Rift with mum and her partner

Hey girls this may be a long one... i'm sorry.

So this all started last year, I was letting my mum and her husband take my little girls out and have overnights on weekends. My 7 year old has a BIG imagination, and she often stretches the truth if you know what I mean. So she must have been telling my mum and her husband things but stretching the truth about her discipline (no smacking just sendin to room and stoppin her treats etc) etc, anyway they took all this to heart (knowing what shes like) and went to social services and made a complaint about me and my partner. I went balistic as you can imagine and stopped her husband seeing them totally (i hate him anyway) and stopped her having them alone. I must just say i've been told she questions my daughter.

However now shes saying if I don't start letting them have my girls properly she is walking away never to see us again and not to come to my wedding etc.

I don't know what to do shes in one ear telling me one thing and my partner is telling me another (hes really pissed off)

need some advice anyone


  • I don't understand the confusion?

    If my mother had reported me to social services despite knowing me and my relationship with my cild well...and then tried to blackmail me into sending my child to her to be put through interrogations about me, I would happily walk away from her and would not even entertain the idea of her being at my wedding!

    I think I must be missing something?
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    I agree my confusion was just wanting to know what other people thought, wether I was being over the top or not, as she is trying to make it out like i'm the bad one
  • No, as a mother myself, I do not think you are being in the least bit over the top. I think you are being remarkably restrained! I'm with your h2b on this one. Definitely.

    Hope it all works out for you.
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    Thanks hun, much appreciated =] x
  • Dear god girl, I thought just planning a wedding was tough but wow you have had a rough ride huh.

    I agree with everyone else, your mum has behaved really badly, why didnts she speak to you first? Why hasnt she apologised for what she did.

    Never mind the wedding she has put you and your family through an awful ordeal. I have never had to deal with social services but I wouldnt think this was a barrel of laughs.

    Stick to your guns you and your daughter deserve more than this. if you back down now she will think what she did was acceptable. x
  • doodooukdoodoouk Posts: 86
    I can't believe your Mum went to SS before speaking to you first! especially if she knows how your little girl can exaggerate.

    I would be totally livid with my mum and would also feel incredibly insulted! As a mother herself she should know better!

    I think instead of making threats your mother should be apologising profusely to you and your husband for all the trouble and upset she has caused - honestly!

    She has brought this upon herself - I think you need to have a good chat to her without her hubby around.

    Best of Luck
  • Becky85ukBecky85uk Posts: 434
    You can't talk to her shes just says I should forgive and forget and that i'd of done the same... er no I wouldnt.. esp when I know full well my daughter is a bloody good mother! Shes emailed to say shes walkin away when she moves in May, I knwo it sounds bad but good riddence I say she was useless when I was little and shes just as bad now since shes met her new husband, she posted on facebook " will miss my granddaughters" ... grr she annoys me image
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