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own parents didnt come

I don't know how to handle my parents not coming to my wedding. It all started when I first started planning my wedding. Me and my husband have been together for 10 years and we have endured more than most couples I know. We lost a son back in 2004 and also with him cheating when he thought I was just living with him to have a place to stay and also BC he thought I was lying about having endometriosis. He didn't have sex with the girl only allowed her to start giving him a bj but then stopped before it really got started. We have been doing counseling and are more committed to each other. Back to the wedding. We have three beautiful daughters. One is mine and one is his and one together. We knew that neither one of us wanted to wait a long time to get married BC we have already been together so long. We decided to plan the wedding in about two months. We didn't want a big wedding just close friends and family. I did want specific things for my wedding especially a wedding dress. This is my first wedding and my husbands second. I had gone over to my parents house and was talking to my mom about the wedding. She didn't agree with having a wedding or a dress BC we had kids and should spend the money on bills. I understood her thinking on this but told her that we will always have bills but a wedding is a one time thing and I don't want the memory of my wedding being how she thinks it should go which is getting married by the justice of the piece at the courthouse and getting married in jeans and a t shirt. My dad showed up And I told him about the wedding and the date and asked him if he would walk me down the aisle. Granted my dad is deaf on his left side but he said he had a dental appointment. When I asked him to walk me down the aisle he just laughed. Later on I found out he thought I was talking about the Friday that week and that was what he was laughing about. I took it kinda hard at first but bit my tongue. I then asked my mom if she and dad would help me out with the wedding. Me and my husband wanted to pay for most of it by ourselves but some help wouldhave been appreciated. She said no bc she didn't agree with me having an actual wedding. I brought up my little sisters wedding where my parents shelled out over 10k for her wedding to a guy she had only been with for a year and it only lasted 6 months BC she was cheating on him. My mom told me that if I had wanted a big wedding I should have waited to have kids. At the time my girls were 13,12 and 6. It hurt but what could I do? So me and my husband did all we could. During this time I vented to my brother who is my real brother. We share the same parents while me and my brother only share a mom. My dad is really my step dad. I was upset BC my parents have always treated us differently. My little sister has always been spoiled and got everything she wanted. My brother I admit was a troublemaker when he was younger. He even when to jail for 18 months. But for the last few years he has grown up quite a bit and started being responsible. But its like my parents couldn't forgive him for his past mistakes. My parents are the kind that love bringing up your past mistakes and always shoving it back in your face. So myparents and brother have barely spoken in two years. Anyways I was venting to him about my dad laughing about walking me down the aisle and when I asked for some help with my wedding dress my mom told me no. He understood my feeling about it and didn't after with them. He took it to Facebook bashing me and calling them out on not helping and just in his way venting and sticking up for me. I admit he did same some hurtful things on there but everything he said as the truth. I didn't agree with him about it and I didn't find out about the post till after working a 14 hour shift. I had so many hateful and angry text messages from my sister and my mom. I decided to go on


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