Wedding is tomorrow...might not be able to see the groom at this rate!

Super excited as 15 months planning and excitement will come together and i get to marry the man of my dreams tomorrow. Not so excited about the thick sea fog.. We are getting married in cornwall and the fog has now been terrible for three days straight... Cant see our hands in front of out faces. .. Am praying that it clears by tomorrow. But feel like crying in the meantime image


  • LeaBLeaB Posts: 1,706

    have just seen the news.... apparently there will be no fog around tomorrow and will be a lovely day. Fingers crossed for you. x

  • Lynsey ShawLynsey Shaw Posts: 517

    Look on the bright side, it would make for some very dramatic photographs!  I would prefer fog to rain.  

  • Try not to worry about it, it will be a magical day whatever the weather! As Lynsey said, if there is fog it could make fantastic photographs, and overcast days are very flattering light. Hope you have an amazing day! image 

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505
    As everyone else says try not to worry about the weather. At the end of the day your marrying the love of your life and focus on that then the weather.

    On my friends wedding it chucked down all day but it was honestly one of the best weddings ive ever been too. On my other friends wedding it poured down either side of her wedding but on actual day it was glorious. Hope the same happens to you

    Hope you have an amazing day!
  • Hello there , and congratulations !!!!oh do not worry about the weather!!! you can pretend that you "ordered" it for the photos !!! who would have to pay for a foggy set? if you would really like to have some photos with bright light you can visit Santorini some day and have a symbolic ceremony and have the photos of your life!!! it would be a great idea for honeymoon. you can have only photo session at the amazing scenery of this unique place...i have seen many couples do this, you could ask 

    hope you will be a very happy bride tomorrow image




  • Congrats FunkySquirrel14! Don't worry about the weather, you'll have the happiest day and nothing will ruin it! 

    Come back and tell us all about it! xx

  • MrsTaylorMrsTaylor Posts: 500

    Don't worry about the weather! It'll be the last thing on your mind tomorrow when you are marrying your husband, and you'll still have the best day of your life no matter what image xx

  • Thank you so much ladies, i woke up in such a panic... Fog has now has gotten away from me and now super excited... Have never been to a wedding before so first one will be mine tomorrow... Will be back to post pictures image fog or not!
  • Happy Wedding Day! X

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