Wedding video disaster

Hey everyone,

I've been visting this forum for a little while and thought I would share something that is bothering me as you all seem to be very helpful. I had my wedding two weeks ago (21st August 2013) and it was an amazing day, truly one of the best days of my life.

My husband and I had been together a very long time before we married (13 years), so my wedding was a particularly special and emotional day for me. However, despite being very happily married I am feeling gutted and upset. I had a couple of friends of mine (a married couple) who were due to attend the wedding and very kindly offered to give me their camcorder for the day so that I could record the church service, speeches, first dance etc.

However, when the wedding day arrived they were unable to attend as my friend, who was heavily pregnant, had gone into labour. This wasn't a problem, as I was already aware that she and her husband may end up not being able to attend and they still allowed us to use their camcorder. Due to their absence, however, it meant that we would have to assign the task of setting up and switching the camcorder on to someone else, as my friend's husband wasn't able to do it due to him accompanying her to hospital.

My husband assigned the task to our usher, who set up the video recorder and agreed to press record (the vicar had given us permission to record the service and had already showed us where to set the equipment up). All seemed well - until a week after the wedding when we sat down to watch the video. Turns out, my husband thought that our usher had forgotten to press record on the camcorder and switched it on (there was a quick few seconds of him looking worried and fiddling with it, bless him!). Our usher, who had been outside fetching my mum, ready to escort her down the aisle before I walked in, had obviously been unaware of the fact that my husband had pressed record, because seconds later the video cuts off - he'd hurriedly rushed to press record and ended up switching it off, not realising it was already recording! image

I'm devestated. I know it probably seems silly, but it was such a special day for me and I wanted a record of it. We will have the photos of course, but our service was so lovely and included two special readings from my MIL and to think that we won't ever to able to re-live it again is very upsetting.

Any advice or help on how to get past this would be truly appeciated.



  • hI, I can't offer any advise really, and its not silly. The only thing I can suggest is getting a copy of your readings and putting them into a scrap book. The record is your memory of your big day., followed. By photos. 

  • Oh this is such a shame! I cant offer any advice and i agree it is not silly at all! once you see your photos it might take the edge off of this. All you can do is try and forget about it and rerun it in your mind! purple rains suggestion is a good one. if you look on folksy you can buy all sorts of things which you can prsonaise by putting words in maybe something like this?


  • MrsW2MrsW2 Posts: 10

    Thanks for your help and advice guys. You're right about the photos being a record of the day. However, the photographer informed us that we will have to wait quite a while to receive them, so that has added to my upset a little.

    Purple rain, thanks for the suggestion on putting the readings into a scrapbook, I will definitely look into that image

    Malb2b13, you're right, I think I should try and just forget about it! My husband said exactly the same too. Hopefully as time moves on I won't feel as upset. My advice to anyone planning to use a camcorder at their wedding is to make sure everything is organised so that there is no confusion or panic as to who is operating it on the day! That way you will avoid my problem!


  • JCL1JCL1 Posts: 129

    You could create a video with the photos from the service and record your vows and MIL's readings separetely and add the voiceovers to the video of the photos? I know it's not the same as the video but it might bring the photos to life? xx

  • I can understand why you are upset, it would be disappointing not having the video you were expecting. I agree with some of the other suggestions - could you have a DVD made of the photos, with your first dance song, the readings etc as a background to it. 


  • MrsW2MrsW2 Posts: 10

    Thank you all for your suggestions! Your ideas have been very helpful. JCL1 - your suggestion of adding voiceovers of the readings is a great idea! MrsLOTPM, unfortunately I don't think any of the guests video'ed any of the ceremony, but I did have a friend who was a back-up photographer throughout the day so hopefully she will have lots of photos and I have been sent additional photos that were taken by relatives. I think it was just the idea of not being able to re-live the moment we exchanged our vows that was upsetting me so much but it is comforting to know that we have plenty of photos.

    Thanks again everyone for your help, it's made me feel much better image



  • when i watch our video its likewatching a film of someone else, dont get me wrong its beautiful and i love it and i am glad i have it but watching it seems sereal. its a bit like being a guest. at the wedding it felt like me and hubby were in a little bubble and it was just us. i didnt notice the other people or flowers or music or anything and thats what i will remember even with seeing the video and you have those memories! hopefully you will have some nice guest photos. have you tried explaining to the photographer? he might given the situation bump you up his list? xx

  • MrsW2MrsW2 Posts: 10

    Malb2b13, I can see what you mean about it being more like a guest when watching your video. I agree, the memories of the day will always be with me. I guess I just wanted something more than just photos to look back on, but luckily other parts of the day were filmed so it's not all bad. It's just a shame that the ceremony wasn't captured but with some of the ideas offered on here I will hopefully be able to re-live it by using my photos. I haven't mentioned it to the photographer yet, but that's a very good suggestion. I did think it was a little strange that we would have to wait a while for the photos (over a month - not sure if this is the normal length of time that newlyweds have to wait until they receive their photos or not). He did offer to give us a preview of some of the photos before we receive them all but perhaps I should contact him like you suggested and explain the situation in the hope that he will get them to us sooner.

    Thanks again for your help!


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