can someone help me desperate

I am losing it here found out the man I love has been on dating sites and has finished with me,totally gutted ihave just read all the messages to girls,have guessed his password


  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336
    This is awful!

    What's he playing at?

    Why has he finished with you, surly it should've been the other way round if anything?

    You poor thing.

    Do you have friends close by to help you out?

  • This happened to me once. I know it feels like there is no hope and everything has crashed in around you, but looking back some 7 years later, it was the best thing which ever happened to me. I 'grieved' for some time before realising what a lucky escape I had had.

    If he is doing it to you now he won't stop, or grow out of it. It took some time, and the support of some really wonderful friends and family, but I am so much better off now. Trust me, once the raw pain has subsided and you have come through the huge shock of it all, you will realise this too.

    PM me if you want to talk about it- I know exactly how it feels, trust me x
  • No i am here myself,never saw this coming,
  • Is this the same man you were considering marrying (your 3rd marriage) or is this your ex?

    More background would help people give more advice.

    Based on your previous post, I believe your ex also cheated.. this is just horrible image

    Maybe you should see a counselor. They are great at bringing up issues and making you think hard about your choices...

    Both my exes cheated on me, and there were loads of signs which at the time meant nothing, or I didn't see (or didn't want to see and brushed away)

    as flossy I've been through this so feel free to PM if you need a chat xx
  • Based on your previous posts all I can say is, at least you had not invested years on this man - you have not been together long. You got through the last husband cheating, and the death of the one before, so clearly you are strong enough to deal with trauma. Keep people around you to support you.
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    Havent really got anything extra to add to what everyone has already said but I hope youre ok xx
  • As awful as this situation is, at least you have found this out now and not once you are married.

    Sending you a big hug

  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    what a terrible situation to be in!!

    hope you are ok
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