Wedding dress problems :-(

Hi hope all your planning is going well

I went for my first fitting today and couldn't be more upset when I tried the sample dress on it was perfect and though that was what I was getting when I tried MY dress on it was far to short at the front I have low heels as it and it you could see the shoes and netting underneath image I also then noticed that so of the beading was lose and actually lost a couple of beads its not a cheap dress at £1799

Has anyone else had any problems like this that have turned out to have a happy ending??

Thanks x


  • P.s I didn't mean to put this under emotional support x
  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    That's terrible!! What an anti-climax!

    I went in to pay the balance on my dress and asked to see it as was still thinking about adding a vintage brooch to it. When they took it out the bag it had a massive thread pull in it - no one had even checked it so it had to be sent back.

    If your not happy with it maybe see if the shop can get another one rushed through - especially if your not happy with the quality of the bead work.
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    It's a lot of money, so definitely express your concerns. I'd ask to compare it to the original sample if they still have it and compare the length of the dress. If you needed a longer length, then that was the responsibility of the shop and they need to sort it. Have you got a different underskirt on with it? This can make the dress shorter.
  • Hi thank you for your replies

    It seams no where checks the dresses before they are shown to you!! Jefnur hope yours was sorted I did express my concerns after going back with my mum half hor later and the seamstress said she would sort it an pd have reported it to head office about the missing beads!

    I have now collected the pictures of the sample I tried on and my own and there is such a difference!

    I know have to wait to see what they have come up with in two weeks (2 1/2 weeks before my wedding) so am panicking big time

    Thanks again xxx
  • Can I just say that you need to be very assertive in this situation and take no nonsense from them. I had a nightmare with my dress. It arrived in the january for my august wedding and it needed all sorts doing it which they were told about straight away. I went for four more fittings and each time the work had not been done. It ended up with the day before I was supposed to pick my dress up alterations were still not done. In the end i had to tell the owner off. It was sorted but I wnet through 6 months of stress and ended up feeling sick every time i tried the dress on. Try to be very clear about your expectations and don't let them fob you off is my advice. I would tell themyou wnat it sorting by next week and no later. If it's something the seamstress is attending to they should be able to do that in a week. Although I cant really see what they can do about the length of it? What are they planning on doing to sort that bit out?
  • Thank you for your reply,

    Yes my mum had to come in an hour after to be assertive for me!! Thank you I will be getting on to them next week (or mum will loll) regarding the length it has a lot of ruffles and the hem kind of tucks under so they can (apparently) let in down and put a panel in under the hem???? Please keep fingers crossed for me!!

    Thanks again for your advice it's much appreciated image x
  • As others have said, stay assertive and remember you are the customer and you're paying a lot of money for their services!!!

    I wouldn't be happy with them lengthening the dress tbh - surely they've ordered the incorrect length and should order you a new one in the right length? That's their mistake, not yours, I'd push for a new one to be ordered, they took your measurements in the first place so it's their responsibility
  • I have been on the phone to them today with now totally different issues! No flexibility or my bridesmaids who all work full time or have kids or both which on the agreement I purchased from them is that they would be arghhh!! 4.5 weeks til I get married!!! Argh stress!! I did however follow your advice and was assertive with them til I got what I wanted so hopefully will work with the dress!!

    Fingers crossed thanks for all replies x
  • Hi, what happened in the end with your dress? I am asking because I am also having a problem with my dress now and like you I wasn't confdent enought to tell them I wasn't happy. I had the fitting last night and today I went to the shop to talk to the owner (I've been dealing with her from the start). They said she will be there tomorrow but apparently the sample dress is no longer there, though I have photos (same dress, different shop), so I hope this will help me prove to them I'm not getting a dress of the quality of the sample. I would really be grateful if you could tell me how things went for you in the end. x

  • i am also having issues with my dress and with only 3 and half weeks to go i am stressing out!

    I got my dress made for me and gave them all my dimensions but when it arrived it was way to nig (about 2 sizes too big) i have since had it taken in but the dressmaker lifted the dress up too much before taking in, so now it doesnt have the low neck and backline that i fell in love with. it also sit very wierd around my stomach and makes me look very pregnant. unfortunately i dont live in the same towm as my dressmaker to take it back and gets it fixed. i am currenty trying to find someone to help....

  • We are having problems with my daughters dress 5 weeks before her wedding.  We found her dream dress in 2013 and decided it was "the one" the dress shop measured her and decided a size 12 would be ok, the dress she tried on was a size 14 and a tiny bit too big, I said at the time that it would be best to order the 14 and if she put any. More weight on it could be taken in but the wedding dress shop assistant was adamant the 12 would be ok as they "are big sizes", the dress has now come into the shop 5 weeks before her big day and it is too small !!!!!! The size 14 sample dress fits perfect and she is having to have it even though there are pulls and a small rip in the lace, the shop have said they will get the repairs done and after a moan at them they offered to get the dress cleaned ( originally they said they'd wipe it down with a baby wipe!). We have been offered no money back.

    also we have had to drop a bridesmaid after she stole from my daughter, we let the ahop know ASAP and we have still had to pay for her dress as they said the suppliers don't accept returns ! is this right ? 

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