i liked someone caring about me my h2b is lovely but not a vey sensitve type of man.. hope you feel better soon and something comes along for your h2b xxxx
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    I can sympathise with how you feel with regards to feeling a bit overwhelmed and wanting to hide away.

    I got married last year and shortly after we got married we started undergoing fertility treatment (as I have PCOS and have fertility problems). The treatment doesn't appear to be working like it should and I am finding this difficult to cope with but feel very much alone. I don't really have a support network as my sisters don't understand and my best friend has 3 kids so doesn't understand it either. Although I know my Hubby loves me completely, he is useless when it comes to things like this and so I have no one to talk to and often feel like I wish I could just pause life and take a few minutes out.

    If you ever want someone to talk to please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected] I am happy to be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. I may even be able to offer you planning advice. You shouldn't have to feel alone in all this.
  • Hiya petal

    Just wondered if your h2b has had any counselling at all, either for his condition or just for the depression? I've had experience of stress, anxiety & depression (me, mum and my ex)and I can safely say that it helps no end. I know that doesn't help with the wedding plans, but if he would do that I think you'll find your whole situation will improve and you'll both be a lot happier. big hugs xx
  • Thanks for your kind words ladies.

    He has been seeing a specialist for his condition lately and although she did intially reccommend councelling/Therapy for his depressions it seems that she has simply put him on antidepressants and forgotten about any other treatment. I've told him to mention this to her in his next appointment so we'll see what happens then I suppose.xx
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