Friends won't let me talk about my wedding

I wondered if anyone has been in the same position as me or if I'm being silly for getting upset. I have three friends who I meet up with regularly, one of which is my bridesmaid. Every time I even slightly mention my wedding in anyway they swiftly change the subject.I'm certainly not going on about it all the time but it's weird to not say anything about it at all. the friend who's my bm is married but the others aren't and I think would like to be at a similar stage in their lives. I feel to spare their feelings my bm is deliberately avoiding the subject when we are together but it's really getting to me. What about my feelings? I'd like them to show some interest! I don't expect to go into great details with them but to be able to at least acknowledge something so important in my life would be nice and then maybe meet up with my bm in private to chat more about it. Any advice on how to tackle this would be appreciated! I dont want to upset anyone but their upsetting me! 


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    How far away is your wedding? If it is a while off, then they might just not be all that focused on it and not realise its upsetting - they might not see the point in talking about it a lot now, if that makes sense?

    Your friends should take an interest, but I'm not sure that bringing their lack of support to their attention will help much, and might make it worse. Are they annoyed that they are not BM? If they are no where near getting married and want it in their lives then its understandable, but I agree no excuse really.

    If it were me, I wouldn't bring it up again until much nearer the time, and just talk to people that are interested for now.

  • I know exactly how you feel hun.. Im having same issue with my H2B mother and sister (younger than us and will be bridesmaid) they are not in the slightest but interested... When we said we had booked it they never asked a single question!

    MIL looked after our daughter for us to goTo a wedding fayre last weekend, when we returned with brochures, leaflets they still never asked us how it went... Just dont understand its her only sone she should want to be involved. X

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    Honestly just enjoy none wedding time with them, my bridesmaids don't ask about the wedding, I will tell them what they need to know and no doubt a few weeks before they may have some questions, but we always have much more interesting discussions to have image

    I will be honest I like having little input off others except my h2b, its our day and I want to do things our way.

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    Wedding talk and interest tends to come and go and as you get closer to the wedding then naturally you tend to get more chatty about it and so the interest goes up in your day - see what happens closer to the time.

  • I know how you feel. At first my friends didn't even congratulate me when I got engaged! I think they were a bit jealous as I know they would like to get married too but either don't have the money or a partner that wants to. I did bring it up with them though and they apologised and now when we meet up they do ask how it's going but I don't always bother to bring it up unless they do.

    My advice is to find other people to talk to. It's better to find people who you know ARE interested. I speak to my mum, sister and h2b's sister as they all truly care and are more than happy to give input if I ask. Your friends can be for your non-wedding chat (which I'm finding I need more and more now!).

  • could you use the wedding board here for some one to talk to use other brides here suggest idears , thoughts , feelings , i am sure most people here would be happy to talk about wedding planning , sending you a hug 

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    I am sure I'm driving my workmates crazy although they all let me chat away endlessly about it with over a year to go!

    My sister doesn't seem really interested and she's one of my bridesmaids!  

    I would be upset by this and think your friends should be way more supportive. This is the biggest day of your life and you every right to want to talk about it and have their support. X

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     It must be upsetting if you feel that your friends aren't interested, but as brides we have to accept that some of our favourite people are in different places in their lives. personally, I tend to talk to T, T's mum and my mum About wedding stuff. Some people ask about it but I'm very vague saying a polite "yes, thanks we're getting there with things" or  "there's still lots to do!" Ultimately I think this forum is the best place to talk weddings as the lovely lot on here never get tired of it!!  x x

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