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Hi Guys,

Is anybody else feeling like me, I had Christmas off from losing weight and now it's March and I still can't make myself do it, what more motivation do I need I only have until August!!

I also have a dress fitting on the 4th April and I need to lose at least 9 1/2lbs from when I tried it on last time!

I went back too Slimming World tonight so I really hope my mind is on the right place now, I'm good all week but like too much wine on the weekend!!

Anyone else feeling this, I feel even worse as I should feel extra motivated!


  • Hi Rebecca ! Im struggling too I Was hoping to lose about another 10lbs but my dress fitting is this Friday !!! And only lost 2lb. I've not worked out as much as I should have but I have found my body shape changed!

    ive decided to not stress now my h2b marrying me for me so I'm bit going to put too much pressure on myself just going to watch what I eat until the big day ! Xx


  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Right there with you on Christmas totally throwing me off course. Between July and the beginning of December I lost a stone and a half and then over Christmas I went for it food wise but kept going to the gym as I had a dress fitting in Dec 28th...then it was like I had free reign until next fitting but luckily by final fitting in Feb 2nd I'd only gained two lbs. The woman at the dress shop said not to gain more than 1lb or lose more than that! 

    Well i am now 5lbs heavier and my wedding is in 18 days time!! It was like I took my final fitting as a yay now I can eat again- keep telling myself that no you can't until after the wedding and even then I don't want to put the weight on that I've lost!

    The biggest problem for me is that I've only been going to the gym once a week the past few weeks as I have wedding stuff To do in the evening (I am totally not a morning person!) but I have continued eating the same amount of rubbish!

    this week I am determined to get back on the 5:2 diet and go to the gym 3 times - although I have my hen do at the weekend so that will undo the good work and Monday next week I will only have 12 days to shift the weight so my dress fits!!

    i just love mini eggs and M&S hit cross buns too much!

    good luck with the weight loss .... I am sprinkling us all with motivation dust! image 

  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    Totally with you hun, I need to drop 4 dress sizes in 4 months!!! image

  • Snowy78Snowy78 Posts: 453

    Hi Rebecca

    OMG I could have written your post - I'm so glad I am not the only one! Ibrought my dress last May and it was snug then, but thought I wouldn't gain any weight.....well 1 stone heavier and I am struggling to find any motivation to lose it! I need to aswell as at the moment the dress does not do up image it's button back so no corset to help me!!

    My wedding is August and I keep thinking its ages...but it really isn't!! But just can't stop eating (and drinking) all those lovely things!! image Grrr why does everything that taste soo good does bad things to your hips!

    Good luck with your weight loss and slimming world! Thanks Banari - could def do with some of that motivation dust!! x

  • Letty LouLetty Lou Posts: 219

    I agree with snowy, that could be me writing not you Rebecca! I don't know what is wrong with me, I just seem to not be able to stop eating! I've got just over 6 months & around 3 stone to try & lose!! Anyone with anything at all to help it would be much appreciated!!xx

  • Jillian Michael's 30 day shred or ripped in 30 will do wonders for your body shape in the short term, highly recommended xxx

  • Victoria25Victoria25 Posts: 250

    Ahh yes!  I had a massive blow out over Christmas too and ended up putting on half a stone!  Fortunately my wedding isn't until November but if I keep putting off losing weight then it will just be harder nearer the time!  I re-started my attempt at losing weight a couple of weeks ago but haven't weighed myself since so don't know if it's working yet!! image  My stomach seems a little flatter in the morning so I guess that's a good sign.

    I don't bother too much with 'dieting' as such but for lent I've decided to give up chocolate which will hopefully help a little bit.  I would really recommend Davina McCall's DVDs when it comes to exercise.  She has one called Intense which is pretty much just that!  You can really see how much HER body has changed compared to her past DVDs.


    Good luck! x

  • Hello! 

    After having my baby, losing most of the weight and then putting some back on whilst on mat leave I decided to try natural ketosis diet as I had just over a monthbefore I was bridesmaid for my cousins wedding (this was last year) I lost 14lbs with their 28day plan. It was expensive but they provide all your meals and snacks.considering I was only large size 10 to start with I think that's a great loss. I have kept the weight off but for my own wedding next year I want to be in fantastic shape so I am currently in my first cycle of the 60day insanity workout.. It is hard but the results seem to be good so far, I can also recommend clean eating, James Duigan has a book called the clean and lean diet. I have one cheat day a week (Saturday) but still do insanity, then have my rest from insanity on Sunday but try to eat clean.

    Hope this is of some help to someone!! Xx

  • It's going to sound mean, but I printed out loads of photos of very, very fat brides, and stuck them all over the fridge and the cupboards.  Seems to be working so far!  I also asked the colleague who sits next to me at work to confiscate any bad food I bought if Iapsed. image

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    I am right with you on this one - I am having a lace up dress phew but still I want to look good in it!

    I am an hour glass shape and have boobs and a bum - I am eating sensibly and also have cut down a lot on alcohol - not that I drank much anyway but it makes sense to!

    We have cut down on takeaways and have 1 every month so not missing out too much.

    I am trying to up my exercise levels and drink more water all those usual things and I have an aloe vera detox to do soon when I have a more quiet time in work in the next few weeks and I am also doing some ultrasound lipo sessions on my stomach area!

    I get married in 13 weeks time!

  • Ladies, try taking the Maximuscle supplement Therobol. Be warned though, it contains a high caffeine content. I've been taking ti since Jan and it has really boosted my metabolism. Also, because I feel more energetic, I'm going to the gym more and pushing myself harder. I've been eating more healthily since i started taking it too, but by no mean am I starving myself or cutting out treats completely. Since January I've lost a stone and 4 pounds.

  • sooz84sooz84 Posts: 378

    I'm feeling the same, can't seem to get motivated! I don't get married until next year so I think because it's a while off, I've got loads of time! I've stuck to healthy food this week and not had any crisps or chocolate so hopefully this is the start of good things!! We're both going back to the gym on tuesday so I'm going to ask them for specific exercise for my arms and stomach.

    Fingers crossed I can stick to it! image

  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    Tried my wedding dress on last week - If i dont do something RIGHT NOW it's not going to fit... it doesnt even do up - and by that I mean the back doesnt even meet!!! image

    Seriously worried if I'm being honest... but super motivated!!

  • Am with you here. What are we going to do? Am considering Lighter Life as you see the results so quickly xxx

  • MrsMc9814MrsMc9814 Posts: 422

    I say we start a-fresh from tomorrow!!! Here's my plan:

    Breakfast: 2 weetabix / bran flakes / special K, fruit & mullerlight yoghurt

    Lunch: Salad bits with pasta / hard boiled egg / tuna (if I can stomach it) / ham / chicken etc..                     Fruit & mullerlight yoghurt

    Dinner: Grilled or stir fried meat with rice, jacket potato, noodles etc /  veg / salad, fruit & yoghurt

    This is all based on Slimming World (where you can eat as many muller lights as you like, haha!) but I won't be going to group, I'll be doing it at home. I'm going to be planning all my meals and doing my shopping online so there's no temptation to pick up any offers on crisps which are my biggest downfall! Going to allow myself a treat in the evenings of something up to 300 / 400 calories max (a Kit Kat Chunky is 247) so I don't feel deprived...

    With only 3 months to go til the final dress fitting with a dress that doesn't meet at the back, some serious exercise is also going to be occurring, I have 30 Day Shred and several Davina dvd's as well as my crosstrainer so fingers crossed my mission works and I can get into the dress - and a bikini on honeymoon!!!! 

    I vote we document our progress here each day to keep ourselves going!!! 

  • hi ladies! I definitely recommend getting the my fitness pal app if you don't already! It's scary how much I was putting away without even realizing it! Ive lost bout half a stone just by cutting out the crap (apart from Sundays were I have a chocolate pudding) & exercising more. stay motivated ladies! X

  • Bride7421Bride7421 Posts: 14

    Hi. All of the above, me too. Thought it would be dead easy to be motivated to lose weight but its not happening. Comfort eating every time the already super-skinny bridesmaids start talking about dieting is not helping either image

    MissMc - tracking our progress on here is a great plan - helpful to know we're all trying together (and the need to confess when we fail might just keep a bun or two away from me!)

  • KK12KK12 Posts: 927

    Well ladies 4 weeks into my healthy eating plan i have lost 5lbs which doesn't sound a lot but I tend to lose weight slowly and I have also lost over 10 inches around my problem area tummy!

    I am definitely not starving myself, eating 1400 - 1500 cals a day and also using the my fitness app. I am on a low low carb eating plan for 5 days a week and then at weekends I can eat low GI carbs plus trying to exercise on the treadmill as much as I can and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. I still have 6 sessions left of the ultrasound lipo.

    It's a harsh plan as you don't drink on it (I have had a crafty drink just the one but you are not meant to drink alcohol on the day of the treatment and 3 days afterwards) However I had 2 afternoon teas booked in last week and had 2 chocolate bars last week and still lost weight and inches!

    I am also considering the meal replacements plans - I have seen a programme called all about weight - which you can do for a month and you could lose up to 5lbs a week on it - that's not guaranteed as everyone loses weight differently but I am considering it. My seamstress is probably going to freak on Wednesday but at least a lace up dress can be laced up tighter!!!

  • Lynsey ShawLynsey Shaw Posts: 517

    I just started Slimming World today.  Felt great this morning!  Now it is night and I am craving chocolate.  I have none in the house but the temptation to get in the car and drive to the shop is killing me.  It is always the sweet stuff I crave - having an apple won't cut it image

  • Len3Len3 Posts: 55

    Hi girls,

    I use this: for breakfast only black coffee,later before lunch 1 applle or carrot or banana,then very small lunch but always what i like healthy or not healthy food,just small),Dinner ( small also) i eat max. in 5pm and then nothing to next day breakfast coffee.It is very hard sometime from beginning but it working very good and weight go down so quick...and you must much drinking wather it is best when you feel hungry,it help..and before every food drink 1 glass wather or juice.

    Good luck to everyone.image

  • MrsB1983MrsB1983 Posts: 45

    Hi everyone!

    I have so far lost over 3 stone using Herbalife - 2 shakes a days, 2 snack and a meal! I have dropped 2 dress sizes and have got loads of energy! Since losing my weight, I have helped others do the same. If anyone wants to give the products a go, feel free to message me and we can put a plan in place image

    Good luck to you all! x

  • Thanks girls... Reading this got me motivated and went out for a run! 

    Im trying on my dress Friday... Fingers crossed it still fits. I did the same went for my fitting and took that as could eat again. 


  • Lauren PorchLauren Porch Posts: 181

    I'm glad other people are going through the same as me. Between the time I found my dress and went back again to make sure it was the one, I lost 8lb and the sample was too big, so I ordered the size down. Since then I have put the 8lb back on plus another stone & a half :'(  I am the biggest I've ever been and I'm finding it hard to get the motivation to start the diet as it feels like such a lot to loose. I've now got 4 stone to loose in just under a year.

    me and my w2b started a 5 day vegetable juice detox today, its not too bad apart from constantly needing a wee lol.

    hopefully this will kick start the weight loss and I will get where I need to be. **fingers crossed**

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