Venue in administration - advice wanted!

Hello girls,

i just wanted a bit of advice, maybe from any other brides who have/are in the same boat..

Our wedding is booked for 28th dec 2012 and the venue we have on hold is in administartion - no idea why I've only just found out, but it has been since august last year. I've contacted them and they've said not to worry, business as usual etc, but obviously I am, and I don't understand how they can say (quoted) 'your wedding is completely safe'.

Has anyone else been in this position? We have another venue in mind which i don't love as much, and is about £1000 more expensive and would mean changing the date to the thursday.

Im just wondering whether to play it safe and try and save more money for venue no.2 or risk it? My partner wants option 2 as he feels 'there is a black cloud over aston hall' haha. I told him, there's only room for one melodramatic person in this relationship!!

Thanks for reading


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    Eek. I personally wouldn't trust the venue that was in administration as December 2012 is a long way away (I'm your fellow 28.12.2012 bride), and they could totally go tits up for them in the next 14 months. Even if you take out insurance to protect against it going wrong, they could close down or cancel te day before and all your planning could go down the drain.

    But if you're not 100% set on the other venue, I'd keep looking!
  • Absolutely look elsewhere. This happened to a venue near where we're getting married and all the brides were told not to worry that it would all be fine etc and then got cancelled. Do not cross your fingers and hope for the best!

    Can't remember the ladies name but there was a similar story on here a few months back and the bride lost a lot of money.
  • yeah I agree, i feel like we need to write off our original venue. They have a wedding fayre this sunday - we were going to pay our deposit then - so i might still go and see what they say, but we're viewing venue 2 tonight so will see what it's like. i've been before and it is lovely, the only thing is that it doesn't have the long drive which gives venue one the wow factor! I know it's a silly detail! Plus it costs more, which we'll just have to deal with. The others in the area insist on you having a full 3 course wedding breakfast which we can't afford, or are more 'pub' type venues, which would be fine, but aren't what I want!

  • Just seen this abbylovescakes - yeah, it's not worth it, is it?

    Plus you like cake too so I feel you have good advice

  • Personally I would try and find another venue just for peace of mind, you don't want to worry for the next year that the venue will close, and even if it stays open things may dramatically change ( catering, what the package includes etc) and there may be nothing you can do. Obviously the venue will tell you it's all ok as they need your business but can you trust them?
  • You can;t trust anybody that just want your money! haha.

    I just hope venue 2 reassures me. And that the church will have us on the 27th!

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    Ooh definitely find somewhere else! Especially if you haven't parted with any cash yet. The last thing you need is the worry of what might happen hanging over you like a cloud for the next year. I feel sorry for the venue but in the end they will only do what's right for them, and if it comes to the crunch they won't compromise themselves just to honour a wedding booking. I'm glad you haven't paid anything yet- if you did, you'd run the risk of that money disappearing and going to one of their creditors. In your shoes I'd definitely look for a place which can offer you more peace of mind and remove the potential stress x
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    Wow this is such a shame. I've heard of this happening and the new owners of the venue simply kept all the bookings and the venue was actually made better due to better management etc. However, it could all go the other way and the last thing you want is to be worrying right up until the last moment in case it gets cancelled. If I were you I think I'd look elsewhere, although it will be tough since you've fallen for your venue. If you haven't already got insurance I think it's too late, the fact that you now know they've gone into adminitration means that you will find it hard to get wedding insurance (think of it as insuring your house after it goes on fire - it wouldn't be allowed). One bit of advice though, if you do move on to another venue never check back with your old one. It will be very upsetting if you find out they are still doing weddings by the time your date comes around as you might wish you had stuck, although you might find an even better venue! Also remember, any venue could go into administration at any time, so there is no guarantee. Check your contract, technically you might be able to get all deposits back since there has been a change in circumstance which is out of your control. However, if they are assuring you your wedding is still on they might argue that you lose deposits if you decide to leave them. Hope you manage to sort this soon, it's such a shame, I really feel for you. Good luck.

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    DO NOT DO IT. Please. I was in this situation. I had to cancel 52 weddings back in 2008-2009 because the company went into administration. As far as I'm aware, the couples got no money back. We ran a couple of weddings who could afford (no idea how) to pay in cash on the day to pay staff (me included) and for food.

    During this time I was working unpaid for around two months with the promise that the new company would take on all staff and the entire order book - when they realised what needed doing to make the venue viable again (ie. paying £750,000 to get clear an asbestos-ridden basement) they decided they wouldn't take on the order book or the staff. I did get some of my pay back, anyway I'm ranting now.

    There was a time before the administration was announced where, obviously, rumours were going around and we were telling people their weddings were safe, absolutely fine, nothing to worry about and they were complete lies (though we weren't aware of this at the time) and I still feel SO guilty about it now even though it wasn't my fault!

    They will get you to cough up a probably bigger-than-normal deposit because it'll keep the heating or lighting on for another day, okay, so it might not be as bad we got but I'd steer you to keep out it!

    I urge you to look elsewhere, for your own peace of mind.

    Good luck!!!!

    ETA - even if communication is kept and all seems well and good, it might you turn up on your wedding day and the door is locked (yes, unfortunately this happened as well, though only for a conference rather than a wedding) and nobody's in or contactable.
  • As you've still got over a year I'd try and find somewhere else and if you haven't already take wedding insurance out. Even if the venue does all work out everything from the room colours, gardens and menus could change significantly under new management and it's not worth the risk.
  • Hey hun, me and H2B were going to go with aston hall, and although I love my venue now, I really wanted to do it there but h2b wasn't happy about it being in administration. However, they did tell us that the money we would have put in for the wedding was literally put to one side specifically for the wedding, and not just fed into the business, as some businesses do, and therefore if anything was to happen, or the premises swap hands then the money is still there. But its really up to the two of you whether you feel comfortable with this or not x
  • Oh dear that does sound awful. Right, you've convinced me. The venue will be put out of our heads! Good advice too about forgetting about it - last thing i want to know is that it's better than ever on our wedding day!

    I am gutted though. And as you say, it could happen with the new venue! but that's what insurance is for though I suppose.

    We've checked and the church will marry us on the 27th so if we like the venue tonight we'll probably go for it. I've been before and do think it's lovely inside, but now I'm worried about it being on a thursday and people getting time off work. Though it is near where we live so it's not like there are loads of guests that will need to book thurs and fri off. Plus it's over xmas so more people may be off anyway, and i'll give people lots of time to book days off by sending out invitations quite early..

    somebody reassure me that thursday is ok to get married!!! image


    And thanks all for your good advice!
  • MrsLeonard, where are you going for now?xx
  • MrsStonetobeMrsStonetobe Posts: 1,136
    I'm getting married on a Thursday in August image Totally good - plus you can make a long weekend of it image I think it's the best day to get married personally image
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Thursday is definitely fine!!! I expect a lot of people will have the time off anyway!

    But you are no longer my date twin image
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    I think you are doing the right thing.

    We were going to go for a venue that we found was going to be sold - but it was ok as it was being kept as a wedding venue. It didn't bother me until I was talking to someone about our wedding (ironically enough at a wedding). She informed me she had booked hers for the same venue and 3 months before got a phone call saying new owners had cancelled all weddings for refurbs. Her grand country hall venue gone, the only place she could get at short notice was a conference place - she obviously had a lovely day, but her "theme" wasn't exactly as she had planned and some things she had to cancel (outdoor games etc) because they couldn't accommodate them at her new venue. Apparently this particular venue (not one of yours!) has a habit of loosing money, being sold, new people can't afford the refurbs and sell it again. I didn't want to take the risk!

    With regards to Thursday I wouldn't worry - I have been to a few Thursday weddings, and being as your is over Christmas most people will be off anyway. Besides, if people don't want to use holidays to go to your wedding then they don't deserve to be there! Whatever day you have it there will always be people who struggle (we have a few friends who run their own business and any day is a bad day, and also a Dr who struggles to commit to anything due to work).

    Don't worry honey, like MrsMack2Be I'm gutted we won't be date triplets anymore, but you can still be an honorary member!x
  • Agreed with all of the above posts, dont trust them and look for another venue and dont look back, this is one of the biggest days of your life and you dont want it to be ruinned by all the worrying leading up to the wedding x

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    Thursday is fine! and like you said its around xmas time too, day after boxing day! Loads of people take those days off inbetween xmas and new years!! I think you have made a great choice with not going with the first venue, you won't be able to relax thinking that you might not have a venue to hold your wedding!!! Wedding planning can be stressful enough!!

    Good luck and I hope that you love your new venue even more! Let us know how it goes!!!
  • We are now having it at waterton park hotel in wakefield, Its beautiful, and not too far to travel really. Although aston is beautiful, the drive down to waterton is amazing, as it is set in the grounds of a golf club, you should have a look if thats one of the things you loved about aston, they also have two buildings, we are going with the old hotel section which is on the island in the lake x
  • Thanks for all your advice girls! We went to see the other venue last night and it's absolutely gorgeous inside, it already has huge crystal chandeliers and drapes on the walls so won't need lots of decorating, plus it will be exclusively ours on the day. The only downside is the price!!! It is more than we had budgeted, but I reckon if we are really careful we might manage it without much debt..fingers crossed!

    I need a 27/12/12 date twin now, but glad i'm still an honorary member image

  • HI Amy, is this Aston Hall in Sheffield? x x x
  • Yes MrsT. HAd you looked into it?

  • Yes this was on our shortlist of 2 places, wow I'm so glad we'd not booked it as they never told us this when we were looking! I'm so sorry about your situation Amy but I'd def go with the other venue.........I'm guessing this is Hotel Van Dyk? x x x
  • yes, how did you know?! where did you choose in the end? xx
  • Van Dyk!!! imageimageimage

    So were venue buddies!!

    How strange what a small world, it is a beautiful wedding venue though they have spent over 1 million on it in the last 2 years (my ex used to run it with his family before they sold it to the now owners, v weird!). Where are you from Amy?

    x x x
  • haha! yes it is very beautiful. I want to see all your pictures when you get married please! Are you getting married there?

    I live in killamarsh and we're getting married in st giles church, then going to van dyks for drinks/canapes then straight into an evening do with buffet. We're having alot of guests so a full wedding breakfast isn't feasible. What about you?

  • mmmmm I know someone marrying at Aston Hall the week before mine. Should I tell her all this, or will it cause extra stress?
  • Quoted:
    haha! yes it is very beautiful. I want to see all your pictures when you get married please! Are you getting married there? I live in killamarsh and we're getting married in st giles church, then going to van dyks for drinks/canapes then straight into an evening do with buffet. We're having alot of guests so a full wedding breakfast isn't feasible. What about you? xx

    Oh so your not far from me then, we live in Tapton and we'd looked all over the place before we looked at Van Dykes and it's only up the road from us!! They had done it up to such a high spec, it kind of swung it for us because the room is so beautifully decorated we don't need to spend loads of money on that.

    We get married at St Barts in Old Whittington then Van Dyk for the reception - we're having canapes/welcome drinks then wedding breakfast and evening BBQ, I'm so excited just wanted to make a full day of it to be honest!!

    And will def put you some pictures up so you can see it on a wedding day set up, I'm a bit worried as never seen any pictures from a wedding there image

    What date do you get married Amy? x x x
  • Jobean - I'd probably tell her you know because if for some reason she hasn't thought of insurance then she could really do with getting some!! This is a hard one but I think telling her would be better in the long run image x x x
  • Yeah i'd rather know. Maybe she already does but they've convinced her it will be safe? I was going to still go to their wedding fayre this weekend but don't think I will cos I would probably get convinced that a booking would be safe!!
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