Upset by wedding planner at our venue today

I thought I was being really sensitive about this until both my H2B and MIL brought it up. 

Today we took my inlaws-to-be to see the venue where my fiancé and I are getting married this day in a years time. 

We booked the venue a year ago and the same planner was there then, and was really lovely in fact the two times we visited last year (the first visit and the day we booked it) this same planner was brilliant (before we had parted with any cash).

Today we went there to show my in-laws around and from the off I thought the planner was abrupt and quite frankly rude. And it was all over the DJ wanting to come across whilst we were there today and drop off the insurance documents and electical certificates as he was passing on the way back from a previous wedding he was doing the night before. To which the reply of the planner was "we do not have suppliers come here at weekends, is there a way that you can tell him not to come". So I had to then make a rather embarassing phone call asking him not to turn up. Admittedly I should have asked first whether it was alright, but as it was for something they had asked us to produce I (wrongfully) presumed it would be alright. From that moment on, it was just awkward. There was also another moment when the planner and another member of the team were asking about our suppliers and we mentioned who was doing our flowers and they looked at each other and pulled an eye rolling face. 

After the visit to the venue we went to meet our florist (who has done many weddings at this venue) as we had planned a full day of wedding stuff and the she said that recently this person has been off with them too. 

I don't know whether I should say something or just put it down to me being a bit sensitive because its the biggest day of my life so far and obviously I want it to go well. My H2B said that he thought it was a bit aggressive in the way that they spoke and it was my MIL who approached me about the florist 'moment'. 

Do I just ignore it? I've paid the deposit and various other non transferrable bits now so its not like I can walk away without a penalty. I just feel a bit hurt by it all.


  • Oh thats not good, yeah they may do hundreds of weddings but this is one for you and they should treat every couple well, sounds like she shouldnt be a wedding planner tbh!  You see I can be a bit of a gobby cow but even this I would be reluctant to bring it up, she is in control of your day, but maybe play the card of, pop along or call her up and say have we done something to offend you or upset you as you seemed really unhappy with us and my in laws even mentioned it... its a hard one! Lets hope she wakes up in a better mood next time you are there!

    Good luck!


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    Suprising that they would behave so unprofessionally infront of clients. I would note it, but see how the team responds next time you are in contact. If they are still behaving in a rude manner I would contact the manager, rather than go to her. If you contact the manager she will have a interview about the matter. Then the manager (if any good) will make sure her attitude changes and you should get better service.

  • I'm really hoping that they were just having an "off day", after all we all have them now and again. 

    But I will take your advice and the next time I'm in contact with them I will assess the situation then. I'm just hating how I feel at this moment because I really don't want to talk to them until I really have to in fear (almost) that I'm going to do something wrong again (because of the DJ thing). All he wanted to do was meet the people he will be working with and pass across the paperwork THEY requested, I thought I was being helpful by arranging it, LOL!

    Oh well, tomorrow is a new day.

  • Couple of thoughts from me on this:

    In a way, I can thoroughly understand why the venue is keen not to have suppliers on weekends, which are probably their busiest time of the week.  Now, that doesn't excuse her being a bit off, but does put forward an understandable reason perhaps?

    As for the florist part of things, if it is concerning you to that degree on how it panned out at the meeting, I would actually deal with it now.  Contact the wedding planner, ask for a meeting.  I would suggest to them that they deal with the suppliers if they need documentation etc, as then you are then not acting as gobetween and the dates they arrange can be mutually convenient (it also takes that off your plate!)  I would raise the point that you did notice the eye-rolling regarding the florist, and is there something you need to be aware of?  Is there an issue?  

    It could again be something quite innocent and misunderstood, but I think by sorting it sooner rather than later, the air can be cleared and you can carry on looking forward to the wedding.   As you said yourself, until now they have been lovely, so get everything sorted now.  Good luck and don't panic!


  • i agree with mrs j2b- in a non aggressive way deal with it sooner rather tha later. i would def ask about the florist eye rolling- there might be some background there you would benifit from knowing xxx

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