I'm starting to hate weddings!

I've been planning our wedding for two and a half years and now we're about 3 months away I'm just down about it all. The main thing that has stressed me out is the guests. Quite a few of my family can't make it and I just keep panicking about the room feeling sparse and feeling like it's just going to be uneventful and boring. You know when you get those uncomfortable silences - what if it's like that all day. My mum and dad are going away for the next 2 months, my sister lacks interest and I feel like I have no one to offload to. So sorry but I'm doing it here. It's stressing me out so much I just wish it was here and over with. How awful is that?image


  • Take a deep breath. Most brides say that on the day, you don't notice the small details. What makes you think it will be boring? What sort of entertainment do you have planned?
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    We're having a disco and we've written a list of the songs we want so we don't get those songs no one dances to. My h2b is a pretty big cheese/80s fan. I don't why its getting to me so much but it definitely is. I just feel pretty alone right now with my parents going away. My h2b is quite busy at the moment and he's also someone who doesn't seem to worry about weddings that much - which almost makes me feel worse. He just thinks I'm being ridiculous.
    im the same, 3 months until mine too.

    Try and focus on the marriage and not the wedding..all that matters is you are marrying the man you love!

    Good luck and chin up xx
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    I totally get where you're coming from but your guests love you and are there to enjoy your day with you.

    You sound like you have put a lot of thought into it so I guess it comes to a point where you say, right, I've done as much as I can to make it fabulous - and it will be!

    Big hugs as I know it's hard when you feel there's no one you can share it with..my 1 BM who lives miles away isn't married and not massively interested so I know whats its like to worry alone!
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    Also got just under 3 months to go!

    I really don't think you need to worry about there being uncomfortable silences. People tend to get chatting to each other...and generally really enjoy weddings.

    I can see how you are feeling with your parents being away..and your sister showing a lack of interest...BUT it is going to be a fabulous day I am sure..and you are well prepared with the details.

    It should be a really special day especially for you and your h2b.

    Try and relax...and maybe plan some little treats for yourself in the run up to the big day.
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