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stress levels up already?????

just need to vent off a bit of steam!!!  we are getting married is september and up to now iv been quite organised and stress free but everything seems to be going pear shaped! my OH has been out of work for 3 months which has been stresful in itself with xmas coming up too but he is now back in work but we seem to be just playing catchup with bills etc,also geting people going on about hen do where to go whos coming who wont come if we go away for a weekend and i am just worrying about paying for everything without all this pressure, i felt that bad this weekend i asked my OH if he  wanted to postpone the wedding in which he pointed out he wants to get married and we will plus we would lose a lot of deposits we have already paid!!!! just need some friendly words before i crack!


  • Hi Hun, chin up. I'm sure most brides get stressed at some point. And in regards to your hen do you can't please everyone and there will always be someone that moans. Sounds like you had a lot on in the last few months. Take it easy over Christmas and take a break from planning.
  • Hi Hunny, I totally understand!!  I feel exactly the same and having very similar issues regarding hen night and money worries.......a deep breath and a large glass of wine helps me!!!  Nuh it'll all be worth it and I'm sure you and your OH will have an amazing day - just remember why you are going through all this and keep smiling! Good luck with everything imagexx

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    keep going love, i found the instant we got past the year mark things became real which all of a sudden makes it stressful in itself. get past Christmas and then go back to being focused on it. itl calm down again if you keep working through your list of things to do.

    on the hen saga go for what you want if its really what you want. if the people are more important then think about them a little. I've had to tell my sister what i wanted rather than let her surprise me because i found exactly what i wanted and knew id be a bit disappointed if we didn't do it
  • Awh money worries are horrible! Try not to stress and I second taking a planning break over Xmas. In January maybe have a look at the bills, debts and how much you need to save over 9 months. There are lots of ways to make a bit extra or save money on the things you haven't organised yet. If it comes to the worst some suppliers will allow a change of date without the loss of your deposit.

  • AWW thanks for all yor messages i think i will take a break over xmas and start again in January i think when you start planning and paying you just get carried away withh the excitement of everything and as for the hen do im just going to play it by ear and nearer the time see what finances are and decide and the ones who really want to come will come! i work for myself as a mobile hairdresser so work quite long hours but i might see if there is any other stuff i can do from home to make a little more money! wish you all the very best for your big days and have a lovely time xxx

  • Poor you!! Take a deep breath and a step back. Remember why you are doing this and what is important to you and OH. Of course you want everything to be perfect and I am sure it will be but please remember this is one day. The important thing is you will be together for the rest of you lives. I agree with the others, take a break over festive period and I am sure it will all come together.
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    Take a break from it sweetie, until recently Id never really suffered from stress, hadnt even seen my doctor in 8 years, but due to a chain of events at work (im a nurse in a very stressfull & volatile environment) I now find myself having some kind of melt-down, so i know exactly how yr feeling. We get married in a month (although just on our own) and im also in the process of moving to h2b's house. Take it easy, some things have a habit of creeping up on you & the stress of it all may make take its toll before you know it! Iv also had my own money worries although this will all ease once iv moved and we're not running 2 houses. Enjoy christmas and try to chill, thats what iv been advised to do. Start your planning again in the new year, as uv said u will. Im not having a hen-do, but I am spending some time catching up with my girly pals, meals & coffee etc before christmas. If I was, it would just be drinks, nibbles and chat at the house, cheap & cheerful, but of course that isnt for everyone, we are older and this isnt a first wedding. Big hugs sent & lots of love to you x

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    As everyones already said, take a break, reasess money, wedding savings and bills ect in january and go from there,

    But I wanted to add re, the hen night - is there something in particular you wanted to do or are you up for a total surprise? I only ask, as if your up for a suprise, hand the entire job over to your MOH and have no dealings with it! Thats how mine was organised and it couldnt have been better - it was incredibly liberating not to have any idea over the planning, and therefore no stress over the organising! My girls sorted it between them, (I gave my MOH a list of who I'd like to be there and was told who had agreed to come - there were some surprises as to who was there and who decided not to bother, but thats a whole other story!!) and my MOH was an absolute star - I knew nothing about what we were doing, where we were going or even the date of it untill 7am the morning of! But they did me proud and it really was great not to have the added stress of planning the hen on top of planning the wedding!!

    Just might be something that could work for you too!

    Try not to get too stressed now though - believe me there will be plenty of time for that closer to sept! xx

  • You know, when I start worrying about wedding or acctually anything, I look at funny videos or photos like that or something.



     I just love to see people falling or looking funny. It cheers me up every time. Am I a bad person? Probably, but it's just ... takes off my stress. image

    So try to find your own way to cheer yourself up.
    Big hug and no worries. We all can do this! image

  • hahahahaha Monika might just do that very funny and Mandy503 i dont think i could hand my hen do to my MOH she is my step daughter to be and only 20 so god knows what shee would organise!!!!!

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