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Bit of a meltdown :-(

Anyone else had a bit of a pre-wedding meltdown?

Found myself in tears yesterday..totally out of the blue..I think its the combination of the sheer cost of it all, the diploma in tact I need to have for family and friends and the stupidity of some guests. I have gone out of my way to do everything for guests..but then they still ask the most stupid questions. I feel like saying just RSVP - don't keep wanting things from me. Is that horrible?

To top it all off my ex sent a lovely email (we occasionally keep in touch) and I just felt really sad..I actually felt like I missed him. But then I guess that's rose tinted glasses as I left him.

Is it me or can wedding planning get to even the most sane, non-bridezilla girls too?!! image


  • MaireadbroMaireadbro Posts: 2,300
    I spent the week before my wedding in tears, not sure why but I found it the most stressful time ever.

    Can not understand why people get married more then once (no offence to anyone), it caused me no end of stress!
  • VodkaggirlyVodkaggirly Posts: 721
    Yep, I had a meltdown a few weeks ago. The advice I got was just try and step a way and relax for a bit. My response was a bridezilla "I can't too much to do" but did have an evening off and it made me feel a lot better and put things a bit more in perspective.
  • BennettB2BBennettB2B Posts: 104

    My weddings not until next June and I already have days like this. The decisions that I am having to make is over whelming and all for 1 day. I would recommend booking in for a massage to try and relax and try not to think about the big day 24/7..if only I could take my own advice!

    Goodluck for your big day xx
  • MrsBxMrsBx Posts: 980

    When is the wedding?

    I think it's a long weekend this weekend so how about you have one day when you don't do anything for the wedding at all and give yourself a break. Do something nice with your h2b and remind yourself why you are getting married again and I am sure it will make things a lot easier.

    I am getting married seven weeks tomorrow and my h2b was on the phone getting an address which he should have given me a month ago for an invite to be sent which is meant to be rsvp'd to tomorrow! He said how busy it was with all the wedding things he has on cough cough - he has hardly done anything lol.

  • I had one of those evenings - H2B just looked at me and i burst into tears! He didnt say what was wrong or anything silly like that he just held me and let me cry! Felt very silly but much better after it. When he dried my tears he said "does wanting to marry me make you cry" but in a funny way and then i realised that i loved him even more, he was being great putting up with my silliness and we were both going through the wedding pre-run and jitters in different ways. Professionals say that getting married is i think in the top 5 things of stress causing events so i think meltdowns, tantrums and tears are fully justified - for the bride to be and the groom too!

    Good luck, hope you're felling better soon and keep looking forward to that lovely day you are bound to have.
  • smile99uksmile99uk Posts: 85
    I've loved planning my wedding but this last few days I've felt so worked up about things and it's going to be a stressful weekend this weekend as we have quite a bit of organisational stuff to do. image

    Re. ex- don't go there. You musy have broken up for a reason, you're stressed, your h2b will be stressed (making him less appealing- lol) and you're right we do see the past through rose tinted glasses sometimes.

    Keep going through chick!

  • Yep totally, I have a few months to go and yet I seem to worry constantly that its all going to be ruined by grumpy guests and feuding parents image. Our parents dont get on and are not shy in letting it be known to us how much they dont want to spend the day together. Some of our extended family can be less than tactful and just say really horrid, whiney things and others just moan about every little thing. Throw in a row with a sibling (caused by them not us!) and all in all I am beginning to wish on an almost weekly if not daily basis that we had just gone off the two of us. H2b says it WILL be fine on the day but I just keep on fretting. You are not alone hun I think we pretty much all go through it at some point just hold on to the fact that on the day most brides say that any pre wedding worry melts away on a cloud of wedding day loveliness - fingers crossedimage

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