If it wasnt for the fact that i would be letting everyone down...

... i would so cancel all of my plans

We are due to get married in 5 weeks time... but nothing is going right, one of my bridesmaids are being a pain in the bum...not helping at all and even causing more work for me rather then taking some of the stress off me, we are struggling to get all the money together...but will just manage it, the MIL hates me and thinks im not good enough for her son... so shes trying to be as awkward as possible, none of my family are coming, just found out i can have photos of the actual ceremony in church just before and after, about 20 people who said they were coming sent a rsvp back declining for one reason or another which will only leave about 30 people for the wedding... which will look crap in the churh as its a big one.....

If i hadnt already sent the invites out and if people hadnt already taken time off work i would be sooo tempted to cancel everything and take a few close friends somewhere really posh and get married like that instead. image


  • Happy2bMrsHHappy2bMrsH Posts: 318
    I feel your pain - it's my biggest fear that not many people will come and I'm absolutely bricking it as my brother (who is giving me away) has managed to get his partner (and previously one of my bridesmaids) pregnant and due 3 days after my wedding, which is 200 miles from them, so there is now a question mark hanging over whether they will attend.

    But, I think 30 people will make for a nice, intimate wedding, and from what my friends say, you don't really notice any of the stuff you fret about before your big day, so hopefully this won't upset you too much.

    As for your MIL, just smile sweetly and remember that you are the most important woman in your H2B's life, not her and it drives her absolutely crazy! My MIL2B is so uninterested it used to upset me, but now I like the fact we slip under the radar.

    However, don't even get me started on bloody bridesmaids - I have a difficult one too, but thankfully I also have a lovely, organised one.

    Just five weeks to go - enjoy this time now and don't sweat the small stuff, as it'll all be gone in a flash.

  • Carina1987Carina1987 Posts: 308
    thanks hun... its all just getting to me a bit now.

    (btw i ment to write "cannot have pictures of the ceremony" not can lol)
  • Daniellef82Daniellef82 Posts: 240
    Awww carina I hope things get better for you. Don't worry about anyone else, if they come or not. Just imagine it being the two of you declaring your love. With or without them that's what your there to do image

  • Im also worrying about people not attending - we have about 40 so far so its going to be small affair. You dont need masses of people to make a good wedding. The more people - the more money you spend - the more chances of people getting on your nerves etc etc - so as long as the important people are there - dont worry too much the others. I would speak to a few of your family members that are now not coming to see if anything can be done to help them to make it to the wedding. In the church - you could get your ushers to make sure people are seated towards the front of the church that way you avoid people sitting all over the place looking like they are dotted about. AS for bridesmaids - my two are pretty useless too - makes me wonder whats the point of having bridesmaids - but i am sure on the day they will step up and help you. Good luck with everything and hope you have a wonderful day. Just remember - theres only two people that need to be pleased - you and your h2b!
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