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Hate this feeling

I'm having such a down day today! I suffer from depression and the last couple of days I've just been soo down no actually reason suppose just loads of little things, I've got to the point where I feel like I can't even be bothered to get married just haven't got any go in me! I feel like people are not bothered about my wedding like my mom and sisters! One even said dont know why people bother getting married its just a waste! My mom hasn't really said anything and has helped with the wedding plans, she has brought my dress and helping with other things! Also I feel like people are not going to enjoy the day at all! 5 and half months away! Just after we booked ours my uncle has booked his for months after so shouldn't even bother me but they have unlimited budget and I don't want people to look back and say on their wedding was soo much better they had better food and bits! Suppose just need a rant, know if I talk to h2b he will say that I'm just having a moment (have a lot if moments ha). My maid of honour seems like the only one interested so today as both off we are going to do a weddingy day go to venue and shopping but just don't feel like it!! Sorry for long rant just need to say it all!!


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    Thanks wenchy I know what your saying just could start seeing 'the black could' coming over me and needed to rant instead if keeping it in! Your right about the budget it's doesnt matter that's what h2b keeps saying but think we just want everything 'perfect'!
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    Hopefully you'll feel better after a lovely day of all things wedding related today. Just try and remember why you're doing all of this - to marry the man that you love. Sod the rest of them! It always helps me a bit image x

  • Hello I didn't want to read and run, I have had a period of depression and although generally on the up at the moment, totally understand where you are coming from on the 'down days'    You feel guilty because you should feel exited about the wedding but actually you just don't care about anything.   Sounds like you have a nice day planned with your MOH, once you get there you might pick up a bit and it will be a distraction from your thoughts maybe? 

    Your uncle may have an unlimited budget but an unlimited budget does not make the best wedding!  I think more thought and creativity is needed for a lesser budget and therefore more personal to you.

    I hope you feel better soon.  Make sure you treat yourself today too!  xxx

  • Hi there I felt I needed to say something xxx I know exactly how you feel im at that point now! Iv got 4 bridesmaids who are not interested and cant be bothered to attend dress fittings and one isnt coming to my hen night as she will have too much marking to do! (She is a teacher) My mother has good and bad days and this weekend was most certainly a bad day! She spent the weekend informing me that she thought my bum looked awful in my dress and that the bridesmaids dont care! Also Im causing a few issues because I dont want my dad to give me away! Most of the family have gone mad and are refusing to come to the wedding if I go through with it! (Me and my dad have had a very rough relationship since I was about 10 im now 27! In this time I did live with him for a bit but it was more like a landlord / tennant relationship where he made me pay high rent, by my own food and then cook. We never had father daughter time!) Im sorry I have jumped on your thread but I wanted you to know what I am focusing on AND THAT IS GETTING MARRIED TO THE MAN I LOVE! Keep your chin up xxx

  • you're not alone feeling that way MrsB2B i got really stressed few months before our wedding i think because i wanted it to be perfect and felt had to much things to do and we were on limited small budget i always thought brides that get down planning their weddings are strange and that i never would as nice thing to plan but having been through it and having a mum who wouldn't show any interest, bridesmaids who hated anything i wanted them to wear even though i was buying it and family annoyed at my choice of venue etc etc you do want to just run off and elope sometimes!  our day was perfect because was our day, the weather could have been better, the venue could have been fancier (we went with a social club in end so family could do food for us, before we had a large village hall planned but they said too far out of town to drive to do our food and was a big thing over it..) and i am sure there will have been some attending who will have been to big fancy big budget weddings but i didnt care what they thought on the day we had fun.  Just concentrate on that what the day means and people celebrating it with you, i have suffered depression so i know exactly what u mean about how can feel down sometimes for no seemingly good reason at all but with me is always some niggle behind it like worrying what people think that i have to recognise before get too down.  enjoy rest of planning!  i just stopped mentioning wedding to my mum as not interested and saw it as her loss not being part of planning image

  • MrsB2B:)MrsB2B:) Posts: 244
    Thank you for all your replies I'm feeling abit better knowing I'm not the only one that goes through this, hopefully after today ill feel loads better, maybe even do some wedding diy tonight! I've been putting it off!

    Nenjen & wenchy thanks for your replies yeah I'm just going to look forward to the day doesn't matter if its not the 'perfect' big white wedding aslong as we are happy!

    Emily and springbride depression us such a nasty thing and I can feel it coming on so need to get things off my chest as I use to keep things to my self and make it worse then as I just go over it all the time!

    Outlaw owl, I'm the same with my dad he isn't invited always been a bad relationship but me, h2b and him had a massive row two years ago couple of punches thrown from him to h2b and haven't spoken since and have soo many people telling me to invite him I'm his oldest daughter blah blah but he hasn't made a effort to even say sorry this all happened in front of our son! So think that doesn't help!
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