I'm totally gutted!!

We had a meeting with our landlord today and he has informed us that he plans to sell the property we live in early next year, however our wedding is in May and we can't afford to do both, obviously a new home is far more important so the wedding has had to be postponed by a year as the venue which we love is fully booked next year, they are happy to do this, but we were so close that everything has been booked and on Monday (as H2B is off to afgan on sat) I have to call everyone and hope they can just change the date or hold things for us, it means we will have more funds for lots of things both to do with the wedding and other non wedding related things that we need, we will also be able to have a honeymoon.

I'm so upset and people seem to be upset for us but im so angry it has had to happen now!!

Has anyone else had this happen to them?


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    Did you landlord ask you to move out so he can show the property vacant? Or can you still live there until it's sold? As if thats the case it may be on the market a while and surely he'd want paying tennants in until then? (My mums house took over a year to sell, and that was an immaculate house in a fab location, but people kept droping out of the chain etc)

    Maybe its worth looking at your sums and seeing if you could afford both, as I know the usual of paying a bond and 1st months rent upfront is a pain, but if you've already paid a bond against the property you're in now at least you should get that back. Possibly you could look at cutting back on a few wedding bits, having home made wedding cake etc
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    It was before we got engaged, but our landlord decided to sell our flat when we were living there and I know how disruptive it is (particularly when the estate agents decided to bring some prospective buyers round to view the flat at 9:30am on a Saturday morning without actually telling us!).

    Will it really cost you a lot of money to move? Will you not get a deposit back from your current place? Just curious as moving from flat to flat ended up leaving us with about the same amount of money as we had before in the past. Or are you buying? In which case yes, it's probably best to delay the wedding as we were skint immediately after we bought ours! image
  • Our flat has been on the market for 2 1/2 years (the landlord put it on 6 months after we moved in). There have been quite a few viewings but it doesn't lead anywhere. We get married in January and are planning on moving a few months after that. I wouldn't worry too much at this stage - the state of the housing market is crap at the moment so things aren't selling anyway!
  • Moving doesn't have to cost loads (take it from someone who has moved TWELVE(!) times in the last decade). I know it's hard scraping a deposit together but remember you get the old one back. Apart from that I guess the main thing is getting a van hired, but could a few friends or relatives with cars help?
  • what about married quarters for after the wedding?
  • If you're moving from a rented property to another rented property how will it cost you so much you can't get married? image As others have said, any new deposit you'll get back from your current landlord so although you might be out of pocket for a short while it won't be forever?
  • Bit confused by this, as surely you will get your deposit back from your existing place - yes it can take a while to come through but could you not just use savings for wedding or borrow the money from parents to pay the new deposit and then pay it back/put it back in wedding fund when you get deposit back from your current place? I dont really see how this situation has to result in you postponing your wedding? What happens if the same thing happens again?? image

    Hope you get it sorted!
  • Quoted:
    but it was a nightmare as neither of us wanted to move let alone shell out thousands in fees again

    Thousands on fees on a rented property? image What kind of fees on a rented place cost thousands? I rented for years and fees were never, ever that much, where do you live??
  • Presumably means thousands in deposit and rent upfront?
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    Hi all

    We have spoken about it in great length over the last 2 days and we just cannot see any other way image

    The rental market for our area for a 4 bed house which is what we will need with 3 children is around £750-£900 per month and with a deposit of around £1700 plus fee's and no contingency fund we juust do not have the spare cash before the wedding to move.

    We are aware that our landlord may allow us to stay while the house sells and we are also are aware that it could take months too, however again we have no contingency if he does sell or wont allow us to stay.

    The house has a slight damp issue too which the landlord has been reluctant to sort out he is only really bothered about the rent payments not really the up keep, we have done most of that improving the house and gardens in the 3 years I have been here.

    So because of this "what if" and with no contingency a home has to be the priority.

    So monday I have the wonderful job of calling all of our suppliers to see if we can change the wedding date
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    As for our deposit that we paid on the current house, we would not get this back until after we had moved out anyway and would not be anything like the new deposit we would have to pay
  • Why not move into MQs as a temporary measure? You can move in upto 6 months before your wedding. And if you have kids they have to find you a house big enough xx
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    We would if we could but we can't, H2B has left the RAF not by choice I may add he was totally gutted (governments cuts!) and failure to get a job here means he has taken a job working in afgan for 3 months home for 3 weeks as the money is so good, he left yesterday

    Last week was horrid if i'm honest, it started out okay but by Tuesday my nan who is approaching 92ish told my dad that I had called my cousin (who i never call) and basically called my nan all the names under the sun etc, a few OMG phone calls later and a generally talk with some member of the family and it turns out that she has said other things and my aunt is taking her to see the Dr as we think she may have dementure! Then the bomb shell Wednesday evening that h2b was off on Saturday to afgan, then Thursday the bombshell about the landlord selling the house, then friday h2b had a call from his brother who the day prior had just returned from afgan himself he is in the RAF still and informed h2b that the area h2b is going is a lot worse than either of us had expected.

    I just dont think i can take anymore, its my eldests birthday today and my ex (their father) is a bit of a morone and has chosen that after running off with his floosey and messing the children about, to walk away from them, this is the second birthday this year he hasnt bothered with and after 10years you would just think he would behave better

    anyway I dont think I could cope with everything else, let alone having my landlord give me 30 days notice a month before the wedding image
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