Why is life so cruel..

Hi everyone, had some awful news this morning, found out my fiancee's dad has terminal cancer image we get married on 31st August really hope he is still with us, life is so unfair sometimes, my fiancee has already lost her mum to MS when she was a kid, so if she was to lose her dad as well before the wedding it would be awful, he means the world to her, he brought up 4 kids on his own! he's a amazing man, I really want him to see his little girl get married..


  • Didn't want to read and run, so sorry to hear your awful news. He sounds like a strong and wonderful person to bring up 4 children on his own. I hope this strength lasts until after the wedding and I'm sure the thought of the day will aid him in his fight against this horrible disease.Xxx
  • S sorry for the terrible news. Could you bring the wedding forward?
  • I am so sorry to hear your sad news. There is nothing that anyone can say to make this better for you or indeed your fiancee and im sure right now she just neefs you to be there for her and be strong for her. I presume by terminal that there is no treatment available...i hope that he makes it to walk his daughter down the aisle...can u bring your wedding forward? If thats not an option im sure he will just want his daughter to live a happy life and you can make sure he knows you will take over from him and keep his daughter safe and happy in your married life image keep your chin up for her.

    Laura x
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    Hi, that is truly awful. I really hope he will still be with us and able to attend the wedding.

    Are you able to bring it forward at all? It might be worth exploring? Alternatively you could do a registery early on  - don't tell too many people about it and still have your big day? I know one of the things im looking forward to most is my dad seeing me on the day - so it might be worth thinking about?

    Totally crap news but im glad she has a lovely fiance to support her. x

  • I'm so sorry to hear this! Life is awful sometimes. But I hope he can see her get married!!! My thoughts are with you at this sad time! X
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    So sorry to hear your sad news.  Having been brought up by my father, (for totally different reasons to your fiancee) I know how much the day will mean to both of them.  My dad is my rock and I dont know what I would do without him.  Like others have said before, can you look into bringing the wedding forward, or maybe have a civil ceremony earlier?  My thoughts are with you and your family x

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    So sorry to hear your sad news. As the other posters have suggested, can you bring the wedding forward considering the circumstances? I really hope though that the thought of seeing his daughter get married will spur him on and keep him going. Keep strong xx

  • So sorry to hear your sad news but I wouldn't give up hope. When I met my fiance 5 years ago his Dad had recently been given a terminal diagnosis. He sadly passed away last year but that was 4 years after he was first told that his cancer wasn't curable. Although we knew that the terminal diagnosis meant that he wasn't going to recover there were lots of treatments he was able to have to slow the progression of the disease and keep him here for a bit longer.

    I know every case is different but I hope that gives you some hope and I do hope you have the lovely wedding you all deserve x

  • Oh no, I'm so so sorry. Huge hugs to both of you, thinking of you xxx

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    I'm so sorry to hear that.  He sounds like such a wonderful man and reading your post brought a tear to my eye. I hope he is able to see you both get married. 

  • Didn't want to read & run. So sorry about such horrible news. I'm glad your fiancee has you to support her in this difficult time. Thoughts & prayers Xxx

  • Life is cruel! Cannot imagine the heartache, sorry I havent got anything constructive to say but just be there for your fiance. Xx

    Thats awful news :'( I hope your w2b is coping ok. Maybe moving the wedding forwards is a good idea. x

  • Thank you for all your messages image I don't think we'd be able to move our wedding forward, everything is paid off so be pretty much impossible, and it is the date we met so wouldn't really want to change it even if we could.. My w2b is heartbroken but thats to be expected isn't it, i've just got to stay strong for her like you say and support her all i can! her dad seems to have giving up the fight already, he's not the most positive of person in the world image

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    So sorry to hear the news and i'm not sure if this is any use at all, but a friend of mine (photographer) just did a shoot for a lady who is getting married later this year with her and her grandad who was given advice from a doctor of a limited time left. They had the shoot done with them and her sister dressed as they would be on the day. The photos have turned out so beautiful as you can see the emotion and he has since passed. I hope this doesn't offend as assuming the worst, but it could be an idea if needed. I know the lady is very glad she took the opportunity.
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