I have found THE dress, i hate the price! help :(

Hi ladies.


Im getting married next october 2014 and the planning is going well so far. When i got engaged my dad siad he would buy my dress for me which i was thrilled about. I tried a few on and i liked a chiffon one which was £800 from a bridal shop. i went to a dressmaker and asked her if she could replicate it. She said yes for £300. I picked it as i have a hard body shape to dress and thought it suited me ok so it was alright.

Obviously dad is very happy with this and i was too until....

I tried on another one in a different material a few months later and ITS THE ONE!!!!

I was so happy until i saw its £1050 price tag image

Dad said its too much money. Ive asked the dressmaker to replicate it but its tulle and lace with a diamonte belt that i think will be hard to copy. the chiffon one was much simpler to copy.


What can i do. Its THE one! im so annoyed that i cant have it as its perfect.

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    Could you buy the belt sep. to reduce the cost?

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    Can you ring around stockists to see if any have a sample dress to sell? X

  • It's a new dress that's just out so I don't know where I stand on samples and the belt. It's opulance by Natalie m in the Houston design.
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    Is it this one? Stunning design if it is image


  • Many of the bridal shops have a sale in October to get rid of all the old stock so they can stock the following year. I was told this by a couple of bridal shops i have been too. If i were you i would pop back to the shop and find out when there sale is and if that dress will be in it. 

    Hope this help image

  • Yes thats the dress! its dreamy on! im hoping for a miracle if it does go in the sale with it being new out. Why are dresses so expensive? image

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    Have you tried a wedding show, I don't know where you are based but the National Wedding Show is in Birmingham NEC this weekend (was London last weekend).  They will have loads of discounted dresses there, but I havn't been before so they may not be this season's dresses?  Maybe worth a try tho, or you may find something very similar!

  • Hi,

    I tried that dress on back in March this year, i'll put bets on it going into the sample sale somewhere due to new stock arriving- the ladies where you tried it on won't tell you that though because you obviously fell in love with it and think you'll pay full price! lol x

  • mrs p to be  really????!!! they said it was one of their new dresses. Ive spoken to my dressmaker and she is confident she can replicate it. She said she would look for fabric samples for me. I suppose ill just have to trust my dressmaker image

  • hannah prince, im in Norfolk so its a way to travel for me sadly image


  • That's great news if it can be replicated! image

    Maybe it was new to their shop, but i've just checked on the FB page of the shop i went as i remembered them posting it on their when it first came in and it's dated January this year. I dunno maybe it's a diff dress but the stock pic they posted was the same as the one above.


  • Have a look on eBay and preloved websites as you may find a used one on there for cheaper. I fell in love with a dress and managed to get it brand new off eBay with tags still attached for half price. It's worth a look image
  • It may be too far but I tried this dress on in Serena Bridal in Essex so I know they have a sample so maybe worth a call?

    I bought my dress as a sample from there and it was under half the price it should have been normally!

    Good luck!

  • thanks everyone , you have all been very helpful. Im still in 2 minds as to what to do but im sure it will work out ok. I have been looking on ebay, gumtree etc but its very lucky to get your dress come up in a size thats close image


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