Nightmare SIL of H2B, no idea how to deal with this!

Thank you Wenchy, sound advice x


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    I have to say, I agree with wency, you've obviously tried, but some people are just nasty!

    Leave her be and don't go out of your way to try and force anything more than being civil at family events. I honestly don't think she's worth your trouble - who brings their wedding Pics to show off at someone else's engagement party!!! I'd be seriously p***ed at that given her previous behaviour too!!
  • Thanks Mandy for your reply, I can just be civil at family events and no more. Sounds like the best idea and yes I was hurt over the photos thing. I felt like my thunder was well and truly stolen. I'm just hoping I'll be too busy having a lovely time on my big day to worry about her. I was surprised she had time on her wedding day to bother about me and cause that embarrassing situation!

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  • She's insecure and jealous.  Be civil but steer well clear.  Don't waste your thoughts, time or effort on her.  You'll never break her until she grows up. 

  • Thanks, you're probably right!
  • I work with someone just like this. Individuals like this just don't deserve your time. Keep your cool, be sickly sweet to her when forced into her presence but don't crack and bite back-exactly what she wants. Good luck!
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