I haven't seen my dress yet :(

It was 10 weeks till my wedding yesterday, i've still not seen my dress though.
I ordered it from the bridal shop in september!
They said it would arrive in jan, but then i phoned them on the 31st and they said it could be a couple more weeks as it 'might' be coming from america.
My mum phoned a bit ago and they said sometime in feb now.

I'm really worried and although they told me i would get my dress in time and altered on time, i don't feel i can get excited at all as i've planned everything but i've not seen my dress! image

My fiance keeps telling me i've gotta keep phoning and nagging but i'm sick of being told i cant see it yet, any suggestions to what i should do?


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    Try not to worry.  I know that is easy to say and 10 weeks in "bride" terms is no time at all, but dress shops are professionals and deal with these kind of things all the time.  As long as your dress arrives in time for alterations, I would say 4 or 5 weeks before, there really shouldn't be a problem.  When I was looking to order my dress I was told average delivery time was 6 months, so it doesn't sound like your wait is unusual.

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    Hi Anna - my advice is not to worry.  The bridal shop will know what they're doing and they'll get it in as soon as they can.  My dress arrived in the shop in January, but I'm not having my first fitting until this Thursday, which is six weeks before the wedding.  The shop advised me that around five to six weeks before the wedding is perfect to start alterations, as that way you won't change shape too much.  Try not to worry.  If it gets to a week before the wedding and it's still not in, then you can start naggingimage x

  • Hi Anna 2,

    This makes me really sad to read - it's so shocking how people providing one of the most precious aspects of a wedding don't show any concern for a brides feelings. You should be made to feel like a princess and be able to know what stage of development your dress is at at all times. 

    Are you able to go directly into the shop and ask to speak to the manager? If they didn't stipulate the waiting time in your order then you are in your right to be frustrated. Have you got wedding insurance just incase? It indicates that they havn't ordered it in until recently? They would know your wedding date so this really surprises me. 

    Let us know how you get on and good luck!! 


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    my dress was ordered last April and is only arriving in the shop this week, should have been in in Sept, there's plenty of time I trust my dress shop completely, that said I can't wait to see my dress and try it on

  • Hi Anna, I'm sorry you're having a nervous wait. Like the other brides have said, try to remember the shop is probably used to dealing with this kind of thing and you still have plenty of time for all the important alterations etc. And try to not let it spoil the excitement in the run up to your big day...I'm sure it will all work out just fine in the end! Good luck!! image)

  • I ordered mine in August and it came in December. I was panicking about dress fittings because they said May they will start doing them and Im going away for the wedding at the end if June, so they will have a few weeks to do alterations which I thought was cutting it fine but I made a post on here and everyone said I was panicking about it and a few weeks is plenty of time. I can understand why your panicking tho, I'm dying to see my dress again.
  • I think if they hadn't told me january to begin with it wouldn't be as bad, it keeps getting longer and longer everytime i ask about it.

    If they just said it would be here at a certain date that would be fine, i feel like they're stringing me along image

  • I'm going through the same thing! My dress was due in jan and my wedding is 8 weeks on Friday and still not arrived! image

    10 weeks is plenty of time. Dont worry just yet. Mine was delayed too, it arrived 2 weeks before the wedding, but was altered in plenty of time xx

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