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I require advice

I require some honest advice from you all. My H2B has decided to wear a big white dress to our wedding and I found out he's shagged half our street, but he loves me and would never cheat on me! My BM has grown an arm out of her forehead and I think she's being such a shellfish about it. How will the photos look? Also, my H2B had a [email protected] from this 3rd forehead arm so seeing on the photos will just be awful. What should I do? imageimageimageimage


  • How dare you attack me MrsS. My H2B is faithful he would never cheat on me.
  • Poor you. I would offer you advice, but that would be a waste of everyone's time so I will stick to telling you how great you are hun/sista/sweetie and that everything is going to be ok. Ignore any negativity that may follow on this thread. Better still, start crying about it and loudly protest that your life is amazing.


    Oh, I forgot to say, I didn't want to read and run.
  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    Oh no hon poor you.

    My advice would be to ignore it all, and carry on living in the bubble you have created for yourself. Everything is ok and everyone smells of roses. You Rock!

    Group hug x
  • At least SOME people were nice. I can't believe you're all so mean to me.
  • Might I suggest that the mods create a 'Burying Your Head in the Sand' Forum?
  • shelleyf30shelleyf30 Posts: 3,971
  • How dare you. I know my H2B so well, in fact I knew him before we even met, moving in together never changed a thing. I knew him before he was a foetus. I love him so much.
  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    Oh and forgot to add, dont listen to CBW, she is well known locally as a witch, and is just looking for another Puti to add to her cauldron, and I think shes got her eye on you....

    According to the locals, shes making a potion that will enable her to take over the YAYW forum, and have her minion followers agree with everthing she says...

    She is evil...

  • I love you Hummo.
  • You're just all so cliquey. It's disgusting. You think you own this forum.
  • 1SmartBride1SmartBride Posts: 1,579
    i don't want to read and run.......but i am going to!! image

  • Mwahahahahahaha. You are so right.
  • cbw your such a bully image

    god i feel like everyones being so mean, you should be telling me how perfect everything will be and how i will live happily ever after imageimage
  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    Ok FSM, enough is enough - why you think I deserved this PM from you, I dont know....


    You think you're so cool.


    I only offered you advice! Youre being bang out of order now. Im reporting you to the mods.

    Im never giving anyone advice anymore.

  • This is what happens in the North, down south that would have never happened... unless of course in brighton, then you'd be probably marrying a drag queen...
  • Quoted:
    i don't want to read and run.......but i am going to
  • Alexa1471Alexa1471 Posts: 1,959

    I too am going to read and run.

  • FSM don't forget to come back all irate with lots of extra information that wasn't in the OP and slag us all off for not being mindreaders.
  • Stop making fun of me CBW. H2B doesn't even have a willy so how could he cheat? We use a strap on when we get intimate.
  • Quoted:
    Stop making fun of me CBW. H2B doesn't even have a willy so how could he cheat? We use a strap on when we get intimate.

    You sure you're NOT in the Brighton area?
  • How dare you. Now you make fun of where I am from. You are all bullies. I just wanted to be told how awesome I am imageimage
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    As FMVS said its clearly a northern issue- wouldnt catch us Essex girls with this problem!

    Have you considered making all your BMs wear veils?
  • I wold have to cut a hole in the veil for the arm image
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Im never giving anyone advice anymore. *****FLOUNCES*******

  • You lot are all so mean, you made me spit out my tea imageimageimage

    Why dont you tie some ribbon around her forehead arm so it matches with your colour scheme? Then she could be your wish tree during your reception!
  • flossycat100flossycat100 Posts: 6,527 New bride
  • OMGnowtheBMhazdecided2getahugetattooofascrotumonthearm.Imsoupset.

    SheadthathandaroundmyH2B'swillynImsoupset. WotshudIdo? ShudIsackhercuzshestartedcryingwenIadagoather4it?ShessuchabitchIhateher.Yourallsomean.WotshudIdoIneedadvice.
  • I think your best bet is to abuse us all and change your name, then change it back, PM us all that you hope we die, and then go and have a shag.
  • Well if you love him so much all you have to do is tell him that if he behaves you will have the arm removed and he can keep it with his special sock under the bed.

    Of course this will suddenly make him faithful and a wonderful father to the 9 other kids he already has.

    The very fact that you are infatuated (sorry, love him ahem) means you can change him and bend him to your will.
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