group hug with FSM and CBW!!! come on everyone join in!!!


i have been a poster on here only a short while but a follower for some years....

i think its time we all agree that different opinions are what makes the forum worthwhile and that we all need to chill out and not take things so personal!

i for one like the fb page and also like this forum as i like to get different opinions and ideas and i think the forum would be a less productive place without people who say what the think regardless.

GROUP HUG!!!!!!!


  • Li1736Li1736 Posts: 324
    Are you asking me to stop complaining or bring rhetorical? I didn't think

    I was complaining image
  • Hugs to them image they're two of my fav ladies on here and I love them x
  • clareygbclareygb Posts: 201
    Gladly joining in this group hug. I loiter on here, sbw and the fb group - quite happily! Never considered comments too harsh - perfectly honest in my eyes! image

    We all know we can't control how people react, and equally we all know that posting online will always result in a full spectrum of comments, so when we post we should accept that we'll get comments we agree with and comments we don't.

    And that is the gospel according to me! imageimage
  • doorstopperdoorstopper Posts: 1,674
    Duly joined! image Didn't think the comments on the FB group were fair at all and I see a lot more horrible comments directed towards CBW and FSM than the other way round... image
  • Count me in. Certain people are very easily targeted, usually by new members who don't fully 'get' this forum, or the genuinely hard-of-understanding.
  • Not on fb so no clue if I have been slagged off but if I was I can honestly say I do not care.
  • Oh blah It's SSDD!!!! Stop attention seeking
  • Quoted:
    Oh blah It's SSDD!!!! Stop attention seeking

    I love you Mou, you make me happy and make the world a more joyful place to be image xx
  • Li1736Li1736 Posts: 324
    Excuse me?
  • I think what she means is, one minute there is an I hate CBW thread, then there is an I love CBW so stop slagging her thread. You could take out my name and shove in a few others. It does get a bit samey.
  • Li1736Li1736 Posts: 324
    This thread was in direct response to a thread that "attacked" you both is all. I'm sure there are plenty other people as u say but this thread was just a tongue in cheek way of trying to stop the ridiculous argument
  • Good God this site is sometimes so weird ...I loose track of who is whose friend and who is attacking who and on which site/forum/media.

    Never mind group hugs about a strong dose of growing up and treating each other with respect and smidgen of kindness??
  • Li1736Li1736 Posts: 324
    ok this could go on and on and on and on!!!

    so, my final post will be -

    i am very sorry if i offended anyone in this post. it was meant to be a lighthearted, tongue in cheek way of breaking up the situation of a few days ago - thats all. was not meant to be attention seeking, to single people out, or cause arguments. i neither love nor hate anyone on this site

    i have now learnt my lesson with this forum and wish you all well with wedding planning/marriages
  • I wasn't offended!
  • Nor me.
  • HummoHummo Posts: 2,115
    I was.

  • ;) Hummo. We all know you're a sensitive little flower.
  • Bloody typical your royal Hummoness. image
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    Joining in the hugs! image
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