Sad news

A few months ago my fiance lost his dad suddenly and at a fairly early age. The day after the funeral my fiance's sister had a baby at 28 weeks (they said she was lucky to get to this point). Baby was born at 1lb 10oz and was doing well. He was becoming more alert and grew to 5lb 4oz. He was still in hospital but it was very positive.

But it turns out his lungs werent developed enough and sadly he passed away this week, very suddenly.

It is so sad that the family has lost two members of the family - its so tragic.

My fiance said yesterday that 'someone doesnt like him' meaning thats why things have been so rough recently. There isnt much I can say to him to make him feel better.

He has been helping his sister loads and has paid for them to go away for christmas (their choice so that they get a change of scenery).

Im just hoping next year is a lot happier - it should be as we get married then but I hope everything calms down for him, his mum and also his sister and bro in law



  • So sorry to hear this Missfizz- I can only imagine what your H2B's family is going through. It is such a shame for the little one to have done so well, only to not make it after such a struggle.

    I think your H2B has done a wonderful thing in paying for his sister to go and clear her head elsewhere- he sounds like a lovely guy and very practical too. I guess all you can do is remind him of this and try to keep him focused on making 2012 a wonderful year for you both, and especially for his family. Is there something appropriate you can do to include his dad and the baby on your wedding day, so he feels like he is doing what he can to honour their memory? A lot of the ladies on here have some cracking ideas, like having photos on one of your tables with a quick note reminding people to take a moment to remember them, or perhaps incoroporating photos in your bouquet or something.

    Good luck to you both and I hope despite everything you can have a nice Christmas together x
  • I'm so sorry - I don't have anything useful to say, but my heart goes out to you. xx
  • What a terrible time for your h2b and his family.

    This is very sad and very difficult to add anything positive. You can only be there for him and hope that this terrible time will pass.
  • wifey83wifey83 Posts: 151
    This is really sad, I am not sure what to say apart from that I really feel for you all at the moment. I guess you just have to continue to be there to support them all through this terrible time. My thoughts are with you! xxx
  • My H2B's mum died earlier this year, she was only 56, she was diagnosed with cancer and within 3 months she was gone. We get married in March and I know its going to be really hard without her. my thoughts are with you all.

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