feeling stressed and panicky about remotely 'organiszed ' wedding

after a shoe crisis last night I am feeling panicked! Wedding is in 7 weeks time and I am running out of time!

Im getting married in early April, small ceremony in my partners country

Weve hired a house with ballroom for a week and everyone is invited to stay, weve got caterering/waiters/chef for the night of our party and a relative is giving us the wine as a present. I have organised approx 40 people from 6 different countries in 2 different languages to get there and have arranged all bedroom organisation. I have all the legal documents I need to get married and we have proved we are not bigamous visa seekers or something. I have a dress ordered though not complete and Mr Bunnys outfit is sorted. I have the money to pay for this saved. Its a tradition that the groom organises the bouquet there so Mr Bun has strict instructions. And Ive finally found my shoes


I still need a sash, a plan for my hair and a side tiara/birdcage veil

Ive never been inside the venue

I havent even had the site and time of the ceremony confirmed

I need to write practice and give a speech in his language (tradition)

We have no rings

I have no cake ordered yet

I have no entertainment not even sound system yet

I have no photographer

My sister is planning to do the flowers so nothing is known other than we will throw some money at it when we get there (I can live with this but its a stress)

Ive made some feeble efforts to DIY decor and have bought lots of lollipops

My bridesmaids/supporters cant agree what to wear

I dont even know a decent hairdresser in the city we are marrying in

I have no idea how Im going to feed and entertain everyone

Mr Bunny wants an honour guard of lightsabres (and I think its stupid!)

And Im very aware that everyone whos doing us the honour of attending has their own lives to be getting on with


Am I overreacting? How can I sort this all out! Or do we just elope and be done with it






  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Try not to stress, these things are all easily sorted, you will just need to get cracking now!

    Are you both able to take a day or two off work and get the bulk of this done? Rings can be bought where you are living now, as can your dress accessories.

    For the other things, get on google or ask your H2B family (i assume they live in the country you are marrying in?) for help with sourcing entertainment/haidressers.

    Tell your H2B to arrange his guard of honour if thats what he wants!

    As for your bridesmaids, give them a budget and a colour and tell them to go out and get something!

  • Thanks Mrs Beau, you are right! It helped me to put the list down in order and Im feeling much better for it, just needed to rant


    Am getting haircut next week on days off and will spend afternoon trying on hair accessories etc

    Am going to make my own sash and use a vintage brooch of my grannys thus neatly getting something old and a bit of sentiment together

    I have given the bridesmaids a website address and said heres the dress, accessorise as suits - I dont normally do ultimatums but you are right!

    My lovely PIL to be have offered to go see the venue for us, and also take all paperwork personally to the town hall where we are getting married to speed things up Ive asked my MIL to suss out hairdressers, shops and flower merchants etc while they are there.

    We have decided to have a cake made entirely of ice cream and this can be ordered a week before the wedding. (still have to pick flavours though)

    Mr Bunny has looked at the price of lightsabres and abandoned his idea image

    and Ive bought lots of stuff online to style things- Red and Aqua with a vintage alice in Wonderland feel


    I hope this is my last wobble -Im normally really organised  Ive been looking forward to everything so much and then the other morning couldnt seehow any of it would come together

    Anyone got any other ideas ?



  • Oh gods disaster

    thought the civil ceremony at town hall in DK would be ok (and well certainly legally be married) but in the particular commune we are at its a 5 min sign the paperwork job in a small room with no witnesses, at a ridiculous hour in the morning (cant change this?)

    have agreed with Mr Bunny to do our own vows and have a bit more of a ceremony at the venue. But with 4 weeks to go we have no celebrant of any nature! I have no idea what I can do - Ive spent months inviting people to a big event, planning all the little details buying dress etc and now I have no ceremony to wear it to. Not to mention a huge whack of cultural difference to explain to my family

    Cant think what to do except join the local humanist society

  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152

    Where abouts are you actually getting married? Is your fiance, or anyone else, helping to get this sorted?


  • fiance is trying to get this sorted but thought the kommune (municipality) in his country (denmark) had a similar ceremony to scottish registrars and that would have been our focus with rest of wedding day after

    would be happy if we could find a humanist celebrant or someone and wed do our own vows/thank families and then get onto the party bit...

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