no one to talk to

I feel like I don't have anyone to talk to. Ever since we got engaged everythings kind of changed, me and my h2b were really excited about getting married and now I at least feel like why the hell am I spending all this money and putting in all this effort in for?

Have you found that once you get engaged everyone assumes your life is perfect? I've noticed that I'll ask my friends about their lifes, new boyfriends, new adventures and yet I don't get asked what's new with me!

I feel like packing in the wedding and eloping because these people I call my friends don't deserve a 3 course meal, free bar and a disco.

Obvioulsy a lot more has happened than just them not asking me how I am (I'm not that much of a drama queen) just from bailing on meeting up literally at the last minute and then not wanting to come to fittings and saying "don't worry about me I'll just show up on the day" when they're playing an important part!

I guess I just need to rant to someone who'll understand.


  • I can understand you must be feeling alone, but dont be, explain to them how you are feeling, if they are good friends then they will listen, explain to them just because you are getting married doesnt mean your life has ended and you still want to be apart of the circle. Explain you want them to be involved and expect them to make dress fitting appointments, dont get down about it, this your time to be excitied and your friends should be getting into the swing of things xxx sorry i cant wave a wand but hopefully you will feel better once you have voiced your upset xxx good luck xx

  • I totally understand how you must be feeling!  My husband and I got married abroad - just the two of us (no guests) and I can't recommend it highly enough.  It meant our wedding day was all about us and nobody else.  We had a party last Saturday back in London so we could celebrate with friends and family and although I (mostly) enjoyed it and all our guests seemed to as well I couldn't help but feel massively let down by some people.  Several cancelled on the day and some just didn't turn up at all and still haven't bothered getting in touch!  I was gutted but at least they didn't ruin my wedding day with their rudeness. 

  • I understand how you're feeling as well. Our social life is non-existent at the moment as we are saving for the wedding and people just seem to have forgotten that I exist, even two of my bridesmaids haven't spoken to me for ages! My sister who is also my head bridesmaid loves weddings and was really into helping me plan it but she's just got pregnant and is ill all of the time so I never see her (not blaming her for that!). I feel like uninviting a few of my 'friends' because I haven't seen some of them since we got engaged in May, and like you say, I don't feel like paying for a 3 course meal and drinks for people who never bother when they only live around the corner! image

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