Have you been scammed recently

Having just read MrsMack2b's thread it struck me just how many scams are out there and forewarning is so useful. I have had two recently ...

One was like MrsMack2b's except it was a photo shoot with Venture. My son bought a shoot as our wedding present and it was only £25. I was asked to pay the £50 deposit too but I refused explaining it was a present. When we got there the shoot was great but then we got the price list...£100 to a staggering £3000. Just a marketing con.

2 weeks ago a man rang saying he was from Microsoft and they had been alerted re a warning from my ISP address and my computer was about to crash. Of course I was suspicious and I asked 'which computer'. He said the newest. He then talked me through to look at something on my computer which would list loads of error messages - all computers do. Its meant to induce panic. Then they try and sell a piece of software to 'cure it'. Last week we got the same call again.

Anyone else got any examples to pre-warn others ?


  • My h2b got a voicemail the other day claiming to be from hsbc bank saying that someone had used his bank details fraudulently and he was to call back on some premium rate number. Fortunately he was suspicious because he has never had any dealings with hsbc and said to me before calling them and I remembered a girl at work had the exact same voicemail and she panicked and called the number straight away it turned out to be a scam, it went straight onto an automated message and she was left on hold for 5 minutes and she was charged £2 a minute until they cut her off! Maybe she was the daft one for falling for it but some people just panic when they hear things like that, I'd love to know how people get away with things like this?! x
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    I've had the same one about there being problems with my computer and we've had it more than once... So annoying! We also had one claiming to be from BT and offering to block unsolicited calls for us. All we had to do for that was confirm our name and address - don't do it! It's identity thieves.

    Oo and I also had a letter last week telling me I'd won £90,000. All I had to do was email all my bank details to Fred Lucas. Yes, like I'm going to do that. Especially considering the spelling mistakes in the letter and the fact it wasn't even printed straight on the paper! Who falls for these things?

    But there are so many scams out there. Much more than there used to be, it seems. So distressing!

    Great thread ezz.
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    Oh Yes Coraapple I get those emails all the time but all for banks I have never used but the wording is plausible. Clearly many people fall for it or else they wouldn't bother to continue....terrible.

    A couple of years ago I had a load of stuff delivered to my address in my name. It was a load of very expensive but tacky shoes but in my size!! They were told to post over the back gate. But I found them and it turned out someone had got stuff out of my bin...now I shread everything.
  • I have been getting emails from Lloydstsb, Halifax and HSBC saying there has been suspicious activity with my account and unless I used the link on the email my account wouldl b suspended and funds lost!!!

    Totally suspicious scamming fcukers!

    Also had a call from a lady last week, apologising that it was her job 2 inform me that my bank owed me money for PPI and late charges (although I've never had either) and that she was sorry she hadn't done this until now!

    Started asking me questions about overdrafts etc, and if I banked with X Y and Z, I said if your calling to tell me that my bank owes me money, shouldn't u know who they are! The line went dead! I suspect I was prob going 2 b asked 2 confirm my bank details so they could give me this money!

    It's awful as people actually fall for these scams! image
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    I had the 'your card has been stolen' email both from my bank and other banks.

    It asked me to fill in a form (with bank details, of course), which I didn't do. Especially since they sent it to an email address i didn't use with the bank. I just fwd everything to the bank and they sorted it out. Haven't received anything since.
  • I also have pretty much daily emails from banks saying my account has been suspended etc, all of which go straight to my junk folder. Also from courier companies saying they have a package for me, but need lots of details to confirm delivery, oh and the tax rebate ones too.
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    I'm TPS registered but apparently they can't do anything about the out of the country calls, so it doesn't help much image
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    I've had the computer one - someone "calling from the computer maintenance department" my a*se. I kind of wanted to keep them on the line because it was making me laugh, but I couldn't think of anything to say! imageimage
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    I put a thread on here a few months ago giving away my wedding dress to a good home.... the so called bride to be who I chose said she would keep in touch and send me photos of her trying it on and when she was married....I have have heard nothing since despite me contacting her via YAYW, FB and email. It just guts me that I tried to find someone in need of it rather than someone who would sell it on etc. I tried to give it to the local charity shop but they wouldn't accept it as they already had a few in and they struggle for room. I looked at charities that send them abroad and it was going to cost me an extortionate amount to get it to them (as well as donate the never worn dress!!).

    feeling a bit s5itty about it as not sure what I expected but an email is not much eh? image
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    yes she got married last month and shes had the dress since July image I appreciate the fact that she could have been busy with wedding prep as I got married in July and know how much it can take up your time, but an email doesn't take that long lol!
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    I am just being mardy because I am nine months pregnant and feeling the strain lol. At the end of the day there is nothing I can do about it, I just feel a plum for being taken in. Another bride on here did say about karma, which I do believe in. If she has got married and just can't be 4ssed to contact me then I hope she had a fantastic day.

    I will wind my neck in now ha ha x
  • Yes I've had most of these. Your banks would neveremail you & ask for personal details. I also have had emails from "ebay" telling me to put my details in etc again they wouldnt do this.

    Ezz I had the microsoft phone call & was instantly alerted as my mum had had the same call 2 days before. I had microsoft apparently ring back! (oh microsoft would not ring by the way i have been informed as they don't deal with internet things) also had a call from morgan computers with the same thing! FInal straw was apparenlt HM customs database ringing to inform me that i was owed £4129! & i just needed to confirm my daughters details (who is 3 years old!)

    I signed up with the telephone preference service (TPS also it's free & can be done online) shortly after as i was fed up with these calls. I takes around 28 days to go in the system but cold calls are not allowed to contact you after you have registered. I'm probably doing my self out of a job now as i work for a charity & i sometimes have to cold call people, but when they ask how to stop i do tell them about TPS.
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    I'm really glad my bad experience which I wrote about on here the other day is going to come to some good and help others protect themselves!

    I read in a magazine this morning about a lady who was at the cash point withdrawing money, and a man dressed in a smart suit came up behind her and said she'd dropped a £10 note on the floor. She almost bent down to pick it up, but then remembered that a few days previous this had happened to her partner and the man in the suit took his card and the cash that was coming out of the machine!!

    It's so sad that there are people out there that will do these kind of things and innocent people have to keep their wits about them!
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    I get those emails as well, also the ones saying I am stuck in such and such a place, have no money etc and need to get home. Can you send me some money and I will pay you back at a later date. I hope no one falls for these ones.

    I was scammed once, a lady came to my house one evening sayinf she lived down the road, run out of electricity and needed £10 to buy some until her OH came home and could re pay me. The sucker I am I gave in to try and do something nice / help someone in need. Did I see that £10 again. Of course not. image
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    MrsRudders I remember your lovely email and kind offer to help those brides out there who might be struggling. I agree that it is very rude indeed to receive such a lovely gesture and not bother getting back in touch! What a shame. It was still a lovely thing for you to do though x
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    I have just looked on FB and she has changed her name to her married name so is definately married and its a picture of her wedding and shes not wearing the dress? So I guess maybe shes feeling awkward about it and rather than just say actually I didn't wear it shes just avoiding my emails. Not to worry,one of those things I suppose. Although the sad thing is now I wouldn't do anything like that again, whilst it was only hanging in my wardrobe doing nothing my parents paid £600 for it so I feel a little foolish for letting it go, I should have held out and found a charity that WOULD take it rather than shrugging me off.
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I have just looked on FB and she has changed her name to her married name so is definately married and its a picture of her wedding and shes not wearing the dress? So I guess maybe shes feeling awkward about it and rather than just say actually I didn't wear it shes just avoiding my emails. Not to worry,one of those things I suppose. Although the sad thing is now I wouldn't do anything like that again, whilst it was only hanging in my wardrobe doing nothing my parents paid £600 for it so I feel a little foolish for letting it go, I should have held out and found a charity that WOULD take it rather than shrugging me off.

    Why don't you send her a message on Facebook saying something like 'congratulations on your wedding, how comes you didnt wear my dress?'

    Then you may get some answers finally!
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    thanks Girls. I think I am expecting too much really after all I did give her the dress, its not like I can hold her to ransom to wear it can I!! Lets hope she passes it on to someone who can use it thats all. I am trying to be positive now, after all shes only going to say I didn't wear it cos of ... it is her choice after all. I am just a bit razzed off, I hope she didn't sell it to fund her wedding but then again I suppose once its out of my hands its out of my control and up to her. I am going to put it all to the back of my mind now (well at least try) and concentrate on the fact that I TRIED to help a bride in need image
  • Hi

    I had 2 recently one was PPI Pay back in Manchester, I google searched the number and a site called who called me showed there no - you basically type in the no of the person who called you and if others are getting the same thing there is a thread with comments on their experiences - doesn't always help but in this case allowed me to see it was a scam and ignore the calls.

    2nd one was from the Inland Revenue London Collection Office, they called me but before they could tell me what it was about they needed me to tell them personal info as security - I didn't give any but told them they obviously have my details so they can send me a letter- he said one would go in the post that day and that was a week ago - nothing so far - spoke to HMRC and they checked my details and nothng is owed so looks like a scam.

    Hate scammers!
  • I have had 3 people ringing with your computer is showing an error this week...its driving me mad !!
  • Well...I've had someone call claiming to be BT and saying we owed them x amount of line rental, if i didn't pay now I'd be cut off. I said i was with talktalk and didnt owe bt anything. he then went on about how the line rental was with bt and that it was them that we owed etc etc. He even pressed the hold button to try and make me believe he'd temporarily cut me off. Just told him hat i'd ring talk talk and if they cut me off so be it, there are such things as mobile phones. He eventually gave up..so far we haven't been cut off! Unfortunately, the vulnerable fall for it.

    My nan also received a letter from someone who apparently worked at a bank and she was writting to her on the sly to tell her that a long lost relative had died and my nan was entitled to the inheritence but only if she wrote back to this lady with all her bank details! It was shocking with things like "I joke you not, please please beelive me. I wont you to have this muhney" lol image
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