Any good makeup artists Newcastle area

Hey there

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good makeup artist in the Newcastle area. I

Would be ever so grateful of any leads. I live in London but am marrying up in Newcastle so don't really have access to local info. Also any help with regards to a cake maker.?

Thank you

Helen x


  • FutureMrsDobsonFutureMrsDobson Posts: 1,139
    the only ones I know of are Vikki Johnston and Louise Lunn, should pop up if you google them.Not sure what theyre like as Ive never used them myself.Hope this helps a bit but tbh im looking at a career in makeup and im from Newcastle so im interested to watch this like and find out how much of a market there is in the area! good luck! xxx
  • Thank you FMD thats great of you. I have tried to get Louise Lunn, she looks really good and has a great CV but she's on holiday when I get married. I will look at the other suggestion today.

    Living in London there is such a choice but there is a really small selection in the North East. I think you'd do really well in the market as there is a total gap. Especially if you market yourself well. If you are clever investing in a good website, especially as this is currently, other than word of mouth where people find these sort of things for their wedding. I may have to spend a fortune bringing someone up from London but would do this to get the right person. If only you were out there now. You would go down a storm. I sure will watch this space and wish you well with your wedding and your future career.

  • FutureMrsDobsonFutureMrsDobson Posts: 1,139
    thats very kind of you thanks! unfortunately im only starting my training in september but iv wanted to do it for years so im planning ahead.May I ask when your wedding is? just as I might find someone through my course when I
  • Of course. I'm getting married on December 29 2007 in Newcastle at Jesmond Dene House. What about you?

    I think beauty is such a good career to go into. My fiance's dad does hair and makeup in TV and film and has a fantastic time doing lots of interesting things. There is such scope now . He also does brides but in the South West. He is doing my hair as he's amazing but thought should get someone else to do my makeup as don't want to have him working the whole day of his son's wedding.

  • FutureMrsDobsonFutureMrsDobson Posts: 1,139
    oh jesmond dene is beautiful, I used to collect conkers there when I was small.Happy memories.

    Well if I meet anyone i'll let you know but it'd probably be too short notice.I can understand you not wanting him to do it all but how handy just in case!

    Lucky him as well, im more inclinded to want to do fashion makeup but tv and film would be amazing too.

    I was actually considering doing a wedding planning and bridal makeup service as a business as im really enjoying my own wedding planning and if either didnt take off id have another setup ready.Me and h2b said we can discuss it after we've sorted the mortgage and wedding out! lol

    Im newly engaged but we are planning to have the wedding in 2010, wish it was sooner but we really cant afford it in the next 2 years and I dont want to settle for anything less than my dream.Its good in a way coz I get extra time to plan! i enjoying it so much!

  • purplepunkukpurplepunkuk Posts: 3,187
    Hi Helen

    I am using Tracey is based near Sunderland at the moment at is mobile!! She is travelling to Darlington for my wedding!!! I have had a trial with her and was really chuffed with my makeup & hair!!

    Sian x x x x
  • hi helen, ive just had my hair n makeup trial 2day with a girl called marissa she is from sunderland. a lovely young friendly girl,who is very helpful and good fun to be around she makes u feel so comfortable u 4get about evrythin else wots happenin! my hair n makeup was beautiful. so pleased with her work!! email me if u would like her number!!! helen x
  • hi its helen again!! marissas website is
  • Hi Helen, I am already booked for that date but you could try Ema from mobilebeauty. She is doing my make-up for my wedding next year. She is the only person that has done my make-up and i have liked it. I know my hands will be shaking too much on the wedding morning to do my own. I get the shakes just thinking about it image

    Tracey x
  • JerriJerri Posts: 1

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