No one from my family coming to wedding

I just need to vent as I am so mad right now, I don't know what to do!

We're getting married in August in Santorini and I will admit that it is very expensive to fly and stay. But where isn't in August? Anyway we knew when we decides on going abroad that ethereal would of course be people who couldn't come for one reason or another and that was fine, we want a small wedding anyway. 

I put the RSVP cut off date as 1st March on the invites and they went out in November. My h2bs family have been so supportive of us and what we want to do and all booked up months ago. However my family have no interest whatsoever. I text my dad yesterday to say that as I have not heard anything I will assume that no one is coming and he just blew me out the water saying he'd been waiting for me to get back to him (news to me) and that he's had to pay out a grand in the last 2 weeks. In total from my side of the family I have had one official RSVP saying no thanks.

Now it's not the fact they're not coming that has made me sooooo angry, it's the rudeness of no one even bothering to say "I'm sorry we'd love to but....." 

Am I wrong to feel like this?


  • i dont think this is a conversation that should be had by text or even by Invite! you need to talk to your family face to face x 

  • I'd agree with Laura. I'm surprised you hadn't already spoken to them to be honest before sending out the invites. A friend of mine is getting married next year in Thailand. She's talked to people about whether they think they might go a long time before getting to the invitation stage. You definitely need to talk to them, they may find it very difficult to turn down the invitation. 

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    I did talk to them. Everyone knew what we were doing before the invites went out. No matter how difficult I found it to turn down an invitation I would rather do it then not acknowledge it all and be rude

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    I think you're right to be upset that people couldn't have the decency to let you know they couldn't come.  However, please don't let it get you down!  You're still going to have a beautiful wedding and marry the man you love!

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    People just tend to be very blase about RSVP's nowadays anyway even if you give them a sae or email or text or Facebook message option to say yes or no! If you've talked to them about coming well before the invites went out and that everyone knew you were marrying abroad giving people a chance to save up etc and they haven't replied then yes they are being rude.

    A lot of family members won't be coming to my wedding as a 2nd cousin of mine is getting married on the same day as me - so that counts about 20 odd family members straight away for me (as they are her relations more than mine like sisters, mum and dad, aunts, grandma etc) I can't say that I am overjoyed about it but I won't let it overshadow my day and I wouldn't let it overshadow yours either - i think you need to meet up with your family members asap and have a talk about this x

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