Wedding dress wobbles


 Hi I'm having wedding dress wobbles .... Everyone's having lace and I'm worried that's all I'm gonna hear .. (Please ignore yellow mark on dress thats my carma being weird.

Not sure if i like the dress anymore. Always wanted a mermaid dress and wanted lace but worried this dress is like everyone else's and all I'm gonna hear it's like Kate middletons dress... It's completely untrue as this v different but still 

help doubts defo setting in now !


  • I think its stunning! Have you tried it on recently? If you still have your doubts and don't feel amazing, then perhaps you should look into finding something that will make you feel like you should as a bride!! x

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    Its a beautiful dress! And to say that everyone wears lace is just not true.. yes its popular, but so are satin and tulle dresses!

    You honestly have nothing to worry about.. and i dont think it looks like kate Middletons, she had full sleeves?

  • Beautiful! X

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    Its a really stunning dress and you really look lovely in it. Lace has been worn for years and is just in fashion at the moment. It does not look anything like Kate's dress and the A line shape tends to be more flattering. I have bought a mermaid style dress and I am now regretting it as I need to loose weight as I don't want people looking at my tummy image

  • well its not so much of a line, as it has a dropped waist but feel like it kinda drops off widest part of my hips and kinda goes down so i might ask if it can be taken in a bottom (dont know if this is possible ) but probably less expesive than buying a new one. 

    I havent tried it on recently maybe thats whats done it !!

    thankyou girls for your support ! its such a big thing people keep saying odd comments and its been driving me bonkers ... actually started dreaming about wedding going wrong.

    Glass of wine is needed ! 


  • The dress is gorgeous! My dress is lace too, but I don't think any two dresses are the same and I don't think anyone will think that it's too much lace!!!

    If you were really worried, maybe go for a less lacy veil with it?


    I'd ignore what everyone else says and just go for what your heart says, cause that'll be the right one in the end image

  • I'm sure once you have put it on again you'll realise then why you decided to go for it in the first place. Don't overthink things too much with your dress, if you look and feel amazing in it, it is all that matters. But make sure you are totally happy with it, don't settle for second best. From the picture you put up, you look amazing!!

  • I think it's absolutely stunning.  Kate Middlestons wouldnt be the first to pop into my head when looking at it.

    People do come out with comments sometimes, but I can assure you its gorgeous on you xxx

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    The dress is stunning, you have nothing to worry about image

  • I personally think the lace edged veil is too much..but you look totally stunning..the dress is beautiful.

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    I like the dress and the veil, they look great together, that's just my view and you look fab in both! 

  • lovely dress, is it mori lee? if so i think its the dress i originally was going to have x

  • It's pronvias Bonita but can't find it anywhere so I think it might be on one of the pronvias off shoots it was originally £1800 x which mori Lee one ?  Out of interest x 


    Thank you for all your kind words girls xx

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    Its gorgeous!  I am bias cos I had a lace dress though image

    Try it on again and see, it reallt is nothing like Kate Middletons dress though.

  • oo i can't remember the details are at home, i'll find it and let you know. i've uploaded a pic of it but ignore the straps as i was just trying them on



  • That's a seriously gorgeous dress but mines got a less detailed top half and a drop waist x think I have dress envy now image 

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    Both dresses are stunning image x

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    You seriously have nothing to worry about!  You look stunning!  Kate Middleton has full lace sleeves but a satin skirt from what I remember! X

  • I looove lace! The more lace the better! Really like ur dress image

    Personally If only I could afford Berta Bridal dress (its about £7000 !!!) I would go for this one,Berta-Bridal,03,2012,item,13000.html  It's all lace and lace only! And I think it's the most beautiful dress ever! 

  • I swear I saw that dress on preloved few months ago it's beautiful xxxx

  • I bought my dress last month and dont get married until May 2015, I fell in love with the dress during my first shopping trip, when I was only suppose to be trying styles. I felt amazing at the time and there were tears from my mum and I. But after a few weeks I started to worry- had I bought too soon, should I have gone to more places. I hadn't shown my sister so when sge visited at the weekend we made an appointment and went back into the shop. There was a gorgeous dress hung up when I walked in that caught my eye, I went up to it and said how stunning it was... feeling all worried. The reply from the lady was "that's your dress" I was over the moon. I put it on even more. What I'm trying to say is you chose your dress for a reason, I think its quite normal to worry, you forget how you felt when you found it. Go back and try it on... it's a nice excuse to. The dress looks stunning I am sure you are worrying for no reason. Indulge yourself and go back to try it on again xx

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    Ooooo your dress is gorgeous!!

  • MrsDenbyMrsDenby Posts: 199

    your dress is absolutely stunning! X

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    It's really beautiful and you look lovely in it. image xx

  • Your dress is stunning. People have been wearing lace for CENTURIES and there's a reason for that. Because it's stunning. Belgium is still world famous for it's lace. If people say it's common it's because, quite frankly, they are ignorant little people with no taste.

    Perhaps though you might feel less "lace overload" is you changed the veil, which also seems to have a lot of lace in it. This would also be cheaper than changing the dress as you could always sell it.

    I personally think that the dress is absolutely beautiful and you look lovely in it. You'll love the fact it isn't a tight mermaid style when you actually have to spend the day walking around in it!

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    Seriously, this dress is amazing.  Don't worry about the whole Kate thing. Her dress was actually my inspiration, and my dress is wayyyy more like hers than this one.  Your dress is lovely and you will look fantastic image xx

  • Thank you girls these comments made my day xxxx and t1608 .. show us your dress girl ?!?!? Xx

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    I think your dress is lovely. You know if it is right for you. Don't let anyone's comments put you off or you could regret it. When I went dress shopping I expected to get satin and dress is the opposite and like you I fell in love with lace! Go with your heart x

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    wow it looks so beautiful! so delicate and elegant, and i LOVE that veil! looks very expensive! i much prefer lace to satin! looks a very modern way to do classic image

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