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am i being unreasonable?

me and b2b have started writting down people for meal and had a huge fight over 4 of my cousins i've got a big family so have decided 2 invite only aunties and uncles from both side but i have recently lost my closest auntie and uncle so i wanted to invite their kids and h2b went mad saying i thot no cousins were going you hardly see them and blah blah image is it wrong to want them there ?? my h2b is only inviting is mum and dad his 2 aunties and HIS 3 cousins.. any advice??


  • I could understand if he wasn't inviting cousins. If things aren't consistent, you don't have a leg to stand on when other family members question things. BUT he is having three cousins..... so you should be able to invite yours - except it will be tricky to explain to your other cousins that aren't being invited - if you have anymore.

    Families = nightmares! good luck
  • thanks i dont really get on with my other cousins as they are quite cruel and nasty to me so they probably aren't expecting to be invited just sick of wedding now if it's not family then it's venueimage

    roll on february
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