Annoyed with best man....

My OHs best man is his half brother. We got engaged last May, wedding is August 24th. His brother got engaged last week. He just called to say they have set their date 2 weeks after ours. Reasons being that they don't want to wait till next year, don't want to marry in the winter and can't be later in September as her parents house is having renovations done. We live opposite ends of the country. His brother, as best man, was destined to be with us from the Wednesday before the wedding till the day after, to help with putting up the marquee and all the other endless tasks in preparation. Now I can't see him being allowed away 2 weeks before his own wedding, when he'll have his own stuff to be doing. I'm annoyed. Admittedly it could be worse, it could be before ours, so I'm grateful for that. But I'm also upset for my OH. He's a shy one and doesn't have many friends and asked his brother to be BM and it meant a lot to him. I just think he's going to have a half hearted best man now image


  • Try not to worry too much yet, the best man hasn't said he won't be able to do it anymore, and may still be happy to come in advance and hopefully in return you can help him with his wedding a few weeks later x

    or he could have a best man who understands the importance of the role! x

  • my cheif bridesmaid booked her wedding for 2 weeks before mine after knowing  mine was booked for months,in the end its not worth falling out over so you just have to accept that it has happened and make the best of the situation. Luckily I had another friend happy to step in as cheif and my first cheif is still being a bridesmaid so I think things will work out. I was hurt initially but sometimes people can't help when they book their wedding because of circumstances etc,I'm sure things will work themselves out once you have all had time to think things through and it will be fine image

  • I concur with previous statements. I know our wedding days are important but the world shouldn't stop for the rest of us. It's two weeks after so it's not too soon after and he will know the importance of being their for his brother. I wouldn't worry and just enjoy your preparations.
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    I think you're worrying about nothing, he hasn't said he can't help yet so don't cause issues for yourself that haven't actually happened
  • Thanks for replies peeps. Feel a bit more philosophical about it this morning, you're all quite right image

    Glad you feel a bit better x

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