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I will NOT be a bridezilla...

I am trying REALLY hard to bite my tongue and not be a bridezilla about this.

H2B decided he wanted to make model castles for our centrepieces. I wondered if he would have time but he was really keen on the idea and they will look great so off he went. Then he realised he wouldn't have time! LOL.

He asked a couple of friends to make castles for us, and the friends very kindly agreed to do it. It's lovely of them, I'm very grateful.

BUT one of these friends is posting photos on Facebook of every stage of his castle being built. Not privately for us to see, publicly so his hundreds of friends can like it and tell him how amazing it is. He has tagged us in the photos so all my friends and family have also seen it. Whenever someone asks what the castle is for he tells them it's for the wedding and tags us again.

so, no element of surprise left now then, no wow factor on the day.

Plus, he has gone a bit overboard and his will only just fit on the table. In many ways it will be "better" than the one's H2B has made and might make his look a bit rubbish. Not to criticise someone for doing a job well, but it does need to fit in.


  • I can totally understand why this is annoying, but try not to think it means there's no element of surprise left in the day - I assume the fact lots of different friends are making the castles means they'll all be different, right? So your guests have only seen one centrepiece from one table. Plus there's all the other amazing aspects to your day that are still a secret. They haven't yet seen how great the castle will look in the room when it's all set up with the rest of your decor!

    The friend probably just didn't realise you might not want people to see until the wedding, and got a bit caught up in the excitement. I don't think it's worth saying anything now as the "damage has been done" (not the best phrase but I couldn't think of better!) so try to think of it as a sneaky peek to get people intrigued by the rest of the wedding. image

  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831

    sorry, the forum cut me off and I couldn't finish. 

    Anyway, I do realise how much effort he is putting in for us, and I am grateful. I'm pleased his castle will look good and that he is enjoying making it. I don't begrudge him the praise he will earn for it, he deserves it. 

    I just think he could have asked permission before making details of our wedding public, or waited a week. 

  • If he hpant finished making the castles why don't you ask him if he old mind not putting the final picture on Facebook so that evertone will still be surprised when they see the finished product?

  • MrsF2b2MrsF2b2 Posts: 831

    Ha, one having gone up others are now posting the ones they are making! It's a lost cause I fear! 

  • I realise my last comment didn't make sense with my grammar, this iPad does my head in. That's a shame, I know what you mean with wanting to surprise people. Could you not ask your husband to be if he could talk to them?

  • Awww could like pp not ask h2b to ask them to take them down? surely they'd understand x

  • Aww thats annoying and I can understand you are upset (I would be peed off no end) I think he has been so proud to do it and then the others that they are doing it from that, maybe just message them and say you know really pleased and honoured that you are doing them but we want to keep them a surprise so please could you not put any photos on until after the wedding.  Suck up a bit more and all that.  You wouldnt think about putting photos on would you - well I wouldnt lol!  Good luck x 

  • Very annoying! I never post pics of the wedding flowers I do until after the day. tut tut

  • Awww I've had this last night! I put a status on facebook saying officially can say we get married next month and h2bs dad commented saying bring on the hog roast which nooone knew we were having! So frustrating! I changed the status security to private so hopefully not many people saw it but people just don't realise I think. I'm sure a lot of people will not of taken notice,and even if they did see your pics I'm sure the castles will look even more amazing in real life so it'll still suprise them image xx

  • This happened to us. We designed our invites and asked our friend (who is a graphic artist) if he'd produce them for us. He was brilliant! He listened to everything we wanted and produced something better than we could've ever done. He even got his friend who works for a large print company to print and cut them for us.

    The invites were beautiful and I am so grateful for them doing them. But as soon as they were done both of them uploaded them to their facebooks. Before we even had them handed over to us. I was mortified. Luckily we were able to do damage control as I saw the posts almost straightaway and untagged us. Our friend doesn't share a lot of our fb friends so that was a bonus.

    It just goes to show what a nightmare facebook can be!!!

    I totally get why you're annoyed. Hopefully the castle will be more breathtaking in real life and your guests will think it's better than the pictures!



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