Anyone else in same situation? I'm studying at ou at the moment and find it so hard to get stuck into my books and balance wedding planning too. Once I start wedding stuff my day seems to disappear. I then worry I'm not doing enough uni and now wedding is creeping up, ahhhhhhhh!!!! Anyone else doing same or work from home and find the same problem? 


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    Hi weddin crazy - i had a full time job while trying to plan and in the last 3 months especially it became very tricky to concentrate on one or the other alone - usually wedding planning won out ... not very productive at work !!  Its a balancing act and if you think you're not doing enough study - you probably aren't!!  Will h2b help with the planning???  If so he may be a good route to go down - to get tasks ticked off. Wedding planning really can be a full time, all consuming job're not alone. image

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    Thanks image iv gave h2b job of ringing to confirm photographer, pick a casino hire and get the names and addresses for his family. It's like hittin my head against brick wall tho, he's the most lay back, unorganised person ever lol still love him tho 

  • I can relate!! I have a full time job, H2B leaves all the wedding planning to me (quite glad about this though), and studying from a home learning course in purchasing...4 exams to sit between now and next november, with the wedding in April! next exam is this November. I can go a week with full pelt wedding studying...then I end up cramming it all in days before the exam!


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    Booked casino, booked next app for photographer, paid next instalment for venue, booked pets in at vets ( I know that's not wedding related) now down to uni! Housework can wait lol 1 organised day a week isn't bad is it 

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    Hey there Weddin Crazy. I work from home which actually made it easier for me to plan my wedding! Best thing to do (if you haven't already), is to get a wedding notebook or planner! My planner came with a calender and lots of sections that made it easy for me to keep a record of the things i'd done or still needed to do. It really helps to keep you organised.

    Another idea is to assign tasks to friends or family members to help you with the planning. My MIL was kind enough to pick up any bits and peices I needed for my wedding stationery whenever I was too busy to do so and my chief bridesmaid also offered to provide any help I needed.

    I agree with you on the housework lol, I ended up having to abandon mine in order to finish all my wedding planning in time!

    Glad to hear that you've managed to get some planning done and good luck with the rest image


  • i work full time and Ive pretty much planned the full wedding all by myself. I did all wedding things in my spare time, wrote out lists of when to do things and by what date, so it made things easier and i could juggle my time effectively image I made sure all the big things were sorted first, then all the minor details I could just think of randomly then write them down and deal with them later

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