30 days till my wedding......

and all i want to do it stay in bed and cry!!

everything is going wrong!

My car has failed MOT and needs to get scraped, h2bs car needs to scraped while we are on honeymoon so we will come back with no car!

Been having issues with a girl at h2bs work who likes him too much and being inopropriate(sp).

friend of mine cant get to my hen night due to travel!

and the very worst of all our honeymoon is to Thailand!!! and i am stressing out so much that we wont have one!

We havent had a holiday in over 5 years! and have saved saved saved so much for this to make it perfect!! but as we booked it a year ago we got a great price!! so everything else where would be more expensive now!

I know i need to give myself a talking to and just say at least we are going to have an amazing wedding be married and i am sure we will get a honeymoon sorted out! but i just feel like im spiriling out of control!!

sorry for the moan, i know worse things happen in life!x


  • You're right, worse things happen but then again these things are important to you. It's good to have a rant every now and again and you are ranting on the right forum - we've all got things like this going on so you are in good company. I'm not saying things are going to be ok - i hate it when that happens to me - but probably the rant will make you feel better.
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    So much of what is happening is out of your control, I would suggest focusing on the things you can change and do things about and leave the rest out. Just let it go - it's annoying and inconvenient but not the end of the world. There is so much time for things to do a U-turn you may well find you have just spent the last few weeks worrying for no reason.

    Just let it all go and think sod it - wedding comes first and I'm going to have a wonderful day regardless of car etc.

  • 1. You can always get a cheap car as soon as you get back from honeymoon, what are you having as your wedding present? Maybe you could use that to help you out with payment?

    2. What is this girl at your h2b work doing? Id be straight down there and have words but that is just me? Has your h2b done anything about it?

    3.Hopefully they will of sorted issues out in Thailand by then? What part are you goingto?

    Hope things work out okay for you hon x
  • thanks girls!

    Well i gave myself a good talking to and decided i cant change it about thailand and may still be going if not then we will go else where and it will be fab because we will be married and together!!

    everything else wasnt big problems just made worse by feeling stressed over hm!xx
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