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Im sorry I just need a rant before I say something I regret! I have 4 bridesmaids for my wedding in October my 2 best friends, my sister and my cousin. One of my best friends currently lives in Brussels but will be moving to Canada in May but coming back for the wedding. Because of this bridesmaid I decided to get the briesmaids dresses measured early. So in November I booked the fitting for next weekend (16th Feb) the Brussels bridesmaid is fine as she booked the trains home in November, the other 3 are driving me nuts! My sister informed my mum she might attend but she doesnt see why i need her measured cant I just buy the dress? My cousin hasnt bothered replying or answering my calls and the last bridesmaid has said she will come but its valentines weekend so shes not happy at all! Im so mad that all this was arranged in November and no1 said anything but with a week to go and Brussels bridesmaid is coming they all throw a strop! Im getting to the point where Im thinking stuff it! Am I over reacting ??


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848

    No, you're not overreacting, you've given them plenty of notice and it's a perfectly reasonable request since your other BM isn't going to be around

    How annoying!!

  • Bb5Bb5 Posts: 275

    Valentines weekend?! Really? How lame, valentines is a day :-/.  No i don't think you're overeacting at all.

  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    Definitely not overreacting! They should definitely have said something in November if there was going to be a problem. How can you order a dress without her being measured? Even if she measures herself, it's not as accurate as the shop doing it and if there is a problem with her dress when it arrives (size wise) then you end up being accountable, not the shop. 

  • I don't think you're overeating at all. I don't know what arrangement you have/will have but if you were planning on paying for any alterations nearer to the time I would say that if they don't come to get properly measured then you won't pay for any changes to be made if it doesn't fit.

    I hope it gets sorted for you!

  • Thanks everyone Well the fitting is tomorrow and I think they should all be there (although they wont be in a good mood!) I will update you after with the stress / excitement!

  • Hey, I really hope it goes well and you can actually enjoy it! 

    I don't know what it is about some bridesmaids that makes them think that they are entitled to the role, instead of it being an honour to actually be asked! 

    One of my birdesmaids can't make it up for a fitting, then couldn't send me her size, then wanted us to send another bridesmaid's dress (which is clearly too small!) downt to her as she has moved a couple of hours away...then wants to lose weight (which is fine) but has only just told me, so now have to wait even longer to order a dress that is constantly in and out of stock...she hasn't been the best choice, I'll put it that way! H2b's sister though so... image 

    Let us know how it goes...they will probably be fine once they are there with you! image x

  • h59helenh59helen Posts: 171

    I used to think it was soooo lovely to be asked to be someones bridesmaid now i get the impression  that we are the ones that should be honoured to have them as bridesmaids. The shananigans ive had with my bridesmaids and 'their' dresses has been the only crap thing in my whole wedding planning. I should have just stuck with my 3 year old she behaved like an adult in her dress fitting lol

    hope tommorow goes well xxxx

  • SaziSazi Posts: 219
    No you aren't overreacting at all!!! The only stress I've had so far with my wedding planning is one of my bridesmaids. There's been tears and everything! From moaning about trying on her dress to to assuming that I should be buying her shoes!! And last week moaning about the hen do saying she's not up for wearing one of then headband things on her head with horns. It always seems to be the bridesmaids who cause stress rather than relieving it. You are not alone
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